1. oaklandraiders

    Are JVC doing a 20% discount next week?

    Just got an email from an Italian AV shop with 20% off JVC PJ's next week ! Any idea if UK are doing the same ?
  2. J

    All 3 laptops I have no longer detect my Optima HD 65 on HDMI, (One of them worked ok last week)

    I have revived my old HD65, last week it was working fine with my laptop ,this week not detected. I did have a Windows update and have since removed it and updated the drivers. It works ok on my Roku. I have swapped the Hdmi cable. Nothing works , any suggestions? thanks in advance J
  3. E

    Apple silicone coming next week?

    Hi, we know Apple are bringing out Macs with their own silicone but when and what in is the question. I've noticed in the Apple Store app that the iMac Pro has disappeared, still on the website but could this be a sign this will be revealed on Tuesday? I'd be shocked if the iMac Pro is the first...
  4. T

    The future arrived this week: Surface Duo

    I got a pal in the US to buy it and courier it over to the UK. After an agonising week it arrived. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this since it was announced about a year ago. Let’s face it, mobile phones have become tediously boring rectangular slabs with minimal innovation recently...
  5. W

    Sharp 55" 4K UHD offer this week

    Do folk think this is worth a punt? Difficult to reliable reviews on the TV. I mostly stream Netflix and Amazon Prime via an Amazon 4K Stick. Any advice greatfully received. (Current TV is a Samsung 40" UE40EH5000) Sharp 55” 4K UHD Smart TV - at Lidl UK Regards Woody
  6. HD2k15

    Sky Q HD picture quality drop in the last week?

    Has anyone experienced more compression artefacts and picture quality drop in the last week? I am seeing more picture noise on programs and it looks like the bitrate has dropped recently?
  7. S

    First week of SkyQ after years of HD experience.

    I was really looking forward to SkyQ. It hasn’t really lived up to my expectations which were high. Likes. UHD content. Premium Netflix for only £4 month extra. Dislikes. I really cant believe that you cant record UHD content (this is tech Dark Ages). I really don’t like the remote. Its...
  8. mushii

    Bargain HS4 - 50% Off This Week

    For anyone looking to buy Homeseer
  9. nheather

    Is anyone claiming the £6 a week working from home tax allowance?

    If you are having to work from home you are allowed to claim £6 per week allowance against tax paid. This is a claim to HRMC and doesn’t need any evidence or justification. This is to recognise extra expenses you incur because of working from home rather than in the office - for example...
  10. W

    LG C9 3 week old if, i sell can i transfer currys 5y gaurantee ?

    hi purchased a c9 3 weeks ago 55 inch but iv'e decided it looks to big for my bedroom wall, my question is if i sell the tv will the curry's 5y repair guarantee transfer with it. thanks
  11. D

    My impression of 5.1.4 after having used it for a full week.

    It's awesome! Strangely though I didn't find it very impressive for Atmos encoded Blu-rays but rather for regular Netflix and Prime streams. Using DTS neural X and upconverting 5.1 or 2.0 audio works extremely well and makes a substantial difference. It's much better than standard 5.1 surround...
  12. R

    New contract last week - just been advised of new price rises

    So following on from the April price rise, I rang sky to renegotiate my contract. Did so last Friday and was told what my bills would be for the next three months plus the comment of no price rises until April 2021. Just received an email and have just checked my future bills and am being hit...
  13. S

    Couple of week ago

    Couple of weeks ago,brought some expensive HDMI leads £120 for the two,reduced to £20 for both,because the dealer cant sell them,due to being old specs,going to give them a tried soon,to see if they will pass all the new formats etc. Will be interesting to see if they can :)
  14. D

    Question I accidently hit my tv 2 times this week

    First was the electric at the bottom left screen, no dead or stuck pixels. Second is with my bare hand. My solution is moving it higher on the wall since its wall mounted. Been overthinking so far if the hit did any damage internally or externally. Sometimes i can't stop thinking about it...
  15. JabbaNut

    DocuBay rolls out 2 week free trial

    " DocuBay, IN10 Media’s streaming service tailored for documentary viewing and discovery, has announced a seasonal 14-day free trial for non-members, along with new titles released for the holiday season across the globe. The users can avail the free trial immediately on Android and iOS app. ""...
  16. MikeKay1976

    Oculus Controller Free Hand Tracking rolls out this week.

    Quest only for now but I really hope Rift S gets it as well (surely would be bone headed not to). I will be interested to see how well it works. Whilst i am not expecting hugely detailed tracking like a controller, some form of hand presence when playing racing games or elite dangerous using...
  17. Brian Brandt

    Popular Topics of the Week

    Thanks for sending along this review every Saturday. I wrote to this AV forum many months ago concerning an irritating problem with my flat screen and I have been getting the summary ever since. It's interesting to get a somewhat different perspective - mostly in the General Chat - on things...
  18. Phil Hinton

    NEWS: LG OLED TVs get NVIDIA G-SYNC update this week

    2019 LG OLED TVs will be receiving a firmware update, allowing for gameplay via NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatible technology, LG has confirmed that the update will take place this week. Read the news. Write your own review for LG OLED65C9
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