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  1. M

    65" inch battle! - Sony A90J vs Panasonic JZ2000 - which one is best for HD (1080p) and UHD (4K) ???

    In a 65" inch panel battle! - Sony A90J vs Panasonic JZ2000 - which one is best for HD (1080p) and UHD (4K) ??? Anyone compared the two side by side? Phil / Steve - will you guys be reviewing both of these sets (and ideally be comparing them)???
  2. S

    Well which one

    I really want to get a 65" but Im spending too much time looking. Im done with reading the reviews and checking this and that on everything. Id like some 2.1 HDMI as probably will get a PS5 at some point (not for me, my kids, i will just watch normal tv/films) but want longevity from a new tv...
  3. BertoM3

    Which ones would you choose? Help me...

    Hi there! Im thinking about to buy my first Home Cinema AV Receiver and 5.1 Speakers set... but... which ones? From cheap to expensive (for my wallet): 1) POLKAUDIO S10E for the Fronts / POLKAUDIO S35e for de center and POLKAUDIO OW M3 for rear. 2) KLIPSCH THEATRE pack or KLIPSCH QUINTET. 3)...
  4. musman39

    A71 Series or B71 Series, which one is better?

    I am thinking about buying a new TV and I locked on Hisense as it appeared to be more cost effect. Now I am facing a dilemma here, to buy which model? Currently both the 50" B7100 and 50" A7120 are being sold at the same price and on the hisense website, I couldn't find any differences in these...
  5. R

    Question 4K UHD Player - Which one?

    Hi All Sorry if this is a lazy question but I've just ordered a new 5.1.2 system and want UHD player to go with it, there seems to be a lot out there and some of it looks a bit ludicrously priced? I just want something that outputs a clean unaltered signal both for sound (for my receiver to...
  6. J

    Question Sony A8 or AG9 vs Panasonic HZ1500 Which one

    Looking to upgrade my current Panasonic EZ952B to a 65inch model. The three selected have been chosen as I wish to avoid a sound bar. The chosen TV will be situated in a corner of a room that measures 15ft x 11ft with viewing distances of 8ft & 11ft. Question is will the Panasonic ATMOS audio be...
  7. Paul MC007

    Galaxy S10 v S10 Lite: Which one?

    Hi all Wonder if anyone can help? I'm in the market for a new phone. Previously always had Samsung Galaxy's 'S' series (currently on the S7 edge). Now, I can't quite justify the contract monthly costs for the S20, so I've kind of narrowed down my search to the regular S10 or S10 lite. I really...
  8. X

    Which one is better?

    Hello, Ive been struggling with this decision for a week now. The two TVs in question are: 1. Philips 70PUS7304 - 70inch 2. LG UM7180 - 75inch My initial choice was the LG but im just not sure, thoughts?
  9. Malcolm142

    Question Which one? Yamaha YSP2700 or LG SL8Y

    I am looking to buy my first soundbar to go with new Panasonic 55 GX950, Sky Q box and Blu-ray player. Not likely to extend further devices Narrowed it down to two soundbars YSP2700 has had some very good reviews in the past but is about 4 years old. Surround sound seems to work but does not...
  10. snowy2004

    Question New desktop for my friend - which one to choose ?

    Hi, My friend has asked me for advice between two systems he is looking at and i'm not totally sure which to advise as one is £1000 more expensive, is probably better quality BUT is it a grand better ? He is trying to choose between : Medion Erazer X30 DT Core i7-9700, 8GB RAM.1TB Hard Drive &...
  11. 1

    which one ? C9 OR CX

    I'm divided between the 65C9 or 65 CX The CX is better than the C9. I have a C8 55 and I want to buy a 65 .... I will find many differences between the CX and C9?
  12. M

    Question new oled tv - which one

    Hi there, been discussing here some TVs and now, would like to buy successor to my LG 55b7 oled tv (will pass it within family), I thought that I would go for 65inch one, but made decision that 55inch will by ok for now. So, what do I want/what matters to me: - picture quality and movement...
  13. JohnProton

    Emotiva XPA-DR2 or Emotiva Gen 3 Modular which one for 250 watt speakers?

    I have heard the Emotiva Gen 3 and it was good. my pre amp is the Emotiva XSP-1 and I have a Yamaha receiver but I just want two channels for music and I have Focal 926 speakers 40-250 watts but which of these two amps will sound better or will there be no difference between the two at moderate...
  14. S

    Hopefully Interesting "Which one" question: Samsung Q70 VS TCL 6

    Please note: both TCL are the 2018 version. TCL 6 series 55 inch with voice remote: $420.00 TCL 6 series 65 inch no voice remote: $499.00 Samsung Q7DR (Costco version of the Q70 with the beefed up 60 w speakers:) $800.00 I was fully prepared to buy the 2018 55 inch TCL, but these other prices...
  15. Stevienotts

    Question 40inch tv which one

    My son has recently moved out and is looking for a new 40 inch tv to purchase for his new home The living room is not that big so a 40 inch is about as big as he could fit without looking out of place. So I’m looking for recommendations for a tv around that size maybe grabbing a bargain in the...
  16. T

    Question Which one of these TVs has the best picture quality?

    Hello, which one of these TVs would be the best in terms of picture quality for 4k content and also 1080p upscaling? Philips 50PUS7334 Sony KD49XG8396 Hisense 50U7B
  17. G

    65” TV - BUT WHICH ONE?

    My budget is £1000 to £1500. Size is 65”. Use, all sports especially golf and football, Sky, DVD’s. Which TV is the best one please?
  18. S

    Question Which 50” FHD tv - Dodge please help

    Good Evening all, Reading Dodge’s previous forum replies/posts I think the best option for me is a 50” FHD over a UHD 4K model due to the type of media/outputs I would mainly view. The question is which one: Samsung M5500 or; Sony WF753 Viewing angles are not an issue and 50” is the largest...
  19. M1K33EE

    Question Yamaha YSP5600 or Onkyo LS7200 - which one??

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and would like some advice to help me choose which system I should buy to go with my new OLED TV. I currently have a Bose Cinemate GS II 2.1 system and it just isn’t up to the job anymore, especially now we have Dolby ATMOS and DTSX amongst other audio...
  20. stuart1976

    HISENSE 55U7A or LG 55UK6400PLF, which one?

    As thread title. Will be used for Sky Q, PS4 Gaming (Not Pro, but will be eventually), Blu-Ray (HD and Ultra HD), and streaming services. Both within my budget and seem to be getting good reviews. Any users on here have any advise?
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