1. damo09

    windows 10 password

    hi all, we have a pc with what i think is windows 10 there is a password on it that for thelife of me i cannot get to remove we know the password but i cant see how to use the pc withot a password anyone have any idea how to remove it, its the main password to get the pc to start up...
  2. G

    Can’t read CDs/DVDs in laptop

    I have an ASUS laptop that’s a couple of years old now (Windows 10) and I recently tried to burn a CD for the first time in a while. This failed so I used a ONE FOR ALL branded cleaning disc to try and clean the drive. It made quite a noise so I removed it and realised that the little brush...
  3. W

    Windows 10 Instant Search Alternative

    With Windows 7 ..... whatever folder you were in, if you used the search function at the top right hand side of the window it would start to instantly search and give you results as soon as you typed the 1st letter narrowing the results the more letters you typed .... Windows 10 doesn't. I...
  4. D

    Windows loses connection with Onkyo TX-SR393

    Hi, I have an Onkyo TX-SR393 connected to my Windows 10 PC using HDMI. The picture is forwarded by the amp to my 4k TV using another HDMI cable. When things work, they work nicely, including 5.1 sound. But about half the time when I awake the PC from sleep or switch the amp from another input...
  5. D

    Networked devices not showing on Windows 10 File Explorer

    Would be grateful for help with this issue... I've just completed the clean install of a dual boot (W10 Pro 64bit + Ubuntu 64bit) desktop PC (two physical HDD's - W10 installed on one, Ubuntu on the other) and wish to restore some personal user folders & files to the W10 HDD that I backed up on...
  6. Pollywoggle

    How could I revive this Dell Laptop that works perfectly but has windows vista home basic as it’s OS?

    I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that must be from around 2009. I have never really used it for anything apart from setting up various bits of home cinema gear over the years. It’s hard drive is therefore almost empty. It has an Intel Celeron 583 2.16 ghz chip in it and 1gb ram I believe. The C...
  7. D

    Preparing a dual boot PC (Ubuntu + Windows 10)

    I'm preparing to set up my W10 Pro 32bit PC as a dual boot (Ubuntu + Windows 10 Pro). I've read up on it and asked numerous questions on an Ubuntu forum to try to get to grips with the subject. For various reasons, I intend to wipe both physical HDD's and clean install W10 Pro 64bit on one HDD...
  8. 1

    Very slow internet with Windows 10

    I bought a TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless USB adapter as my old adapter was slow. I installed the driver and got the same slow Speed Test result of 1 Mbps. My iPhone has a Speed Test result of 60 Mbps so it's not the router. What could it possibly be?
  9. bilbosmeggins

    Where to buy Windows

    My new PC has no operating system as yet. Where is the best place to get a legitimate copy of Windows 10? It’s a bit confusing online as everywhere is massively cheaper than MS themselves, but lots of horror stories of registration code already in use. Also, which copy is the best to go for? It...
  10. alan8477

    Windows 10 Scrolling Uncontrollably

    Over the last couple of days, my PC running Windows 10 has developed a problem. I noticed it first of all in Google Calendar. I view in 'month mode' display. If I hover over it with the mouse pointer, it rapidly starts to display previous months. Within 10 seconds I have gone back years, and I...
  11. C

    Amazon Photos wont run on Windows 10

    Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum, but its the best I could find. I have been using Amazon Photos for a few years, all fine. Today, I needed to reinstall it on my Windows 10 desktop. It installs, but then doesn't do anything - I get an icon in the system tray but it just...
  12. Sparky1970

    Question Critical process died windows 10

    Hi, I have just switched on my gaming pc and I'm getting the blue screen "critical process died' message. It won't let me go into safe mode or reset pc, I can get a command prompt only, tried do restore to an earlier setting but it won't let me do that either, need some help as the only thing...
  13. bag head

    Windows to CCA

    I'm back digitising some CDs and still casting to a CCA for the time being (almost certainly investing in a Yamaha Musicast amp in the new year unless there's a better option). Is there a better (free) option for casting audio files than VLC or am I doing VLC wrong?
  14. M

    Question Windows 10 RAID vs Storage Spaces VS Hardware RAID?

    As people here may (or may not) recall, earlier in the year, I re-purposed a low energy consumption PC to be a combined PC, for use in the garage and a NAS for data storage/media server. The NAS side of things has 2x4TB WD Reds running in RAID 1 configuration with backup to a separate machine...
  15. AMCross

    Question Windows 10 clean install on HP 15 BW0XX AMD cant instal win 10 pro

    guys any experts could throw light on this removed and reinstalled a new WD SSD into laptop put win 10 usb image usb stick in hp laptop gets to choosing 64 bit or 32 bit and when i press enter screen goes blank and back to choosing edition of win 10 doesnt get to choosing partitions usb...
  16. baka102

    Windows 10 not playing sound through Dolby Atmos for home theather setting

    Hi I run my Onkyo HT-R695 AV RECEIVER through the PC, from the HDMI port from the back of the NVIDIA 1080GTX to AV RECEIVER for my sound system in Windows 10. Now for some reason I get sound as Stereo when I click on Speaker setup on audio icon bottom right hand corner of task bar, when I select...
  17. LexDiamond

    Looking for portable monitor for use with Windows and Macbook

    I’ve been needing a second screen that is portable and can work for a windows laptop (provided by client) and a MacBook 2018 (for my own business). I have been looking at reviews and it seems like a minefield as some have compatibility issues with MacBooks. I looked at an iPad as a second...
  18. TheReloaded

    Question Bootrec /scanos showing 0 installations of Windows?

    Hello, quick question. When executing bootrec /scanos in Windows PE, I get 0 installations of Windows (or something like that.) Is that a problem or is that because I am using UEFI? Looking forward to the responses!
  19. Zippy77777

    Question Opening my pics I get a black screen windows 10

    Hi guys. Can anyone tell me why when I open my pics/screenshots (this is not all the time but randon) they open as a black screen and then do nothing. I close them down and try again and the machine hesistates for about 10 seconds and then opens them. I just cannot work out what the issue...
  20. TheReloaded

    HELP! Corrupted OS on my PC and no other PC for installation medi

    Hello, I really need help. I enabled legacy support on my BIOS so that I can run Linux Mint on my secondary drive but then when I tried to run Windows again, it won’t boot. (Yes I did disable legacy support again.) I have no other PCs to install an installation medium to my USB. Any ideas on...
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