1. Googolplex

    Wharfedale Sub Issue

    Hey guys, I bought a Wharfedale DX1-HCP 5.1 package for £100 off eBay, everything arrived in time and in great quality, the speakers are fine, but the subwoofer has to be ‘jump started’ essentially. I flip the on off switch and nothing happens, or maybe the standby light comes on for a sec...
  2. sonysean

    Wall brackets for Wharfedale Diamond 10.0's

    I've searched for a while but am struggling to find a definite answer on what wall brackets would be compatible for my Diamond 10.0 surround speakers. They're quite small, have two holes on the back which I'm guessing are for mounting and according to specs weigh about 3kg each. Would brackets...
  3. C

    Sony STRDN1080 and Wharfedale DX-2

    Hello, i purchased a Sony STRDN1080 and Wharfedale DX-2 + Yamaha NSIC 800 setup your run Dolby atmos with my LG C8 TV and the since I’ve had it, I have found it to have distortion at high volumes, a sort of crackling noise. I would almost compare it to a record scratching. When I first tested...
  4. S

    Budget AV receiver for Wharfedale DX2

    Hi Guys, I decided to take a first step into home cinema and got myself a set of Wharfedale DX2 5.1 speakers for a really good price secondhand from eBay. Now I'm looking for a budget AV receiver to pair them up with. My budget is a bit tight so I was wondering if the Yamaha HTR-2071 would be a...
  5. D

    Wharfedale Evo 4.4 speakers (particularly bi-amping them)

    Hi I thought I would share my thoughts on our new Wharfedale Evo 4.4 speakers. We received these speakers from Richer Sounds this week for what I now know is an absolute bargain price of £1199. First impressions were that they were indeed quite large. Luckily we have a reasonably large room to...
  6. J

    Wharfedale D300 3D - add to X2600H for Atmos?

    So I've just upgraded a bunch of my home cinema kit (with a lot of advice from people on here) and I've ended up with a Denon X2600H with Wharfedale Diamond 220's and and 11.CS attached, plus a couple of older rear surrounds that I'm happy with. The amp of course can do Atmos and 7.1 so I was...
  7. R

    Question Wharfedale DX2 Any Good?

    Looking for a reasonable price 5.1 speaker kit to start off my home cinema setup with. Are the Wharfedale DX2 any good or is my £365 better spent elsewhere?
  8. P

    Question Speaker and AVR Pair - 5.1 Wharfedale DX2 + Sony/Denon AVR?

    I've currently got a LG C9 65" and was planning to add a proper home cinema setup to it as I am using the TV speakers just now. I don't know very much about home cinema audio so I'm needing some help with the speaker and AVR choices. I'm not looking to spend an excess amount of money given...
  9. T

    Will Wharfedale 9 centre speaker do for my requirements

    Hi, just seeing if anyone has a more informed opinion on this than I would. I have Wharfedale 230 floor standing speakers and I'm moving to an AV amp to do the 5.1 thing. Ideally I'd like to pick up 220 centre speaker somewhere as it's from the same speaker range and same style. But can't find...
  10. M

    Which amplifier is best for the Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 HCP 5.1 Surround Speaker Package?

    Hello guys So this is the set I'm looking at buying https://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/66199/wharfedale-diamond-9-1-hcp-walnut-5-1-speaker-package/ Though I'm not sure exactly how powerful the amp would be to get the most out of the set.. here are the specs found in the above link...
  11. JMP47

    Question Onkyo txnr414 amp and Wharfedale DX2 5.1 speakers

    Hi all.. I am thinking about changing 5.1 speakers to Wharfdale DX2 system but a bit worried about impedance matching ???? My Onkyo TXNR414 spec states 6 to 16 ohm speakers to be used, and the Wharfedale's are 4 ohms, don't want to cause any problems and any advise would be really appreciated...
  12. K

    Adding a subwoofer to a 10 year old Denon PMA 355 stereo amplifier pre-out

    The speakers I have connected to the Denon PMA 355 amplifier are Wharfedale Diamond 220. I am quite happy but bass is somewhat lacking. The room size is 12 metres by 7 metres with the speakers sitting on each end of the 12 metres with the amplifier in the middle. The amplifier has a pre-out on...
  13. V

    Replacements for Wharfedale Diamond 122 (Budget: ~£1000)

    So my current setup is as follows: Centre: Wharfedale Diamond 220C Left/Right: Wharfedale Diamond 122 Subwoofer: Wharfedale Powercube SPC-10 Surround Left/Right: Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Ceiling Front Left/Right: Onkyo SKF-528 Ceiling Rear Left/Right: Onkyo SKF-528 Main AVR: Denon AVR-X4200...
  14. J

    Question Centre speaker for Diamond 220's - wait for 11CS or different brand?

    Just got a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 220s. On recommendations from here I ordered a Diamond 11CS to go with them. The 220s just turned up but then the store for the 11CS called today to tell me it's a month wait for the 11CS. There are white 11CS's out there but everything else on my home...
  15. Mutislav

    Speaker selection - help, Wharfedale Evo 4.1, Acoustic Energy AE300, Dynavoice Definition DM-6

    Hi, I need help choosing the front speakers. price max 600 € Wharfedale Evo 4.1 (or Evo 4.2) Acoustic energy AE300 DYNAVOICE Definition DM-6 Or some older Wharfedale My AV Receiver Denon AVR-X1600H DAB Room about 30m2, but I'm not used to listening to a large volume gain. Listening...
  16. P

    Question Wharfedale EVO4.3 vs ELAC Debut Reference DFR52

    Hi everyone, hope you and your family are healthy! I'm pretty new to this world and trying to choose between some Wharfedale EVO4.3 vs ELAC Debut Reference DFR52 to put my tiny bose Bluetooth speaker in a closet... My room is 10 x 12 feet hard floor opening to the rest of the house. Usage: 70%...
  17. Beaker 2016

    Question Wharfedale Delta 30's to Diamond 9.0's upgrade for old 2nd system??

    Hi, I'm going to use some old hi-fi as a second system in my new man cave probably a Kenwood 550D stereo amp with a Pioneer dvd as a cd transport, an amazon dot connected via phono to the amp and Wharfedale delta 30 speakers all very old I know would I get any benefit from changing the...
  18. Emil93

    Monitor Audio Silver 100/ Wharfedale 11.2 Review

    Creating this post to help others find insightful info, that cant audition this 2 speakers or just curious and share my take-on/ experience with this 2 particular speakers from an audiophile beginner/ music enthuziast/ lover to another, and also an acoustic guitar player. I am not an experienced...
  19. M

    Question Best budget floor speakers

    Tannoy eclipse 3 or wharfedale diamond 230? Very best budget audiophile speakers?? Which would be better sounding with punchier bass and clarity???
  20. BloodVyper

    Upgrading my Wharfedale Diamond 10.1's

    Hi all, I was looking to upgrade my Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 pair. They've been great for the past 4 years, but I want to take the next step now I have the budget. My budget is up to £500 for a speaker pair, I'd prefer "bang for buck" rather than "barely better sound for hundreds more", if you...
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