1. lisbonlion

    Wanted Wii u games, Mario 3d world, zelda twilight Princess and Pro controller

    As title, my young nephew is after the following wii u games, zelda twilight Princess and Mario 3d world and maybe a pro controller.
  2. daymouse

    For Sale Wii U Premium with Super Mario Bros U & Nintendo Land

    I have a Nintendo Wii U in good condition. Gamepad has a screen protector on is so no marks on the screen. comes fully boxed with everything apart from the gamepad stand cradle or console stand. Also come with Super Mario Brother U & Nintendoland There’s also a couple of 3rd part Wii...
  3. D

    Question Wii Pointer - Harmony Elite Touchpad, anyone get it working?

    Hi folks, I just wondered if anyone with the Harmony Elite that still uses a Wii has ever tested using the Touchpad on the remote as the Pointer? I tried a few times today and could sporadically get the hand to appear but never really control it (All the buttons and On/Off etc work fine).
  4. serpico77

    Question CEX Wii Sale

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if selling a Wii to CEX you have to include the nunchuck, I have looked but can't seem to find what must be included apart from remote and all essential accessories (is nunchuck essential) I have hardly ever used it and not sure I still have it. I don't...
  5. Else00

    Dolby Pro Logic II support on new AVR

    I was thinking of buying the Denon AVR-X3600H. I would like to connect my Wii U via HDMI and play Wii and GameCube games like Super Smash Brow. Brawl, which has Dolby Pro Logic II for surround sound. This AVR is capable of decoding Dolby Pro Logic II so that you can hear surround sound from Wii...
  6. M

    Connecting Wii to Denon AVR-X2500H

    Hi, I'm looking for some help how to properly connect Wii to Denon AVR-X2500H (which in turn is connected to Samsung TV via HDMI). The task seemed relatively easy. I used a composite cable and connected: * audio (white and red cable) to Audio 3 port (marked as Blue-ray) * video (yellow...
  7. M

    Question Wii not working lg tv

    any one got an idea whats causing this on an LG TV ug870v model. Yellow plug results in a fuzzy picture, green plug results in a green hue photo.
  8. T

    Question Proj fan speeds up when using Wii????

    Hi. First post. I'm using an optoma 141x that has my pc plugged into the HDMI1 socket. Been like that for years; all fine. Recently dug the Wii out of the loft due to 'lockdown'. It's plugged into HDMI2, and when I flip the projector onto this the onboard fan speeds up to what sounds like nearly...
  9. ReflexReact

    Question SOS - Need help setting up Wii via Component cable on Denon X2400H

    Hey all, i hope this is the right forum (wasn't quite sure) Send help! No school, lots of work and I'm bloody stuck with my Denon Amp. I'm really hoping someone here is smarter than me :) Put simply, I got myself a Wii - want to teach my son the ways of Mario Galaxy. I'm trying to set it up...
  10. J

    Cant get Wii HDMI converter to work with new X950G TV

    Purchased 2 different HDMI converters to connect my Wii to my new X950G. One adapter plugs directly into the back of the Wii and is straight HDMI to the TV. The other is a powered converter that takes the component cables from the Wii and outputs to HDMI. I'm having the same issue with both...
  11. daymouse

    Wii U Virtual Console quality?

    Just after some thoughts on owning a Wii U these days. I have a switch which doesn’t get played much as I’ve played the games I want to on it Just waiting on more to be released one day. I also own an N64 which I have just cleaned up and got out but those graphics! So I’m thinking a Wii U...
  12. R

    Wii u games

    Hi all I got a Wii u from my local cex. Me and my son love it. But I was wondering if there are any games for it that can be played using the controller screen so other people can each tv. When it's being played. Thanks in advance.
  13. R

    Wii u adaptor

    Hi all I got a Wii u and daughter got a dance mat that she used on her old Wii. We would love to play it in the Wii u but there is no ports to contact the. Mat Do anyone if there is a adaptor the we could you use to contact the mat to the Wii u I see one eBay that sell a adaptor that plugs in...
  14. R

    Wii advice please

    Hi all my son been offered a Wii u game console. I remember a few years ago you could download games from the Nintendo eshop do anyone know if this is still possible. Thanks in advance
  15. S

    Wii U to Switch?

    I'm thinking about going from the Wii U to the Switch. I have about 6 games for the Wii U (all on disc). I was researching and saw that there's an adapter out there that would allow me to connect a portable drive to the switch to play the Wii U games. Does anyone have this or know about it and...
  16. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: A95X MAX Plus with the powerful S922X SoC and Wii remote style

    REVIEW: A95X MAX Plus with the powerful S922X SoC and Wii remote style " A95X MAX Plus is a new model of Android TV-Box of the Beelink brand of which we present today its analysis or review, a new smart box with which we released the SoC Amlogic S922X Quad core a processor that updates its...
  17. Daft Ada

    Wii U Bargain Thread

    The other console boards have one, so here's one for the Wii U! Premium Console with MK 8 £199 New Super Mario Bros Wii U £16.95 Wii U Gamepad extended battery £17 (Amazon France)
  18. Wardy257

    Question Aftermarket Wii Remotes

    Can anyone recommend good aftermarket Wii remotes. Ideally I don't want to spend £40 on Nintendo ones if I don't have too.
  19. M

    Answered Denon x2300w and connecting Wii

    I'm failing at getting the Wii to work thru my Denon x2300w and sony smart tv. Have my daughters back from college and they are going nuts! I have the red and white into the cbl/sat on back denon and g/b/r into back of tv but to no avail. Someone save my skin please! Cheers Ian
  20. pcgamersf

    Question Panasonic Plasma TH-P50G10A - firmware update + LPCM passthrough?

    Hi all, I'm still rocking a good 'ol Panasonic Viera TH-P50G10A Plasma and was hoping someone could help me. 1. In the operations manual found here https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/Panasonic/support_manual/Color_TV/English/TH-P50G10A_Operating_Instructions.pdf it states that firmware...
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