1. mdkdue

    For Sale Dell Latitude E7470 - i7-6600U 2.60GHz - 8GB - 240GB SSD - Win 11 Pro

    For sale is a Dell Latitude E7470 laptop, the specifications are in the title. The device is in very nice condition. Everything works as it should and there are only some very slight white marks to the rim of the casing, which may well even come off with the correct solution. The battery could...
  2. mdkdue

    For Sale Dell Optiplex 5040 - i5 [email protected] - 8GB - 256GB SSD - Win 11 Pro

    Hi there I have for sale a Dell Optiplex desktop, main specs are in the title. The unit is in good condition. There are some stains to the casing, which I believe will probably come off if the proper solution is used, I have only tried with antibacterial wipes. One thing to note, this unit...
  3. u8myufo

    Win 11 glitch

    Upgraded a few days back which was an install keeping all files, all seems good apart from one little glitch. Doing a bit of photograhy I have a few odd folders on the desktop where I save to after eding, which contain jpeg and png files. If I want to use a particular image for uplaoding or...
  4. raigraphixs

    Win or Lose (Pixar) 2023

    New original series from Pixar to stream on Disney+ Win or Lose is set to follow a middle school softball team and their coach in the lead up to their first big championship game
  5. F

    For Sale Lenovo Flex 5 14" FHD Touch Display 2-in-1 Laptop (Graphite Grey), 4700U Processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Win 11 Pro, with Lenovo Active Pen 2.

    Hi, I have for sale the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 14ARE05. The condition of the laptop overall is really good. Note this is refurbished, I don’t know exactly what part was refurbished but it has worked perfectly ever since I have had it. Note this also comes with a barely used Lenovo Active Pen 2...
  6. LV426

    How to upgrade Win 10 to Win 11 on unsupported hardware

    IMPORTANTLY none of this is destructive in theory; all the files and folders and apps remain in place. The following assumes the device already has a recent Win10 on it. First up, obtain Windows 11 installer and put the files onto a removable drive (SD card, USB stick, etc.) Here: Download...
  7. anobium

    updating win 10 to 11

    Right so I have run the pc health check app and it says my pc doesn't support secure boot, but have checked my motherboard manufacturer its a asrock z370 extreme 4, and it has secure boot support and tpm, but I'm sure you cant activate these on the motherboard while windows is installed. So do I...
  8. chaz

    Win Zip??

    I have been told to download this on Win Zip as I want to download some 4k samples should I go ahead or delete the winzip
  9. deans6571

    Bank Holiday Monday if England Win?

    Should Boris give the country a Bank Holiday this coming Monday should England win the Euros?!
  10. G

    Trying to Save a Theme in Win 8.1

    In my laptop's Win 8.1 Home edition, how in Personalisation do I prevent a saved theme, which has a solid colour desktop background chosen by me (black in this instance) from reverting to the default dark grey colour every time I switch themes? I do save it in the 'Solid Colour' Desktop...
  11. Downinja

    Competition Win - Home Cinema

    My niece just call me (as the resident TV/IT expert) Turns out she's won a new TV. Any clues on what this might be worth, webpage seems a little shy on detail unfortunately.
  12. CrownClown67

    Problems with HDR Games on Win 7 (Nvidia)

    I have problem with Tomb Raider (Shadow of TR) , Hitman. The colors are washed and no black. But some games work perfect: RE2 & 3, FF XV
  13. skhan786

    Bargain Expired Simply spin to win between 1,000 – 10,000 Nectar points.

    Here’s a treat to brighten up your Christmas. Simply spin to win between 1,000 – 10,000 Nectar points. Perfect to put towards a treat - like an Xbox or a shiny new bike. And with three grand prizes of 1 million Nectar points up for grabs, there’s everything to play for. Good luck...
  14. PortableMusic

    Desktop DAC/Headphone amp in addition to a DAP Kann Alpha merely for Win 10 Tidal app?

    Dear All: i'm at my computer desk from 3 to 8 hours a day. i have my Meze Empyrean headphones with my Astell and Kern Kann Alpha right here at my computer desk, and i merely have to recharge it around once every 3 days approximately. my initial idea was that i may take this portable set up over...
  15. S

    Question Win 10 won't boot, dead Ssd?

    Hi chaps, My win 10 install won't boot, I just get a blue screen as attached image. I've created a recovery USB drive but the repair options in that don't work. In command prompt I've tried to access the C drive but I only get the info in the attached, it should show me the root folder I...
  16. Geoff_W

    Question Humax Foxsat HDR - Device not showing in Win 10 File Manager

    Whenever I want to copy a recorded programme from my HDR to my laptop, I have always used File Manager to drag and drop the file. Recently, the HDR doesn't show under the Network folder on my laptop, only Desktop. I've checked on the web for various solutions and my setup appears to have all the...
  17. T

    Latest Win 10 Update

    Hi Everyone, I've been seeing this on my desktop for a couple of months now: The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is on its way. Once it’s ready for your device, you’ll see the update available on this page. Does anyone know why the delay, please?
  18. scarty16

    Will Trump win in November?

    Simple question - Yes or No
  19. M

    Promoted What is the first DVD you owned? [Answer and Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Free]

    Do you still remember the first DVD you ever owned? Leave your comment below, we will reward each responder with a license copy of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum (originally $67.95 Valued) (The license code will be sent to you via forum private conversation within 24 hours) WinX DVD Ripper provides...
  20. DemonAV

    Help needed. Win10 stuck file on desktop issue

    Hello all. I have a problem with a corrupted file I created that is stuck on my Win10 desktop. I've tried using a CMD prompt that I found online but it just does not work. I've included a screenshot of the file (named MKV RAW FILE) and another screenshot of its properties. Can anyone help me to...
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