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  1. Y

    Advice on adding a home wifi access point

    Hello. I need some advice on setting up a wifi access point in my house. I have limited networking knowledge but understand basic terminology, so fairly plain English would really help, thanks. My house is cabled and I currently have an ethernet cable coming into a downstairs room that goes...
  2. T

    Question How good is the Cisco WAP 150-E wireless access point?

    I'm getting a company in to sort out networking for my new house. One of things they are putting in are wireless access points. They've suggested putting in a few of Cisco WAP 150-E. I can't find much info about this online other than they are ceiling mounted WAP that they have a single PoE...
  3. TheHighFlyingBirds

    Wireless access point decisions

    Hi all, looking for some experience / guidance for some access points I'm looking at. The two I have my eyes on are the Ubiquiti ubi-uap-ac-iw Aruba instant on ap11d (good offer on ebuyer). Does anyone have experience of either of these? Or any other ideas? Ideally I'm after one that is POE...
  4. D

    Answered Using D-Link DIR-868L Router as Wireless Access Point

    Hi all, I've used the link below to setup my new D-Link DIR-868L router to be used as a Wireless AP. • Disable UPnP™ • Disable DHCP • Change the LAN IP address to an available address on your network. The LAN ports on the router cannot accept a DHCP address from your other router. How the...
  5. petrolhead

    Question Looking to buy a wireless access point

    I currently have Virgin Media and use their smart hub for WiFi. The hub is upstairs and by the time I get in the utility room the signal is week So I looking for a good quality wireless access point. Coverage is more important than speed. Budget is about £100 Any recommendation based on...
  6. M

    Question Chinese Wireless Access Point + Ethernet faceplate

    Chinese Wireless Access Point + Ethernet faceplate LAFALINK PW300S48C 300Mbps 2.4G Wireless AP Inwall Box Router PoE 48V Indoor WiFi Access Point Just had a loft extension done - had cat5e run up to points in the new rooms - just seen these things on GearBest and was wondering if a) has...

    No Broadband - Can i print between ipad & HP airprinter via wireless access point?

    A friend of mine is ditching their BT phone and broadband and is replacing it with a 3G iPad 2 on Vodafone. They are also buying a HP AirPrint printer. Will the iPad be able to connect to the printer using an old wireless router (not connected to phone line) or a wireless access point? Cheers
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