1. VivaE

    2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

    Apart from being so funny, the photography is just stunning. https://mymodernmet.com/comedy-wildlife-photography-2021/?utm_source=convertkit&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly-broadcast&utm_term=funny-animals
  2. I

    Council in Australia to introduce a 24 hour curfew for pet cats to protect wildlife!

    https://focusingonwildlife.com/news/should-pet-cats-be-banned-from-going-out-to-protect-wildlife/ I would support this happening in the UK! But sadly can’t see this happening in the UK! And certainly not in England at present!
  3. C

    Wildlife with canon 600d

    I am a beginner when it comes to photography. I am using a canon 600d with 55mm lens . Still so much to learn and I would like a better lens especially to catch birds of prey. Anyways heres a few little snaps i have from this week . I love taking images of wild flowers , wildlife , nature ...
  4. M

    help finding best security cameras for watching wildlife

    I am looking for live stream outdoor security cameras. The primary use would be to watch wildlife in my backyard, which is 60’ wide, and the structures I could mount the cameras to have a 50’ to 60’ set back lengthwise from my backyard. Probably 2 cameras would cover watching the wildlife...
  5. stanster59

    Wildlife camera

    The boss wants one for xmas, just something to set up in the garden, any recommendations. She's sent me this link :
  6. dmpzsn

    Setting up a wifi wildlife cam

    Hi, now that the darker, colder days are drawing in, we're going to be spending more time inside which means we'll miss the bird life outside.😞 What I'd like to do is purchase a wifi wildlife camera, either mains or battery that I can connect to my home network, then send to my tv or recorder...
  7. A

    Question Wildlife/trail camera

    Intending to purchase a wildlife/trail camera to capture wildlife in the garden overnight, also for use in a boundary hedgerow to monitor a persistent nuisance at night (littering). Another potential area of interest is a nesting box, though not sure this type of camera is suitable? There seem...
  8. DJT75

    Wildlife Camera

    Sorry to post in GC but it's Black Friday and I'll get a quicker response here. My stepmother has just suggested getting my dad a wildlife camera for his garden so they can sit and watch what happens overnight (Homes under the Hammer must be getting tiresome). She suggested watching through...
  9. M

    Camera advice - switching Canon to Sony for wildlife + people

    I do a mixture of people/event, landscape, car and wildlife photography. Previously, the following kit worked well for me: Canon 6d + 50d Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC Canon 70-200 2.8 Canon 135L Canon 50 1.4 I thoroughly enjoyed this setup and took it with me across many countries, getting lots of good...
  10. shotokan101

    Comedy Wildlife Awards....

    :grin: Nature's funny moments compete for prize
  11. markie g

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year

    The winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year has been announced. Wildlife Photographer of the Year: The brutal reality of rhino poaching (note: some people may find the image upsetting) Such a a strong, powerful and upsetting image, but rightful winner. And highlights what an important...
  12. Chadford

    Anyone reccomend me a wildlife camera?...

    This sort of thing.... APEMAN Trail Camera 12MP 1080P HD Wildlife Camera with 130° Wide Angle Lens 120° Detection Angle 42 Pcs 940nm Invisible IR LEDs Night Version up to 20M/65FT Hunting Camera with IP66 Spray Water Protected Design: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors APEMAN Trail Camera Full...
  13. spannersatcx

    Comedy wildlife

    I thought some were funny! Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’
  14. snerkler

    Paradise Wildlife Park (more pics added 10-2-17)

    Whilst down in Cambridge we took a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire as I'd bought my wife a "Tickle a Tapir" experience as part of her 40th Birthday. Overall it's a nice park, but some of the enclosures are quite small which I didn't like. Weather was pants too which was a shame...
  15. NickTB

    More wildlife in London

    Following on from Rancidpunk's excellent shots, I thought I'd post one of mine, taken last year in St. James' park
  16. snerkler

    Yorkshire Wildlife Park yet again.

    Images in the next post for ad avoidance
  17. MrJavelina

    IPHONE 7 PLUS 4K VIDEO: Wildlife World Zoo, Phoenix Arizona

    iPhone 7 Plus goes wild at the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix Arizona. Some low-light and 3X digital zoom for comparison. Gear: iPhone 7 Plus Standard iPhone Camera App Shoulderpod S1 Manfrotto 560B Fluid Monopod
  18. snerkler

    Yorkshire Wildlife Park June 2016

    Once again I headed off to the YWP, love that place. This time I was privileged to see the Tiger cubs at play for about 40 mins or so, was fantastic. Also the lemurs were far more out and about than I've ever seen, sat within inches from me at times :) Pics in next post to avoid ads. More pics...
  19. rancidpunk

    Yorkshire Wildlife Park

    Spent a few days in the Peak District over Easter and decided to go along to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Great views of the animals, quality over quantity, and a great day out 1) Yorkshire Wildlife Park 2 by Lee aka Rancid, on Flickr 2) Yorkshire Wildlife Park 3 by Lee aka Rancid, on Flickr 3)...
  20. raigraphixs

    The Hunt (BBC One)

    Wildlife documentary from the makers of Frozen Planet. Date TBC
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