1. Maxson

    £300 max Open back wired around the ears headphones - Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals?

    I'm looking to replace my AKG Y50s with something better. Any deals? I'm going to connect them wired to the front panel of my PC which apparently has a decent headphone amp built in and can work with 250ohm sets (Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO according to reddit) or possibly higher IDK. I don't like...
  2. S

    Any know if a wired mains plug in speaker with sd card slot exists

    Hi so I have a speaker problem, I live with lots of noisy neighbours so get to sleep playing howling wind on a 8 hour mp3 files (prefer it over whitenoise but same kind of thing to distract me from the noises around) I've been using a neocore WAVE A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and have the mp3...
  3. cR4cKF0x 5TevE

    For Sale Sony MDR-1A Wired Headphones - Pristine condition

    Up for sale are a pair of Sony MDR-1A wired headphones in excellent condition. Original box, leather carry pouch, and both cables (audio only and audio with microphone for calls). On the mic cable, The in-line remote and mic is only one-button and whilst it favours Apple devices 'out of the...
  4. D

    Wired wifi extender

    I have seen a wifi range extender that simply needs to be plugged in, and synced with the router. It has two antennas and is wireless and can help to extend the wifi range. It also has an ethernet port so you can connect that to a computer with a cable. But I am looking for something else. If I...
  5. C

    Max Volume Query on Apple Mobile Devices

    Hi, After trying countless brands of wired ear buds at various price levels with Apple mobile devices and Spotify with no luck. I have stumbled across a pair that actually work for me. The wired buds cost just £3 from Wish.com! Allow me to explain, I use a cochlear implant and by rights I...
  6. C

    Wired IEM / EarBuds Query

    Hi, After trying countless brands of wired ear buds at various price levels with Apple mobile devices and Spotify with no luck. I have stumbled across a pair that actually work for me. The wired buds cost just £3 from Wish.com! Allow me to explain, I use a cochlear implant and by rights I...
  7. C

    Wired in ear headphones with mic for clear calls?

    Hi - my partner who teaches online needs a set of wired in ear headphones with a good Mic for clarity while teaching English. Can anyone recommend a set £30 to £50 budget? Thanks in advance!
  8. H

    SKY and new build pre-wired HD distribution

    Hi, First post, so apologies if this question has been asked before. I'm (hopefully) purchasing a new build home in the next month and from vising the property and reading the specification list it appears to be fitted with what's described as a a Star wired telecom structure with cat 5e/6...
  9. ObeyOne

    Question Wired mechanical keyboard

    My sons birthday coming up and he’s after a new keyboard.. Ducky one2 SF is something he’s pointed towards? Anything similar which is easier to get hold of? Tia
  10. P

    Question Multiple (x4-x6) wired to wireless gadget - is there such a thing?

    Hi all, I remember 5 or so years ago seeing an advert for a multiple wired to wireless headphone adapter - where there was a base station with 4-6 mobile 'pucks' located and you could plug in your wired headphones into a puck and make them wireless (bluetooth I presume?) so 4-6 people with...
  11. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Ring Spotlight Cam (Wired) reduced from £199 to £139 for Amazon Prime members

    To get this deal, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. Sign up for a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime (which gets you Prime Video too).
  12. lee1980

    Question Which wired cctv system? Swann etc

    As I have had issues with Blink XT2 at front of house, as garage in integrated, I can add wires etc and a DVR. Looking to add 2 cameras one outside and one inside garage. Swann pops up a lot around 250-300 for decent HD/4k system. Is there better? Ideally need it to also work with app on phone...
  13. J

    Wired ceiling speakers problem

    Hi I have wired ceiling speakers via a 4 way switch box, I have a problem that one of the speakers in the bedroom will only work if I turn off the speaker in a different room, I’ve tried swapping wires over on the switch box but no joy, any ideas ? Thanks
  14. H

    Question Wired headphones

    Hi, I’m thinking of buying a set of headphones for (hopefully) an improved listening experience. My cheap on ear set are uncomfortable for prolonged listening and there’s a distracting background hiss. My setup is mostly digital, although I do have some vinyl. I have a Marantz Melody CR510...
  15. E

    Question Dolby Atmos Soundbar & Subwoofer versus wired home cinema system

    Greetings folks, I’m new to the forum. I’m downsizing and currently have a 10yr old home cinema system (Onkyo amp and 5.1 surround wired under the floor); new house the living room will be smaller but wanted to get folks views on whether the Dolby Atmos soundbars with a subwoofer out there...
  16. E

    Airplay vs wired Ethernet connection

    Which is better? if I use tidal directly I can only use airplay. Marantz only does Spotify site thru Ethernet. Can use heos for tidal but it isn’t tidal site but interface done by heos whis is awful. Is all this true?
  17. R

    Question Connect wired speakers to iPad

    Hi. I have a pair of unpowered speakers that are wired into an old stereo system with bare wire pinch plugs. My question is, is there something I can get that will allow me to dump the old stereo, but keep the speakers so that I can play music wirelessly from the iPad? I've done a bit of looking...
  18. S

    SkyQ . Told not to use wired internet connection only wifi

    Had an 8am install yesterday so was not paying 100% attention. They strongly advised against a wired connection. Possible mentioned IP address problems. Are they right?
  19. M

    Wired Router

    Morning All, Looking for a recommendation for a wired router. I currently have a Sky SR203 router, which I’m not a massive a fan of. I have a Vigor 130 modem. I don’t use the Wi-Fi as I have a Bt Whole Home system. I will be getting BT FTTP in the near future so want something capable of...
  20. M

    Wired Router

    Hi All, I am looking for recommendations for a half decent wired only router that I can use along side a Vigor 130 router and BT Whole Home. I currently have FTTC however within the next 12 months I will be getting FTTP so want something thatcan work with both. I have had very poor results with...
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