1. S

    Wired or Wireless Surround Sound Dilemma !

    Hi Guys, I have a bit of a dilemma here. I currently have a 5.1.4 setup with some great speakers- B&W CM9 S2 LR, B&W CM Center 2 , and B&W CM7's for surrounds. I have 4x Cambridge Minx 22 as on-ceiling speakers with a SVS sub the surround speakers are powered by a Rotel RMB 1585 and the atmos...
  2. Ayub

    Wanted Next base dashcam front n rear 332 onwards wired rear camera

    Need a dashcam with wired rear camera. Thank you. WHY.
  3. S

    Hard wired wifi extender

    Hi I've recently refurbished my house and the electrician has run network points in each upstairs rooms. Is there something I can plug in to one of these points that can act as a WiFi extender to upstairs I've tried the extender plug sockets but not much good. Thanks in advance
  4. BlueMacer

    For Sale Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine udm small-scale wired or Wi-Fi network 802.11ac 4x4

    Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine udm small-scale wired or Wi-Fi network 802.11ac 4x4 Excellent working condition with UK plug upgrade forces selling Cheapest anywhere! Collection Thurrock 2020 model
  5. J

    Wired network question

    Good morning. Some advice be greatly appreciated as I am a complete technophobe. Ok here goes......we are getting a home office build at the top of garden outside WiFi range. Electrian is running a cat 6 ethernet cable as well as electric cable to cabin. My question is what do I need in the...
  6. S

    Ethernet Wired Internet Not As Fast

    Hi folks, I recently upgraded my Internet to Sky Fibre and get about 140mbs on Wireless, but the speed has barely increased on my wired PC connection, which went from about 70mbs to 90mbs. But I can't seem to get much more. I noticed my Ethernet cables were old Cat5 cables and have replaced...
  7. CJPG

    PS4 wired connection issue

    I have a peculiar problem with my PS4 and the wired connection, which has been doing my head in for weeks, so I thought I'd create a post on here to see if anyone has any ideas on how to solve it. When I use my PS4 in the living room via a powerline adaptor I get a solid 30 - 34 Mb download...
  8. B

    Help for new setup, replacing BT SmartHub, wired + wireless needed

    Hi all, I have. BT SmartHub 1 which has a single network lead feeding a 24 port network switch. That switch has cables running through the house to feed 5 pcs, a PS5, 2 smart TVs. We use the BT SmartHub WiFi to drive all the phones and tablets in the house, and I also have a shed with a...
  9. stevos

    Porch light / camera - wired

    Hi, I am looking to replace my front door porch light and trying to find one with a built in camera. Any suggestions. I have a ring doorbell but fed up with the time it takes to wake up each time and so thinking an always on wired option could be an option. I can't find anything that...
  10. D

    Wired router

    Hi. I have a fairly large house that's quite well connected. A few large Poe switchea, cables all around downstairs and a few in the first floor. An orbi system that is just used as mesh on the first floor to the loft conversion as that's where the office is. Also have an access point at...

    Wired Active Noise Cancellation Earphones/Headphones for watching TV

    I don't know if it is possible to get wired ANC earphones, all I seem to see are ones with Bluetooth. My TV does have Bluetooth and I have tried connecting to my tv with Bluetooth earphones but it looks like my tv has a fault, so I'm looking for ANC earphones (preferably, headphones will do)...
  12. MrMav11

    Ring Spotlight Wired questions

    Does anyone have a Ring Spotlight wired camera? It seems to have a cable pre-fitted with a plug, and no way to remove the plug or cable at the camera end to push through a hole, to run to a wall socket inside the house. Seems daft as what’s the point in having it to an outside socket (even if...
  13. J

    What are the best AKG wired headphones for home use right now?

    Yes I know I can google and I have but all my searches lead to "no longer sold" or K62 and K72 I think and well there's a few not too impressed with those about. Looking for a second pair / improvement on the excellent K550. Is this another case of now you've fallen in love with an item/brand...
  14. Dasiz

    Wired Headphone recommendations under £75

    Hi All, First time poster in this section of the forums.. I am not a headphone user so could use the experts advice :) As the title suggests what would be the best headphones to look out for under £75. I am looking to purchase a new pair for my Dad, ideally they should be wired, however...
  15. V

    Best wired over ear closed headphones for my System ?

    Hi all, I know there are similar threads, but none have given me a clear indication of what to go for for my needs ! Those needs are: Budget £150, but can go to a max of £200 if the "cans" really justify it. Primarily will be used on my NAD C368 Amp, but may occasionally get used on the Pioneer...
  16. Cromulent

    Best wired headphones for about £200?

    I'm looking for a pair of quality headphones to use mainly to listen to Spotify. With Spotify releasing lossless audio later in the year, I thought I'd like to have some decent headphones to get the most out of it. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to headphones, so any advice would be really...
  17. AudioNewbie

    Denon x2600H dolby atmos 5.2 using hybrid wired LR Front, sub + wireless LR Surround back HS1 via Heos?

    Hi There, I am planning to build my home theater for music, Dolby atmos movies and karaoke. I am also new to audio, and have done some research here and there and finally got a good bargain Castle Knight 4 as my front tower speakers for 300 USD. Problem is i dont have any avr for now :D I am...
  18. Scoutsbandit

    Headphone advice requested

    Hi everyone! I'm taking my first foray into working from home. It's a customer service position, and they've asked me to use "noise canceling headphones with USB." I'm guessing that means wired. I tried doing a little shopping and almost all of what I'm finding is wireless. I have a few weeks...
  19. camcroft

    Going through my collection of wired earphones

    Having recently got the iFi Zen Dac V2 I am now going through my collection of IEM's yesterday I tried the Beyerdynamic Byron's which to me always sounded excellent. I knew that I had a pair of RHA MA 750's somewhere well after scratching my head I remembered where I had put them so today I...
  20. P

    Recommended soundbar which incorporates wired surround sound speakers

    I am looking for some advice and recommendations, and would greatly appreciate it. I am currently using an Onkyo TX-SR333 amplifier, which has been great over the years. Unfortunately it can only passthrough up to HDMI 1.4, which forces an upgrade to my new LG CX55 and Xbox Series X. Currently...
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