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  1. J

    xbox x which tv?

    currently on an 43inch Sony Bravia that is about 8 years old along with a Yamaha Yas soundbar around the same age. looking to upgrade to something worthy of the Xbox. main uses will be watching freeview tv through a BT box and streaming Amazon Iplayer etc along with casual gaming. i think around...
  2. S

    Which tv

    Hi I currently have the Lg 55C7 with a Yamaha YSP2500 soundbar and I’m looking to upgrade.Can’t decide between the Samsung S95B oled with a Q800b soundbar or the Philips 936. Any more suggestions greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  3. Edimundo

    Many doubts about which tv to buy 55q85r(55q85r), 55q80a, 65q90a, Panasonic 65hx940

    Hello everyone. First of all, sorry for my English. This is my first post. I have, right now, the opportunity to buy these TVs, some are second hand and some are new. My intention is to watch movies with the dark light. I am not very demanding, but I like them to be of good quality. One of my...
  4. Welby1107

    Which TV and Which Size

    WE currently have a Sony Bravia KDX 55" - looking to replace with something newer Used in a very light large room with big windows - Standard Terrestrial Sky viewing and we already have a soundbar - We have an Android TV box also connected , most viewing at night and weekends We never use...
  5. B

    Which TV?

    Hi I am looking to buy a new 65" TV to be put on a TV unit in the living room. Ive looked at various reviews on here and the internet and have found it even more complicated to choose a set! (so many!) At present I have a Samsung UE49KS8000 & a HW-K450 soundbar which I bought after reading...
  6. S

    Which TV would be better?

    Hello, I was looking at these two tv's, and I was just wondering which one is the better of the two. SAMSUNG UE32T5300CKXXU 32" TOSHIBA 32LL3C63DB 32"
  7. ffssmarco58

    Which tv

    i have the choice of 2 tvs to buy which one is the better option Panasonic TX-65HZ980B Hisense U8G
  8. K

    Which TV - 65U8QF vs KD-65XH95

    Hi, I consider buying KD-65XH95, but, as it is above my budget (£1100) I need to wait for the price to drop. Meanwhile I've been reading a lot about 65UQF and it looks like a great TV. I wonder if I should wait for Sony to match my budget or buy Hisense right now. Any ideas? I watch VOD mainly...
  9. P

    Which TV? Samsung, Philips, or LG?

    Hi, I've been eyeing these TVs: Samsung UE50TU8072 for 400€, Philips 50PUS7805 for 430€, LG 50UN7300 or 49UM7400 both for 450€. Which would be the best one in your opinion, and why?
  10. rodduz

    Which TV would you buy?

    Mother inlaw is after a new TV, her husband bought the current one and she doesn't like it because tis too big (60 inch). She wants a 43" one and the stand must be in the middle not a stand at each end...
  11. R

    Which tv?

    Hi, I'm new here but have been reading a lot in the forum I am wanting to purchase a new tv for the bedroom, I'm looking for a 58" or a 65". I'm wanting to have Dolby Vision and HDR+ and leaning towards a VA panel rather than IPS. I have been looking at Hisense, Panasonic, TCL etc The Panasonic...
  12. I

    Question Which TV for bright room/wide viewing angles?

    Hi I need a new TV, size will be minimum 75 inches maybe even 85 if I go mad. It's in a room which can get quite bright. The most extreme viewing angle is about 40 degrees. (I'm assuming the viewing angle is from the centre of the screen?) Would appreciate some advice on which makes/model...
  13. ReplicantL10

    Question Hisense U8Q 65"

    I see this TV comes quite highly recommended and is hovering around the £1000 mark. Is it likely to be available cheaper come black Friday? If so how much do you reckon? Thanks.
  14. Markwilko1

    Question Which TV is best for me?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a new tv with a budget of around £800 I am after a 65 inch one which will be compatible with the new Xbox series X, so preferably has: Hdmi 2.1, 4k, HDR. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  15. snappyfish

    New TV for my Dad

    My Dad has linked this to me, I've not followed much recently is this a good deal can anyone recommend anything around same price or possibly up to £500? Thanks https://ao.com/product/ue49ru7300-samsung-ru7300-tv-black-67778-108.aspx
  16. K

    Yet another which TV thread ! (sorry)

    I'm in the fortunate position of having to choose a replacement TV from Richer Sounds due to my current 3 year old LG being beyond economic repair and I have £600 credit buring a large TV shaped hole in my pocket. I know better than to ask which is the best TV per se but as I'm out of touch...
  17. CrownClown67

    Question Which tv : 43PUS7805 or 43PUS8505 for black and gaming PS3?

    Hi, I plan to buy 43 inch screen (it cannot be bigger) and I read on displayspecification that 7805 has mVA screen. And I wonder if is this accurate. Link:42.5" Philips 43PUS7805/12 - Specifications What I really want is : nice black (hope VA will deliver this, IPS in my old samsung didn't)...
  18. Donut12

    Question Which TV do you recommend for 1900£ ?

    Hi As in the description I'm looking for a TV to 1900£. I am a bit afraid of OLED because of burning. I work at home, so the TV goes from morning to evening often on news channels. I'm looking for TV over 65 inches. I'm waiting for your recommendations. Regards
  19. nesbit uk

    Question Which TV for the upcoming consoles?

    A friend of mine is after a new TV to go along with the upcoming consoles. He's looking for a 65", bells and whistles, and must support the newest Sonos gear too. "Anyone going to volunteer being an expert on televisions. Trying to figure out if I have to buy the LG CX model or a C9 will be...
  20. F

    Question Help which tv with £700 to spend

    Hello all My current tv had had it and over the last few weeks been looking at a replacement,however the more I read the further away from making a decision I am. I was hoping if I let you know what I want out of a tv if you could point me in the right direction and save me from going around...
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