1. pcdunk

    Wanted Apple wired keyboard (without numeric keypad )

    Looking for a cheap Apple wired aluminium keyboard. It has to be the one with no numeric keypad. It is the same size as the Magic Keyboard 2 I have one already that had slight cable damage that sort of works apart from stopping my iMac from sleeping. So I would like to try another.
  2. J

    Question Connect Yamaha MusicCast SUB 100 with wired speakers system

    I have a Yamaha R-N803D network receiver with wired speakers. The receiver is connected with the MusicCast app. I have also installed the Yamaha MusicCast SUB 100 in the network with the MusicCast app. I tried to connect the "amplifier room" to the "subwoofer room". However, the app says...
  3. A

    Wired or not.

    Ok have just decorated the downstairs and put the home entertainment centre back together, have the Sony TV connected wirelessly , the PS4 wirelessly, the VM box hard wired, the DVD player wirelessly, all my cabling comes through a small hole from the home office in to the back of the centre...
  4. G

    Find Wired CCTV Camera Compatible with Lorex

    HI, I have the following CCTV system at my home from Lorex. https://www.costco.com/lorex-16-channel-1080p-2tb-dvr-security-system-with-16-1080p-active-deterrence-cameras.product.100519461.html However, the cameras with this system are a little big for a couple of locations at home. These...
  5. P

    Question Which headphones (On/around Ear, Closed Back, wired, noise cancelling)

    Hi all. I am in the market for some new headphones. Ideally I would like to keep my budget bellow £100. I will be using the headphones mainly on my PC for music, movies and gaming, but I might occasionally take them to my GZ950 or my Denon x2600h for music/movies. I decided I want my new...
  6. F

    Question Bluetooth or Wired?

    If you use a cable on a bluetooth head set (Marshall Monitor II) does it give you the same quality as a purely wired set of headphones or is the bluetooth circuitry still playing a part in diminishing the quality? Thanks
  7. ahaydock

    Question Help Switching To A Wired Network

    Bit of a network novice here but upgrading my AVR tomorrow and want to hard wire my TV, AVR and Apple TV 4K to ensure the best connection for watching HDR/Atmos etc. I have Fibre To The Premise (72 down / 20 up) which has an Open Reach Fibre Modem on the wall and that then goes to the BT Home...
  8. G

    Best way to use Sony WH-1000XM3 Hi-Res audio in wired mode?

    D]Hi there, Just wondering if I need to buy a specific hi-res cable for my Sony WH-1000XM3 cans because I would like to hear hi-res audio in direct connection mode. Not sure if the cable that comes with the XM3 is enough or if I need to buy a traditional set of cans like the Sony MDR-1AM2 for...
  9. T

    Question Advice needed on wired networking during home renovation?

    I've always preferred wired ethernet networking between my high bandwidth devices such as: desktop PCs, games console, network attached storage, 4k Smart TV, 4K media player. For everything else I use WiFi. I'm now going through the process of buying a house which will require a full home...
  10. B

    Best wired headphones (without being ridiculously expensive - I'm on a state pension)

    Hi, Here's my dilemma. I've bought the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones to (a) watch TV with (b) listen to classical music. I'm wondering would it be more sensible to return the XM3's and get a good wired set and therefore not have to rely on the vagaries of bluetooth with it's audio lag, interrupted...
  11. M

    Multi-room wired & wireless A/V set up

    Hi all, Looking for some advice upgrading my existing system into an apt wide wired/wireless set up. I apologies in advance for some of the form over function choices made here - but #1 goal of the new system is to not get divorced : ) so simplicity, integration, ease of use are important. I...
  12. B

    Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones performance when wired.

    HI I'm interested in Sony's WH-1000XM3 headphones but wondered how the audio compared when the phones are wired to when they are on bluetooth. Wired headphones usually have better quality - is this the case with these?
  13. M

    Question Best Over Ear Wired Head Phone 3.5 mm hidden microphone < than 40£

    Looking for an Over Ear Wired Head Phone + 3.5 mm + hidden microphone (not the type protruding out) around 40£ Any thing that you suggest. I know you would laugh at how much I am willing to spend! Not an audiophile. Just want to use it in the bus or at rest times. I am interested in the below...
  14. Murphy78

    Set up wired home network

    Hi I’m looking for advice on setting up a wired network. what is the best type of cable to get - there seems to be so much choice - ftp ,utp, stp ?? Internet speed is about 38mb so think cat5e cable should suffice I plan to run cable from router to loft then distribute from their to potentially...
  15. A

    Question Most compatible USB to Ethernet adapter/cable?

    Hi all. I have researched USB to Ethernet adapters/cables for connecting a phone to wired Internet, however, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty regarding compatibility with the phones themselves, for example, see table the link below. https://plugable.com/products/usb2-otge100 Is anyone...
  16. R

    Lutron Grafik Eye QS - addition of Pico remote has stopped wired wall switches functioning

    Hi, title says it all really. I recently installed a QS system with 3 wired wall switches. I configured the scenes and all wired switches working fine. Yesterday I added a Pico wireless remote following the instructions in the QS manual which worked perfectly but I've now realised that the wall...
  17. mb3195

    mods please delete

  18. vulgartrendkill

    LG 55C7 Wired internet not connecting

    I have literally just come across this issue today after a year of no problems. My TV no longer connects via ethernet at all (either via USB dongle or direct to the port) the little connection image seems to suggest it gets as far as the router but cannot go any further and it says "No...
  19. Ehjay84

    60uf7300-ut Wired Network Issue

    Hello. I've had my 60uf7300-ut TV for a few years but have only been experiencing this issue for a few months now. Everytime I turn my TV on it appears that it is disconnected from my wired network connection. I have to go into the network settings on the tv and leave it for a few seconds to...
  20. GarethW85

    New Build Wired Multi-Room Sound system advice

    Hello all, I've seen various threads with advice but I suppose everyones needs/requirements are slightly different so I've started my own thread. Just in the process of planning our house, building will start in the next couple of months, and I'm trying to figure out what is best for the...
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