1. G

    Is distance to speaker & impedance the only criteria when deciding speaker cable thickness/gauge?

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to this "scene" but have done a fair bit of reading trying to get my head around all of this. My query is this - do I need to factor anything else other than distance from my amplifier to the speaker and the impedance of the speaker before I decide what thickness speaker...
  2. joner7777

    How to wire in a Karaoke player to a AVR set up

    Kids keep on and on ...... I have a Vocalstar karaoke player , a Marantz sr 7011 avr and a older Denon 1200x avr, unused. The problem is that they like to sing along with youtube videos on a projection screen with the sound loud but, how can i incorporate the karaoke microphones to use the same...
  3. grnnvrzz

    Hide speaker wire in new listening room.

    I have moved my main listening room from my lounge to my snug (think unused dining room). And, I need some help trying to hide some speaker cable that runs across the hearth. I would ideally like not to buy more. A bit of history first - I spent ages, and I mean ages, trying to get my speakers...
  4. S

    Question Onkyo "Check SP Wire" error

    I've had my Onkyo TX-NR696 for about 6 months, and the other day my receiver would suddenly go into diagnostic mode and it would end up with an error message "Check SP Wire". I've disconnected all the speaker cables, and have even reset the receiver to factory settings. But after a few...
  5. J

    Question Where can I order this speaker wire?

    I got some of this for free with some speakers I bought for a friend and like to finish out my system with it but i cant find it anywhere
  6. N

    Question Fisher CD Remote Amplifier Wire

    Need the 4 pin ribbon cable that goes from Fisher AD 870 CD player to Fisher CA 861 Amplifier. It is 4 pin ribbon wire ( 5 pin is used for tuner to amp) that allows to CD remote function to work. I also do not know whether it would be twisted for reverse pin layout or looped to keep pins...
  7. E

    Smart light switch that doesn’t need neutral wire

    Looking through the available light switches to replace my current ones, I can only find ones that need a neutral wire which we don’t have. I don’t want to use Philips hue switches and the plates they sit in to cover existing light switches as I don’t really like the look of these. Does...
  8. Mickoz74

    Question Bi wire setup

    Real quick question I have a yamaha dsp ax759se using the front channel a+b is that the right way to run bi wiring for a speaker? Looking at getting better speakers and want to know how to do it first. Thank you in advance
  9. mhweb

    What cable to buy to wire speakers?

    I'll cabling a sound system (Polk S15, s30, and danon x3500h), and I'm just wondering if the AmazonBasics 16-gauge (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006LW0W5Y/) cable will be good for all the speakers in a small room. I'm asking because I watched this video, which says that you need different gauge...
  10. Smiffy 2

    Question Really thin profile white speaker wire

    Looking for recommendations for the above. Not overly long runs, (about 5m), going to a pair of small Atmos speakers rated at 8 ohms. Need to hide wiring up in the recess of a door frame and don't want to use trunking. Any recommendations please??? Thanks
  11. HD lover

    Help with new speaker wire for Yamaha AX-1 amp and speakers.

    Firstly, apologies for my ignorance in these matters, but I’ve recently bought a new CD player and decided to finally get some decent speaker wire to get the best out of it. Now, my amp is the best part of 20 years old and only accepts wire connections (as do my speakers). What would be a good...
  12. J

    Question Using installed co axial to Ethernet

    Hi all, Complete newbie here but nowhere that I can find advice. Basically my house is about 6 years old 3 story house, I want to run a few Ethernet wires around the house cause WiFi & powerline just not hacking it. I have co-axial points in the wall throughout the house but I don’t use them...
  13. davindersangha

    HTR-5630 and speakers

    A bit new to the technical aspects of this, but obtained a Yamaha HTR-5630 amp. I added my existing surround sound speakers which were working on my old Samsung DVD Surround System. However, I have three old, but big ITT speakers which sound came out of for left, but right and centre, but a pair...
  14. Ahmed98

    Answered Better speaker wire for my AudioEngine A5+? Currently using the stock wires.

    Thank You In Advance! ☺️
  15. BlueWizard

    Splicing Speaker Wires - Quick and Easy

    I stumbled across this by chance, and it could be one easy possible solution for people who need to extend speaker wires. This subject does come up on the forum occasionally and we usually recommend Solder or Crimp Butt Connectors...
  16. turoasaur

    Wire Help Needed! Extending existing cable length

    Hi, I need to add 1.5 metres of cable to each speaker to fit the new room. I am using chord company Rumour 2 wires and my question is- can I simply buy additional length and twist them together as I would have in the 90’s, or will this actually damage the signal and I need another alternative? I...
  17. X

    Lowish cost headphones with replaceable cable?

    I have 3 kids and they constantly break the wires in their headphones. I have to buy new headphones. I have fixed the cable on a few, but the fix is not great, doesn't always work, and then easy to break again. I am fed up with it! To replace the whole perfectly fine headphones due to the cable...
  18. M

    Question Does US light switch require a Neutral Wire?

    Guys, Does US light switch require a Neutral Wire?
  19. Harkon321

    Denon 4400 Height 1/Height 2 - Where to wire top front/top rear?

    Really quick connection. Wiring up my Denon 4400 as we speak. Want to wire the speakers before turning it on due to access so haven't gone through the set up yet. Do you wire top front atmos to the height 1 and then top rear to height 2 or vice versa? Many thanks in advance, if anyone...
  20. A

    Answered Dashcam Hard Wire kit

    I have two dashcams both using a Lutuo hardwire kit. One is working just fine and the other is problematic. Basically it seems not to cut off at the right voltage/battery level leaving a no start condition. It is marginal as a quick boost on the charger is enough to start. I guess it might be...
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