1. S

    For Sale BT wifi Disc and smart hub 2. google home mini. Vpn router

    These are brand new in the box never used. Disc £70 inch postage Hub 2 £50 posted. Google home mini is new. Boxed was opened to have a look at it. £25 posted Liberty shiled vpn router. Boxed new. Bever used. It came with a few months subscription. It was never activated. Not even sure how to...
  2. M

    For Sale Micro-ATX bundle - Corsair 280x RGB, Asus B550M-Plus WiFi, Corsair RM850w + 2x extra Corsair RGB

    For sale is a bundle comprising of: Corsair 280x RGB Micro-ATX case including 2x LL120 fans and Corsair RGB controller - I have screws etc but not the original box, although I do have another suitable box Asus B550M-Plus Wifi (purchased in October 2020) - boxed with all original accessories...
  3. XL5

    Having wifi troubles with your LG?

    Had a problem with buffering from tv apps. Press recent, select "screen share" and make sure "listening mode" is off. This worked a treat for me and the buffering was gone and the image streaming in 1080p or 4k was instantaneous. Sorry if this has already been discussed but thought it might need...
  4. pleasedtobe

    Candy oven- wifi woes

    Been trying to set up a Candy Wifi oven with the Simply-Fi app for weeks now...has anyone any experience of this? If so can you tell me if the wifi symbol is meant to blink after 30 sec whenever 'wifi reset' is selected? For the life of me I cannot get it to do it. I even got the oven...
  5. S

    For Sale 7th Gen iPad (10.2”) 128GB (apple warranty til 5/5/21) WiFi plus 1st gen pencil

    iPad and pencil both in “as new” condition, having literally never been out of the house. Official apple (10w) charger plus generic cable and case. lockdown project to learn GarageBand; I’ve since bought a MacBook on here as the next project is to learn Logic Pro X. RMSD included (or your...
  6. russellsnr

    Question Plugin WiFi Extenderss?

    Hi, OK I am the wrong side of 60's years so please make it simple if possible. I only have one phone connection in the house from where the internet is plugged into the router I loose the signal on occassions on my Amazon FireStick, not for long just blips, there is only one wall between the...
  7. saguk1234

    Question Which printer with wifi 5 5ghz or wifi 6?

    I am trying to move away from using 2.4ghz wifi. Does anyone know of a printer that uses 5ghz or wifi 6?
  8. T

    For Sale Windows 10 Pro PC Stick, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Intel Z8350, Dual Band WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0

    You can expand the storage with a Micro SD card. With one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port for easy connection to other devices. Comes installed with Windows 10 Pro 64bit, this has been reset ready for the new owner. In full working order setup and ready to go. Comes with micro USB cable for...
  9. B

    devices connected via ethernet -> unmanaged switch -> LAN port on router not visible via wifi

    I have a SKY wireless router, this has 4 LAN ports I have a basic netgear gigabit unmanaged network swtich I have a home with CAT5 cabling I have a number of 'smart' TVs, a SONOS system consisting of 3 x SONOS AMPs and a Synology NAS. Ideally, I want to connect as many devices as possible via...
  10. G

    Which Wifi Mesh or Extender?

    have a kitchen and office 30m apart, and a garage 75m from the house. All are connected by ethernet cables. I have the Vodaphone TGH3000. I would like seamless Wi-Fi, as I move between the three locations. Can someone please recommend Mesh or Extenders? So far I've been pointed at the...
  11. Zigourney

    For Sale Mede8er MED600X3D/WP 3D Media Player and Streamer with WiFi

    For Sale is my Mede8er MED600X3D/WP TV Media Player/Streamer with WiFi. Please note this is the upgraded WiFi version. Plays pretty much everything I've thrown at it, MKVs, AVI's 3D BD-ISOs etc etc. Please see the link to the manufacturers website below for full list of file types.. In perfect...
  12. mmurdoch

    Poor Sky wifi in bedrooms do I need powerline adaptors

    Morning all, looking for some advice and assistance We have Sky fibre superfast but the wifi is really poor in the kids bedrooms for Xbox One online gaming and they moan a one legged donkey is quicker and more stable. The Sky Q router is in the lounge feeding the Sky Q box and my Amazon tv box...
  13. B

    Wifi time limit on Xbox on Smart Hub 2, how?

    I have 2 apps on my phone My BT app and BT business app, my account is in the bt business app but there is no option to go in and set wifi access restrictions for the BT smart 2 router so i can limit the kids xbox time. I cant do this on the 192 ip in the browser as it says you cant do this for...
  14. littlesheepy

    Question Help with Epson XP 312 and WiFi issue / Mac

    Good afternoon folks, wondering if anybody has any ideas before I throw my printer out/through a window. For a good few years I've been using an Epson XP 312 all in one for wifi printing and scanning without a problem. I use a Macbook (Catalina), Ipad and Iphone for wireless printing. A couple...
  15. Slugsy01

    WiFi mesh advice in old thick bricked house

    Hi there I live in a house that has internal, thick brick walls which is probably about 2,000 square ft overall. We have Virgin broadband that gives us up to 250 mbps and the router is in the livingroom with the furthest away room being the kitchen which is effectively 3 walls away. We have...
  16. S

    Sky over WiFi?

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked before... I have a Sky HD+ 1tb box in GF living room, connected via HDMI to Sony TV. Is there a way of watching and/or controlling (I guess controlling is not possible) Sky in the bedroom, directly above? In our previous house, I had a coax amp & splitter...
  17. jefflad

    Asus RT-AC1200G+ Router throttling wifi

    So.... We have Virgin Broadband and have had various speeds with no issue, however we've moved from 350Mbps to 500Mbps and the speeds on speediest haven't changed, still showing around 300Mbps. Connecting my MacBook to the router directly gives me speeds over 520Mbps, the router should give me...
  18. JabbaNut

    MECOOL KM6 Classic Amlogic S905X4 Android 10.0 TV Box 2GB/16GB 4K HDR ATV 2T2R WiFi Bluetooth 4.2

    For presale on Geekbuying https://www.geekbuying.com/item/MECOOL-KM6-Amlogic-S905X4-Android-10-0-TV-Box-2GB-16GB-427149.html Also on Gearbest buy I no longer consider Gearbest a safe place buy from, anymore !
  19. B

    Wanted Black BT complete wifi disc wanted.

    Black BT complete wifi disc wanted.
  20. N

    Question Help with improving my home WiFi

    Hi folks, looking to complete my home WiFi setup and ensure there are decent speeds around the house. I currently have: Asus RT ac68u Asus RT ac86u Both are used as individual wireless access points connected via ethernet to my home network and internet (talk talk router with wireless turned...
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