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  1. T

    For Sale Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

    Evening All, I hope you are keeping well and safe. I have for sale a Brand New and Sealed product directly from Apple. I do require a quick sale. Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. C

    For Sale Official Samsung wireless charging EP N5200

    Like new and has been sat on my office desk at home unused. It works perfectly and will come fully boxed with usbC charging cable( Box is in my loft) and it utilises wireless fast charging 2.0 15W retails on Amazon for 49.99
  3. B

    Anyone with a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10 W measure the plug socket please?

    Can anyone with a Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 10 W measure the plug socket please? The dimensions below how far it sticks out after being plugged in, see pic attached thanks?
  4. virtual_boy

    Question USB-A car charger for 11 Pro

    I have a QC 3.0 USB-A car charger that can output 18W and 3A, will the 11 Pro charge at 18W or does it need to be an 18W USB-C Power Delivery charger? Will I still be able to get the full 7.5W if I opt to use wireless charging? Thanks in advance
  5. Ste7en

    Question So, these AirPods with Wireless Charging Case...

    ... aren't actually 'wireless'? Is this correct? Daughter wants some for Christmas but I'm so confused. Help! :D
  6. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bang & Olufsen Updates Beoplay E8 2.0 Earphones With Wireless Charging Case For 2019

    B&O update their Beoplay E8 earphones with new charging options including a wireless case and a wireless charging pad. Read the news.
  7. S

    iPhone 8 Wireless Charging stopped working?

    I got an iPhone 8 in December and about a week after I got it I bought an Anker wireless charging stand. It has been excellent, charging every time and fast. On Monday I was driving home through Europe and used my iPhone to navigate plugged in to a charger. So when I got home the battery was...
  8. Mr-Lex

    Question Wireless charging while iPhone X is powered off?

    I can't seem to do it. I assume you can't? Always preferred to charge phones over night while powered off. Anyone know better - settings? Any other options apart from Airplane Mode?
  9. T

    Is overnight wireless charging a bad idea ?

    Hi , I got this wireless charger : Note 8, S8 Fast Wireless Charger, Mudder 2 Coils QI Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074KFCZ24?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf Soon I will have my iPhone X to start using it. So...
  10. tpr007

    Wireless Charging (FAST charge)

    I bought a couple of wireless charging pads cheaply for myself and my GF. One of them activates the charging icon on the phone, but doesn't actually charge it up. The other charges the phones, but isn't fast. What fast wireless chargers are the best, and do you have any feedback?
  11. The Dark Horse

    Do cases work with wireless charging?

    Has anyone got a case on an 8 or 8 Plus and tried wireless charging, does it work or do you need to take the case off?
  12. oren11214

    Question wireless charging with RF technology

    hey, can anyone tell me please if my S6 is compatable with a wireless charger that operates on RF (radio frequency) technology Our Technology – Humavox
  13. B

    Question LG G4 wireless charging charging problem

    Just bought a g4 (now updated to mashmellow) to replace my n5, but ca't get the wireless charging to work. I've two quick circle cases . Both appear to be recognied by the charger (there is a tone and colour change ), but one just sits there and the other someties appears to start charging...
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