wifi 6

  1. M

    orbi, huawei ax3 - wifi router advice needed

    Hi all - am in the UK with broadband supplied by vodafone. Using their modem router in the ground floor of the house and upsatirs I was using an old router which lately I have replaced with the Huawei AX3 quad code wifi6 in bridge mode. a month later I was given a set of used netgear ORBI...
  2. D

    WiFi 6 set up on asus router. Also fire stick help please

    Looking for help setting up WiFi 6 on asus router any help guys please
  3. Franky1971

    Wifi 6 dongle for tv

    Just gone from a 60mb fttc broadband connection to gigabit fttp and speeds are up from 50mbps to 950mbps symmetrical so couldn't be happier with the connection itself. The ISP supplied router (Tp link archer xr 500v) is a bare bones Wifi 5 router so I've upgraded to a Wifi 6 Asus RT-AX86U and...
  4. ahaydock

    Cable For Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 Backhaul

    I have the Netgear Nighthawk WiFi 6 Mesh system running with no major issues but am currently renovating so going to run some cables around the place whilst I can easily. My question is I’ll create a wired ethernet backhaul between my main and satelittle node, but what cable should I use? I...
  5. moneybanks77

    WIFI 6 setup/router advice

    Hi everyone, Looking for some advice regarding upgrading to wifi 6 infrastructure. I currently have 500mb broadband with Virgin and use the SH3 in modem mode with a netgear nighthawk R7000 router. I have around 35 devices linked to the network with 5 connect via ethernet. What would be the...
  6. Storry

    Cinema room - Where to start?

    Hi everyone, we are currently waiting on a decision with our planning application to remodel our family home, which will include sort some sort cinema/games room. I have some 10 year old B&W CM8's, CM2's, a CMC, BK Electronics Monolith Plus sub and some other bits including a Pioneer amp and a...
  7. Getinthehole!

    Wifi network in home and two outbuildings? Mesh / Wifi 6 confused?

    Hoping you can help out an old timer here. We have built a new garden office alongside another outbuilding which is currently on a TP link powerline which loses half the data along the way. We have just installed two Cat6a Ethernet cable to both out buildings and have a BT hub router in the...
  8. saguk1234

    Question Which printer with wifi 5 5ghz or wifi 6?

    I am trying to move away from using 2.4ghz wifi. Does anyone know of a printer that uses 5ghz or wifi 6?
  9. lee1980

    Wifi 6 mesh systems

    I have been looking at mesh systems for an age, now and every time I look seems to be new ones. Now I see there are wifi 6 ones out. Is it worth getting for future proofing when more items we buy can do wifi 6? I want to keep router we have for and get a 2/3 piece mesh system, not anything to...
  10. A

    Best wifi 6 router

    I've been researching wifi 6 routers. For every good review there is a bad one. I want to run my virgin sh3 in model mode. With bf coming up I was hoping to pick one up. Can anyone recommend a good one and what to avoid or look out for?
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