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  1. V

    What to buy - 40"-43" - no aerial or cable connection.

    Need a 40-43" tv in a room with no aerial or cable etc connection. So it is to be used purely via wifi/ethernet. Want access to main TV channels eg freeview. Need netflix/ prime video. Not needed for gaming or anything like that. I've tried to look at various options but I think I'm right that...
  2. D

    No idea what to buy. Help me with recommendations please.

    With a failing hard drive on my iMac, I’m looking at possible long term solutions and could do with some advice as to what’s best for my needs. Sorry for the many questions as I'm very new to this sort of stuff! I’ll be getting a MacBook that I want to back up regularly (probably best to use...
  3. anobium

    New 43i TV what to buy?

    My old TV is faulty and I'm getting a new 43 I TV that I mostly use for pc use/gaming, been browsing and apart from the lg oleds th Sony 89j seems.to be the front runner with decent contrast and hdmi 2.1, any other opinions I would entertain, thanks.
  4. $

    Time to replace my 10y old plasma - what to buy?

    Hi All, Well after 10 years, RIP samsung-ps59d6900. It served me well and it was a wonderful (picture and built quality). I now need to but a new TV, I need recommendations please as for 10 years I have not looked at TVs and have no idea about the technologies in todays TVs.... It will be a my...
  5. C

    Upgrades - But what to buy - Advice greatly appreciated

    Afternoon all, I'm looking at buying some new speakers, preferably an Atmos setup. I will need up-firing as I'm not cutting holes in the ceiling I've come across either the Klipsch R-625FA or the R-820F Has anyone had an experience with these? The budget is up to £2.5k give or take, prefer...
  6. F

    What to buy now

    Hi all, well its finally time to say goodbye to my old Onkyo tx Sr 606 which has finally given up the ghost after many years faithful service and with it will go my infinity speaker set up....So the budget is not huge....whats the best blue tooth cable free amp and speaker set up to replace it...
  7. Melo7

    What to buy? - LG BX 65" or LG CX 55"

    Hello, I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I keep going back and forth what to buy, but it seems I cannot decide. I'll use the tv mostly for Sport broadcasts (1080i with some 4K broadcasts), movies and tv series (mostly 4K) with captions on and some casual gaming and the room where I'm going to place...
  8. Harkon321

    Acoustically Transparent 106" - Bat Cave - What to buy?

    Nearing the time I need to buy the screen for my new room. Fully light controlled and black fabric walls. Any recommendations on where to buy from or what to buy? Think 106" is right, after 2.5m wide. Projector will be Epson 9400 or a JVC down the line. My current screen is a living room...
  9. A

    Is a budget 3.1 bar worth it, as I have no idea what to buy?

    I am afraid this is another "what should I buy" thread. My Samsung HW-J355 seems to have died, turning off after a minute with a PROT error. In hindsight I should have known something was wrong as I seemed to need the volume louder, but genuinely thought it was my hearing going! I never chose...
  10. Evilswine

    Can't decide what budget TV to buy for PS5

    I am currently in the market for a new 55' 4K TV, especially with lots of sales going on. Mostly i want to play on PS5 with some Netflix/Disney+ from time to time. So i already did some research and came up with a few options that are on sale right now, and checking the price history these...
  11. B

    Question Best low end 55" circa £/€400

    Hey guys, I have a maximum budget of circa €400 and I'm looking for a good budget 50" tv for my bedroom. I live in Ireland, so recommendations would have to be able to ship here. I'm looking at this tv at the moment philips 50pus7805/12 As this is a second tv, I don't need top end features...
  12. Harkon321

    IR Repeater for 2 Denon AVRs? What to buy?

    I will be setting up two Denon AVRs on an AV rack at the back of my room. serving two adjacent rooms. (Denon Neither will have line of sight from seating to the AVRs but both are relatively short distances 1m and 4m. There are so many different IR repeaters on Amazon etc - will they all...
  13. bwfc0907

    Question What to buy?

    Hi I am looking to update my current Samsung Home Cinema set up. I would like it to support Dolby Atmos. I am looking to spend around £800 but can stretch a bit more if needed on receiver and speakers and would like some recommendations. I will be connecting Sky Q Apple TV Xbox Series X My TV...
  14. C

    Question What to buy?

    Hi all. I wanna upgrade my 40 inch 1080p TV to a bigger, brighter set, 50 to 55 inches. I'm thinking to go with a va panel as I'm not too bothered about wide viewing angles. Viewing distance will be within 2 metres. I don't watch TV regularly, so I don't feel like I can justify paying so much...
  15. M

    10m Phono Cable - What to buy and what not to buy?

    I've just treated myself to a BK Monolith Plus, it's going to need to be located in a different location to my existing sub, as there's simply not room for it anywhere else. That means I'll need to feed it with a 10m lead. What should I be looking for in a cable, I don't want to go overboard...
  16. O

    Not sure what to buy

    I love a quality tech experience and I'd like to get a new TV, mainly because I want a bigger screen and something that'll be bright enough to deal with light in my room. My main usage is watching blu ray content and gaming from time to time. It's no secret that the jump from 1080p to 4k isn't...
  17. J

    Question Hi all, I'm thinking of fitting a Bluetooth device to my Kenwood series 21 system, I'm not sure what to buy or how to fit it, any help would be greatl

    Hi all, I'm thinking of fitting a Bluetooth device to my Kenwood series 21 system, what would be the best device to buy and fit, simple plug and play is the way for me,as I'm not very electronically minded, any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks john
  18. A

    My first home! What to buy? How to set up?

    Hey everyone, thank you all for taking the time to help me create the best entertainment room in my new home with my fiancé. We moved in together shortly before the covid lockdown. I hope you all had an easy time and are all happy n healthy. Anyway, I’m a big gamer, and he is an audiophile. We...
  19. domik

    Question What to buy around $5000 (stereo / streamer / TV connection)

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance of what to buy around mentioned price tag. I'm listening rock + sometimes classic like 2Cellos or chillout. I have already listened to multiple cheaper solutions just to throw a bit more money to get more (MA Bronze 500 / DALI Oberon 7 + NAD 368). This is...
  20. A

    What to buy...?

    Hi brains trust, I'm upgrading my home theatre and need some help on making a decision on upgrading my speakers. Currently I'm running the Accusound PS100 5.1 setup off a Yamaha RX-V1067 amp. We're redoing the room and in keeping it neater, I'm wanting to go in wall and in ceiling. I've had a...
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