1. O

    Question Wi-fi 6 router recommendations

    I am signed up to BT’s gigabit FTTP service and find the service excellent. However, I have a couple of Wi-fi 6 compatible devices which would benefit even greater by using a Wi-fi 6 (AX) router. The smart hub 2 provided by BT doesn’t support this. Can anyone recommend a good router to switch...
  2. M

    Question Weird Wi-Fi problem

    I I have a BT business hub downstairs and a Tp LInk extender upstairs (big old house with 3 people WFH). I have the same SID set on both boxes. So what happens is.. you can connect to the Wi-Fi downstairs and upstairs no problem. However fairly frequently some devices will lose connection...
  3. JoshsDad

    For Sale iPad Pro 9.7 32Gb Wi-Fi

    iPad Pro 9.7 in Rose Gold. Almost mint condition apart from a very small mark on the rear casing near the Apple logo and a very light mark on the screen two thirds up on the right side. I’ve tried to show the mark on the screen but the camera won’t pick it up. It is only visible at certain...
  4. itsnotarace

    For Sale iPad Pro 10.5" Wi-Fi 512Gb

    As per the title, I am selling my iPad Pro 10.5 inch Wi-Fi model with 512Gb of storage (2017 model.). It is in full working order and in excellent condition. It's had a case on since i got it and I can't find any scratches or dents anywhere on it including the screen. It comes boxed with the...
  5. S

    For Sale iPad Pro (10.5-inch) Wi-Fi 256GB

    iPad Pro (10.5 inch) Wi-Fi 256GB Space Grey Excellent condition (for full disclosure I have spotted a slight mark on the edge of the case which is difficult to see or photo)
  6. kah22

    Question Using Wi-fi instead of rooftop aerial

    I’ve had some trouble with my rooftop aerial for a few weeks now: mostly it’s a reasonably decent picture other times well lest said.. Anyway during this period I’d prefer not to have strangers in my home so I’m wondering can I watch tv using my internet. I know that I can watch it on my...
  7. herespaulo

    Wireless router or wi-fi range extender?

    I currently have my modem connected upstairs. My PS4 in on the main level, and while the signal strength is ok, I'm hoping to improve it. I was originally looking at a wi-fi range extender/repeater, but since my modem isn't a dual-band, I'm not sure if this is a good solution. So now I'm...
  8. M

    Printer can't connect to MESH wi-fi

    Hi, I've just installed a Tenda Nova MESH network and disabled my virgin wireless broadcasts. Everything connects fine except my HP Photosmart Printer which for some reason has picked up two networks presumeably because there's two Tenda Nova units and won't connect to either. I've updated my...
  9. D

    Anyone know much about the TCL panel lottery?

    I just purchased a 75 in TCL 6 series r615 from Best Buy. The reviews from Rting convinced me. anyways it looks stunning. But it seems to have even coloration. I’ll post a pic of a gray screen. Also when I do a nits brightness test from YouTube,I can’t tell when it goes from 400 to 1000 even...
  10. B

    49PUS6561 Not connecting to Wi-Fi

    Hello, I have a problem with my TV not connecting to Wi-Fi, but only in the morning. Every morning I have to go into settings and connect to Wi-Fi. And then the whole day is connected fine, even if i turn it off and on again it connects automatically. That started to happen when I got a new...
  11. L

    New Kef LSXs .... no connection to Wi-Fi

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help. I cannot connect my new LSXs to Wi-Fi. Following all processes, resetting the speakers, and still nothing. When I go to make a search in the Kef Control app, it's almost like the app doesn't even bother searching – it immediately says no speakers are available...
  12. A

    Mobile wi-fi connecting to TP DECO MESH

    Hi my partner and I live in a private development that isn't connected to our closest exchange and is still on copper. Ultimately BT can't provide us with broadband that meets our families requirements during this Covid-19 lock down. My partner has mobile broadband in the form of Vodafone...
  13. B

    Basic Guide on Installing an Wi-Fi Extender

    I was at the top of my computing game in the 70s and 80s before the days of the internet, but am totally blanked by the current technology. I need some basic help! My BT wi-fi router is in my house. Fine. I have a concrete garage cum workshop. Not so fine - no wi-fi signal. I installed a mains...
  14. toon10

    Question Wi-Fi speaker(s) solution for summer house

    Hi, I have various music solutions throughout my house but struggling to decide on what to get for my newly built summer house. I have a proper Hi-Fi solution in my kitchen/family room and I have a B&W Zeppelin Air in my lounge which is more like what I am after for summer house. It's a bit...
  15. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung 8K QLED flagship TV Wi-Fi 6 certified

    Samsung’s Q950TS 8K QLED models for 2020 have been granted Wi-Fi 6 certification, marking the first time the Wi-Fi Alliance has awarded a TV its latest wireless standard. Read the news.
  16. K

    SONOS Move owners: Your opinions please!

    Any SONOS Move owners on this forum? I'm looking to get one of these for my niece, her 30th birthday is coming up. It would be a joint gift from me and a couple of other family members. Keen to know what any forum members who own one think of it? I've read reviews and watched some YouTube...
  17. JabbaNut

    How Ars tests Wi-Fi gear (and you can, too)

    How Ars tests Wi-Fi gear (and you can, too) " After our review of Google's Nest Wi-Fi kit last fall, we received an unexpected request: Ars reader GerbilMagnus hopped into the comments and asked for an explainer about how we test Wi-Fi. Machination minutiae hadn't necessarily struck us as...
  18. O

    Question No internet, Should i still get Wi-Fi?

    Simple question, If my internet goes down should I still get Wi-Fi from the router to connect to my local devices NAS, Streamers etc. I am asking because my internet has gone down briefly over the weekend but my Netgear Nighthawk is not even showing as an option in device settings so as to...
  19. E

    Wi-fi connection to traditional hi-fi amplifier?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I currently have an old traditional hi-fi separates system which is still working fine. These days, however, I mainly use it to play mp3s. I have an external USB drive connected to a pc with my mp3 collection on it and that is shared over my wi-fi...
  20. D

    Wi-Fi Extension advice sought

    I have a BT Smart Hub Router (working with 300Mb broadband) in an Ground Floor understairs cupboard, which provides a decent enough signal to run most tech in the House however, I have a Hive Thermostat in my First Floor Bedroom which keeps dropping its connection to the Router. My Son has an...
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