Wharfedale is one of the Yorkshire Dales in England. It is the upper valley of the River Wharfe. Towns and villages in Wharfedale (downstream, from west to east) include Buckden, Kettlewell, Conistone, Grassington, Hebden, Bolton Abbey, Addingham, Ilkley, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Otley, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Arthington, Collingham and Wetherby. Beyond Wetherby, the valley opens out and becomes part of the Vale of York.
The section from the river's source to around Addingham is known as Upper Wharfedale and lies in North Yorkshire and in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The first 15 miles or so is known as Langstrothdale, including the settlements of Beckermonds, Yockenthwaite and Hubberholme, famous for its church, the resting place of the writer J. B. Priestley. As it turns southwards, the Wharfe then runs through a green and lush valley, characterised by limestone outcrops, such as Kilnsey Crag, and woodland, generally quite unusual in the Dales.
Below Addingham, the dale broadens and turns to the east. This section is shared between North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire and includes the towns of Ilkley, Otley and Wetherby. The northern side of Lower Wharfedale, opposite Ilkley, Burley-in-Wharfedale and Otley, is in the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust has a remit to conserve the ecological condition of Wharfedale, Wensleydale, Swaledale and Nidderdale catchments from their headwaters to the Humber estuary.

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  1. V

    DX-2 replacement driver

    Hi Does anyone know were i can get a replacement driver for a wharfedale DX-2 satellite speaker ?it has D-972 printed on it and is 4 ohms.Searched google and plenty of other wharfedale drivers available but not D-972
  2. G

    To buy or not to buy?

    Hi folks, I'm toying with the idea of buying a new speaker bundle. At present I have the Jamo S426 HCS 3 & SUB 260 (Jamo S426 HCS 3 & SUB 260), these are connected to a Denon AVR 2300w, which is connected to a desktop PC (passthrough). I mainly use this for movies then music. I've been...
  3. Peyasp

    Denon x1700h and wharfedale Dx2

    I currently have a denon x1700h amp and 5.1 wharfedale dx2 speakers attached. Im looking to add some further wharfedale ceiling speakers to the set up. Any advice on what speakers to use?
  4. T

    Denon M41 + Wharfedale 12.1

    Hey! :) I'm hoping someone could possibly advise on the issue I'm having with my new Hifi setup and weather I need to replace my amp or look for other speakers. The issue is with my new speakers, the Wharfedale 12.1, they sound very "shouty" - The vocals are playing through a bit too much...
  5. Arfa

    Anyone tried the Wharfedale WCM 65 or 80 in-ceiling speakers?

    As per the title, has anyone tried, listened to or seen any reviews of the Wharfedale WCM 65 or 80 in ceiling speakers? I'm running Wharfedale Diamond 10's, planning to go to 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 in the near future and the WCM's seemed to be the only in-ceiling offering Wharfedale do. So, they seemed...
  6. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Wharfedale formally announces the Super Denton speaker & comments

    The new addition to its Heritage series made its public debut at the recent Bristol Show and is now officially prepped for a mid-March launch. Read the news.
  7. C

    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, bass replaced

    I'm thinking of buying a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers. The bass unit on one was apparently damaged and both have been replaced with Peerless sds p830656. The owner says they sound just as good, if not better than the originals. Any thoughts? They are inexpensive (under £30), but...
  8. Ugg10

    Wharfedale Super Denton

    Looks,like a Wharfedale are about to release the Super Denton. Another model in their “heritage” series. Looks like a three way with dome mid and a 6.5” woofer. Initial reports seems to suggest “lively and engaging” whatever that means. To be released on 4th March I think at £1000 which puts it...
  9. Nust19

    Question How do Wharfedale DS-2 speakers compare to Audioengine A1s

    Thinking about buying either Wharfedale DS-2 or Audioengine A1 speakers for Bluetooth audio but which is probably best?
  10. S

    Cambridge Audio Evo 150 & Wharfedale Evo 4.2 or Kef LS50 wireless 2's

    Good evening, Looking to create a streaming set up and have narrowed my choices down to either of the options in the title. Realise the KEF's would be approximately £650 cheaper, but would the sound be comparably not as good? I know sound is subjective, and it is each to their own, however...
  11. K

    Speaker tweeters

    Wharfedale diamond 9...can a tweeter be half broken? Listening to both I notice one speaker seems a little muffled. I have wired just to the tweeter an one is definitely less crisp and a little quieter. I have checked the cable phasing. Do can a tweeter half fail causing this? If the tweeter...
  12. S

    Marantz PM6004 to Wharfedale Diamond sub issue.

    Hello, Anyone suggest a reason why a cd played through my speakers/amp /sub woofer produces perfect sound while the same amp / turntable only produces sound through my speakers but not the sub ? Thanks for any advice
  13. K

    Wharfedale diamond 10.1 no sound from main speaker

    Hi The speakers have suddenly stopped working after continued use for about 3 hours The sound only comes from the tweeters. I have checked and changed the speaker wires and have also checked that the amp works with other speakers Are there any checks I can do to test them? The speaker...
  14. P

    Going from Q Acoustics 2010i to Wharfedale 4.1 evo for surrounds. Good upgrade?

    I was thinking of getting the Wharfedale 4.1 to replace my surrounds which are currently Q Acoustics 2010i Is this gonna be a good upgrade? My current 5.1 system is SBS 1000 Pro sub with Wharfedale 4.4 evo floor standing front speakers and a Wharfedale 4.2cs evo centre speaker. I’ve been...
  15. O

    How do Wharfedale Linton XP2 speakers compare to Kenwood SF-100s?

    I’ve been looking at a pair of Wharfedale Linton XP2 speakers to replace my Kenwood SF-100 speakers (primarily for the look of the cabinets!) and wondered how their performance would compare? I notice that the Wharfdales have a 50mm mid-range speaker and a 200mm woofer, compared to the...
  16. L

    Wharfedale Diamond 11.3 repairs?

    Hi. I’ve got a trusty pair of diamond 11.3’s as front speakers in my setup I’ve just moved house, and in the move one of the terminals on the back of one of the speakers has broken / been damaged so I am unable to connect the speaker wire to it. Is it possible to get his repaired / replaced...
  17. schizophonic

    Question Polk Audio OWM3 or Wharfedale D300 3D Black Surround Speaker

    Polk cost more for the pair but which one would you choose for a surround speaker? I've been reading up on some reviews on the polk and its really mixed, great on several sites, poor on several others. Can't find much online on the Wharfedale.
  18. S

    Issue with wharfedale diamond 9.1

    Hi all, 2 years ago I purchased my Denon AVR-X2700H and a set of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1, 9CS and SW150 as a new years treat. Within a month, I had an issue with one of the 9.1s where it sounded buzzy at certain frequencies, usual talking. They replaced the speakers, and worked fine since...
  19. K

    Sub for wharfedale 9.1

    Newbie here, I have diamond 9.1 front speakers and matching centre speaker. I want to add a sub , it's mostly for listening to music not movies. I can't find a decent matching sw150....can you recommend an alternative that could work well please
  20. tiruri

    Question Amp for Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 - so lost

    Hello, my current installation is the following. I have an old Logitech z-5500 and I have removed all the satellites, and I have connected the two Diamond 9.2 to it and the truth is that it is not bad in terms of power, but I understand that it could improve a lot, especially in terms of sound...
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