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  1. lisbonlion

    Wanted Wii u games, Mario 3d world, zelda twilight Princess and Pro controller

    As title, my young nephew is after the following wii u games, zelda twilight Princess and Mario 3d world and maybe a pro controller.
  2. daymouse

    For Sale Wii U Premium with Super Mario Bros U & Nintendo Land

    I have a Nintendo Wii U in good condition. Gamepad has a screen protector on is so no marks on the screen. comes fully boxed with everything apart from the gamepad stand cradle or console stand. Also come with Super Mario Brother U & Nintendoland There’s also a couple of 3rd part Wii...
  3. daymouse

    Wii U Virtual Console quality?

    Just after some thoughts on owning a Wii U these days. I have a switch which doesn’t get played much as I’ve played the games I want to on it Just waiting on more to be released one day. I also own an N64 which I have just cleaned up and got out but those graphics! So I’m thinking a Wii U...
  4. C

    Breath of the Wild (WiiU) controller options.

    Is it possible to play BOTW on WiiU with anything other than the large WiiU controller? I have a Switch and Switch Pro Controller, a PS3 dual shock controller and Gamecube style 3rd party controller that connects to the nunchuk port on a wii remote. The last of those works on the WiiU menu...
  5. R

    Wii u games

    Hi all I got a Wii u from my local cex. Me and my son love it. But I was wondering if there are any games for it that can be played using the controller screen so other people can each tv. When it's being played. Thanks in advance.
  6. R

    Wii u adaptor

    Hi all I got a Wii u and daughter got a dance mat that she used on her old Wii. We would love to play it in the Wii u but there is no ports to contact the. Mat Do anyone if there is a adaptor the we could you use to contact the mat to the Wii u I see one eBay that sell a adaptor that plugs in...
  7. S

    Wii U to Switch?

    I'm thinking about going from the Wii U to the Switch. I have about 6 games for the Wii U (all on disc). I was researching and saw that there's an adapter out there that would allow me to connect a portable drive to the switch to play the Wii U games. Does anyone have this or know about it and...
  8. Daft Ada

    Wii U Bargain Thread

    The other console boards have one, so here's one for the Wii U! Premium Console with MK 8 £199 New Super Mario Bros Wii U £16.95 Wii U Gamepad extended battery £17 (Amazon France)
  9. lpoolm

    whats Wii U online gaming like now?

    ive just bought a cheap cheap wii u, hoping to play the old games I missed out on. but mainly do people still play much online, specifically splatoon? Ive got a switch but cant play online so this might get me my splatoon fix but dont want to buy online sub if there is no point as not using it...
  10. pcgamersf

    Question Panasonic Plasma TH-P50G10A - firmware update + LPCM passthrough?

    Hi all, I'm still rocking a good 'ol Panasonic Viera TH-P50G10A Plasma and was hoping someone could help me. 1. In the operations manual found here https://www.panasonic.com/content/dam/Panasonic/support_manual/Color_TV/English/TH-P50G10A_Operating_Instructions.pdf it states that firmware...
  11. Noahs Dad

    Wii U adapter for Switch

    The Switch really shows up how chunky and clumsy the Wii U was right? Not just the gamepad screen but the actual console. And it needed 2 x plug sockets to run it also. Would a Wii U adaptor for the Switch interest anyone? Would basically be something way smaller that had a CD tray, that...
  12. Noahs Dad

    Are Nintendo done with the Amiibo's?

    Just wondering if anyone knows, are Nintendo are done with amiibo's? Unless I am mistaken, there has been no Switch game related amiibo tie in's has there? And nothing as far as I am aware has been announced. Amiibo's seem to have slowly winded down and the last one was probably the large...
  13. J

    Question Buying used Wii U with pre-installed games

    Hi Guys I am new to Nintendo consoles. Would there be any issues with pre-installed games, when buying a used Wii U? Should I link the console to my new user account? Will I still be able to play the pre-installed games? If I do the factory reset will I lose the pre-installed games? Do I...
  14. J

    Question Is it safe to buy Wii u games in external HDD?

    hi Guys I am new to Wii u games. And have a question, please. Is it possible to play 100 of games from HDD? I came across a seller selling many games loaded in external HDD + console. And he says its all legitimate and will not have any issues Is it safe to buy? And will it work for me once...
  15. orac1971

    Wii U - online is still thriving (Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon)

    Interesting... not in the market for a Switch as yet, I think they are too expensive, especially the games. But I always think that Nintendo offer the most interesting exclusive titles compared to ps4 and xbox one. Anyway traded over stuff in CEX and got a 8gb Wii U (had one before in Jan...
  16. C

    Possible new Metroid coming to WiiU?

    Lots of rumours floating around about a possible new Metroid announcement at E3 from Retro Games. Whilst it almost certainly will be on the Switch (if the rumours turn out to be true) I am thinking it's not entirely implausible that a WiiU release of it may come too. I am thinking this because...
  17. MrMister111

    Question New purchase/trade in Wii U

    Maybe getting son a switch for birthday. Not sure wether to trade in Wii U which would mean he knows, or wait until he gets it, then trade in at game/grainger/CEX and use credit for games? Also there seems to be no package deals about at all, ad its still in limited availability, I may have to...
  18. W

    Question Online Games

    Haven't had the Wii U for that long and not got many games yet. I was wondering what are the best or most popular online games that I could pick up? Cheers
  19. J

    Question Best new Wii U deal out there at the moment?

    Black Friday seems to have been a disappointment as far as Wii U is concerned. I'm looking to get a Wii-U with Mario Kart 8 for my boy for Christmas (black). So far it seems the best deal is direct from Nintendo - £239.99 after SAVE10 discount code applied, inc Minecraft Wii Edition, MK8...
  20. G

    Pokemon Rumble U

    Is anyone selling the Wii U Limited Edition of this? Can't seem to find it anywhere. It's one of the last items I need to complete my PAL collection.
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