1. C

    For Sale Something for everyone! NEOS cameras, Echo Dot V2 and V3, Nest Protect V2 battery, Shure Reference Studio headphones, Netgear USB Wi-Fi dongle, Module

    Hi all, Following on from a house move I'm having a bit of a clear out. 1. 2x NEOS SmartCam WiFi security Cameras. Used for a little over a year and work perfectly. They come boxed with all accessories from what I can see. £45 for the pair. 2. Echo Dot v2. Used but in perfect condition. It's...
  2. S

    For Sale Ipad 8th Gen 10.2 32gb - Wi-Fi and Cellular - Space Grey

    Boxed with charger and case. Not getting the use it deserves
  3. phileas fogg

    For Sale ASUS RT-AX82U 5400 Dual Band + Wi-Fi 6 Gaming Router

    As title, was using this as a wireless AP as its wireless is brilliant on it. Have gone all UNIFI so its all intergrated. Fully boxed, Asking £120 posted
  4. F

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 128GB 6GB RAM, Wi-Fi, 10.5in - Black

    Hi, I have a black Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (128GB) Wi-Fi for sale. This is the 6GB RAM version, unlike the 64GB base model which only has 4GB. Was brought from 4Gadget around late March of this year. It comes with a generic box and charging cable, and the condition of the tablet is overall around...
  5. S

    For Sale 2021 iPad 10.2-inch iPad, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 64G - Space Grey (9th Generation)

    Brand new and sealed. Purchased in October. Never got round to using it
  6. K

    For Sale iPad Pro 11-inch (MTXP2B/A)- Silver, Wi-Fi, 64GB with Smart Keyboard Folio

    Details: Ipad comes in original box with original unused USB-C cable and USC-C power adapter. Battery Health is good @ 92% The Folio keyboard comes with original box and has always been used to ‘protect’ the device (actually makes it easier to surf on the arm of the chair !) Condition: Ipad is...
  7. O

    Problems with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Worth Changing Channel Number

    Hi, Just lately my MatrixAudio Elements I ( 12 feet away from the router ) and HP Envy 4527 ( 20 feet away from router ) have been losing their wireless connection to the TalkTalk router, with the result of either unplugging and plugging back in to establish connection or reseting the router...
  8. S

    Using a satellite dish for Wi-Fi signal

    Hi. Thanks in advance for any replies. I have a trailer in a seasonal RV park. The trailer is permanent in that we don’t take it on the road. There’s a Wi-Fi hotspot provided by the park but the signal is weak at my site. I have line-of-sight to the hotspot. I also have an Archer C9 router...
  9. 2techsystems

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 SM-X700 256GB, Wi-Fi, 11 in - Graphite. - Brand New

    I have two of the following for sale Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 SM-X700 256GB, Wi-Fi, 11 in - Graphite. Brand New boxed, S-pen and charging cable Included in the box Looking for £525 Each or a deal done if taking both. Prefer collection from staffordshire are so buyer can see item first. Only...
  10. Recall

    No signal on server - Wi-Fi - LG C1

    So just turned the TV back on this morning and it’s connected to Wi-Fi but says no signal on server. Any ideas why it is doing this? A reboot of the router has fixed. But this is only 2nd day of ownership, don’t want to be doing that every morning!
  11. G


    I have 3 different lg tv’s and am getting the same problem on all three. I have them linked to echo dots which works great till you ask it to turn off the tv. Once the tv is turned off, the Wi-Fi signal is lost and therefore you can’t ask echo to turn it back on. What you have to do is, turn the...
  12. JT84x

    Does the LG SP9YA have Wi-Fi Interference with Orbi routers?

    Similar to many people here, when I had Google Nest Wifi, the LG soundbar I had would interfere with the router which caused my WiFi to become incredibly slow This caused me to return the bar. Does anyone have/had this setup and can confirm as to whether or not the issue is present with Orbi...
  13. sugarpixel

    PS5 refuses to connect to Wi-Fi at exactly 2AM every day

    I’m not 100% sure what time it comes back on since I usually have switched to my phone hotspot—which my PS5 will connect to for some reason. All other devices in my house can connect to the router but my PS5. It just started happening recently. Yes I have tried restarting my router and yes I...
  14. S

    Can Bluetooth and Wi-Fi be switched off on lg oled48a16la

    Hi, first of all, hello to everyone. Just joined the community! As the title, is there any way I can disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth… This is easier enough on my Sony Bravia 50x89j Driving me mad, help appreciated
  15. M

    Wi-Fi Mesh and Powerline adaptor

    I am considering putting a mesh Wi-Fi setup in my property and I am not sure about the following. When using a mesh system you have to turn off the wireless part of the existing router and use the mesh as the Wi-Fi router. However I currently get Wi-Fi coverage in the garage by using TP-Link...
  16. HiFiRuss71

    Extending Wi-fi to Tiny House in Garden

    Hi, I need a bit of urgent help to reliably connect a Tiny House (think George Clarke's Amazing Spaces) to the home broadband. The TH is essentially a timber frame filled with foil backed phenolic insulation and whilst you may get a decent enough signal at the house from the Google Nest WiFi...
  17. Goooner

    Toyota In car Wi-Fi Question

    Just taken delivery of my new company car a Toyota Prius Excel, how do I connect the Wi-Fi? In my previous car, same model, I just used to connect my personal hotspot on my phone to the car. I can do the same on this one, but it forgets the network whenever the engine is off, whereas the old...
  18. R

    Stereo Amp with Wi-Fi - £500

    Hi All, Firstly I must apologise for my indecisiveness (multiple threads started by me in different forums), because after much procrastination I have decided to go down the stereo route. Just a quick refresher – I listen to all my music from the YouTube website accessed on my laptop and...
  19. J

    Can Wi-Fi mesh connect to Ethernet switch

    Hi, I wanting Wi-Fi mesh for my home. The lounge has several device’s (TV, cctv nvr, Virgin v6) which are connected to a ethernet switch via powerline adapter (Virgin Media hub upstairs). Is it possible to put a mesh unit in the lounge, connect it to the Ethernet switch and receive internet via...
  20. Beancounter

    Firestick 4K Wi-Fi Problem?

    I have a couple of Firestick 4K. Recently while trying to connect to certain apps it either hangs and flags up wifi issues or takes a while before eventually connecting. I've checked everything, restarted the sticks several times, Wi-Fi is full strength and there are no apparent issues. Can...
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