1. Googolplex

    For Sale SOLD 4 x Wharfedale DX-1 Speakers - PRICE DROP

    All speakers in perfect working order. Can be used as 2 pairs of stereo speakers. I used them as 4 surround speakers. Only light wear. No official boxes, just what you see here. Specifications: The DX-1 SE satellite speakers are the ideal size for quality home cinema. The two-way design...
  2. DeadEarsMate

    Question Wharfedale DX-2 - what crossover frequency works best?

    Hi, First post here, looking to hear from other DX-2 users on selecting best crossover frequency, mainly for movies, but music too. I just bought and installed the speakers with a Sony STR-DN1080, very pleased with the initial results, now looking to fine-tune it a bit. I read some reviews...
  3. Jorgeluisborges

    Question Opinions on centre pairing for Wharfedale Linton Heritage

    Hello! I’m lost in a rabbit hole - please help! I'm looking for help choosing a centre pair for some Linton Heritage speakers. I'm primarily a music listener - hence this choice, but I have recently got a projector screen and would like to upgrade my old logitech 5.1. I planned to buy a Denon...
  4. E

    Qacoustics 3050i v Wharfedale Linton Heritage

    My current system is: - Panasonic SX890 Stereo Receiver (1978) - 1970s Sony TT (this will eventually be replaced by a current model Rega Planar 6) - I've not yet purhased a CD player for it, but I'm going with the Marantz UK Edition CD6006. - My likely next purchase will be a DAC which...
  5. M

    For Sale Wharfedale SW150 & 5 Kef 2005.2 eggs

    Really nice condition Wharfedal SW150 subwoofer. Very lightly used In black wood. Looking for £100. 5x Kef 2005.2 surround sound speakers. 3 have the foot to stand on, 2 do not but have an attachment to fit to tall Kef stands (I do have a couple of these but they are in very poor condition)...
  6. R

    Sony STRDN1080 & Wharfedale DX2

    Hi. I had been looking into soundbars with rear speakers but the shape of the living area in my flat gave me concerns about rear speakers but having experimented with my old bar/rear speakers setup and after some initial concerns I've got used to them and have stopped bumping into the rear...
  7. NBrice

    Samsung HW-Q80R Soundbar or Wharfedale DX-2 Speaker Package?

    Basically I'm torn between two different options. I'm looking at getting rid of my large bookshelf speakers and this either means getting a soundbar, or getting more compact speakers to use with my existing Marantz NR1506 receiver. I've narrowed down to HW-Q80R or Wharfedale DX-2. The Q80 is...
  8. tvdavid

    How good are wharfedale crs 3p.2 speakers?

    this system was just given to me I am very lucky to have it I have another NAD 3020i in my bedroom with kev q1 speakers its a great amp
  9. steb9780

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's £50

    Selling my Diamond 9.1's, they are in very good condition. I have noticed a few tiny bubbles in the vinyl, but this was only while inspecting them before listing. Never spotted them when sat at the side of my tv at all. I am being very picky, but feel i should put it in the listing. I have all...
  10. Mapras10

    Question Wharfedale 5.1.2 - Atmos Ceiling

    Hi guys... I decided to buy my first home cinema... AV RECEIVER: Denon AVR-X2700H SPEAKERS: Wharfedale Front Towers: 11.3 Central: 11CS Souround: 11.1 Bookshelf Stands Sub: SVS PB 1000 And I'm looking for 2 ceiling speakers for Atmos Experience. The problem I dont have plasterboard and I'm...
  11. V

    Wharfedale Linton 3XP Speakers Crossovers.

    Hi I was recently given a pair of these Linton speakers and I thought I might start using them because they are in top condition cosmetically. They sound lovely but in view of their age and the fact that I have a lot of time on my hands,I thought I could recap the crossovers. I have removed all...
  12. N

    Wharfedale Diamond 155 Centre match

    I am looking for a centre speaker to match with my Wharfedale diamond 155 floor standing speakers. I cannot find the 101c or 102c from the 100 series. Nor can i find any 220c or 240c from the 200 series which came after the 100 series. Does anyone have a recommendation for another centre speaker...
  13. K

    Wharfedale 9.1 Speakers

    Is it always best to have the speakers Bi-wired?
  14. D

    Question Hum from Wharfedale Powercube PC-10A

    Evening folks, after doing a bit of research I decided to try my sub with the earth lead disconnected in the plug and lo and behold it removes the hum I have lived with for many years! I am trying to find a service manual to see if the earth lead is used internally (I assume it is) but wanted...
  15. Googolplex

    Wharfedale Sub Issue

    Hey guys, I bought a Wharfedale DX1-HCP 5.1 package for £100 off eBay, everything arrived in time and in great quality, the speakers are fine, but the subwoofer has to be ‘jump started’ essentially. I flip the on off switch and nothing happens, or maybe the standby light comes on for a sec...
  16. sonysean

    Wall brackets for Wharfedale Diamond 10.0's

    I've searched for a while but am struggling to find a definite answer on what wall brackets would be compatible for my Diamond 10.0 surround speakers. They're quite small, have two holes on the back which I'm guessing are for mounting and according to specs weigh about 3kg each. Would brackets...
  17. C

    Sony STRDN1080 and Wharfedale DX-2

    Hello, i purchased a Sony STRDN1080 and Wharfedale DX-2 + Yamaha NSIC 800 setup your run Dolby atmos with my LG C8 TV and the since I’ve had it, I have found it to have distortion at high volumes, a sort of crackling noise. I would almost compare it to a record scratching. When I first tested...
  18. S

    Budget AV receiver for Wharfedale DX2

    Hi Guys, I decided to take a first step into home cinema and got myself a set of Wharfedale DX2 5.1 speakers for a really good price secondhand from eBay. Now I'm looking for a budget AV receiver to pair them up with. My budget is a bit tight so I was wondering if the Yamaha HTR-2071 would be a...
  19. D

    Wharfedale Evo 4.4 speakers (particularly bi-amping them)

    Hi I thought I would share my thoughts on our new Wharfedale Evo 4.4 speakers. We received these speakers from Richer Sounds this week for what I now know is an absolute bargain price of £1199. First impressions were that they were indeed quite large. Luckily we have a reasonably large room to...
  20. J

    Wharfedale D300 3D - add to X2600H for Atmos?

    So I've just upgraded a bunch of my home cinema kit (with a lot of advice from people on here) and I've ended up with a Denon X2600H with Wharfedale Diamond 220's and and 11.CS attached, plus a couple of older rear surrounds that I'm happy with. The amp of course can do Atmos and 7.1 so I was...
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