1. B

    Best friends wedding Friday and just had isolate for 10 days email, anything we can do?

    Its one of my best friends wedding Friday and its been delayed 18 months due to covid, anyhow finally going ahead this Friday but today we got the dreaded text me and the wife saying we have to self isolate for ten days after coming into contact with someone Saturday who has Covid. Is there...
  2. JimmyMac

    Portable speaker for outdoor wedding

    My cousin is getting married in a month, just before the proposed removal of final restrictions. As such no music is allowed to be played indoors and no dancing and such. However, the location is in the middle of nowhere using old farm buildings. One building is a barn without walls. The venue...
  3. Sandman

    Putting together a wedding congratulations video

    My cousin is getting married next week but due to the current COVID situation they are going away and no guests are going along. My wife is putting together a video of the various family members sending their best wishes and she just happened to mention she will put the brides mum and dad first...
  4. 1

    If you didn't commit to the marriage and kids thing

    how would you burn out the rest of your days at your own leisure?
  5. tpr007

    I’m getting married (again). Where is good for wedding rings!?

    Those that have been around here as long as I have might know that I’ve been married twice before. First wife proposed to me via an iced Easter egg. Second proposed to me via engraved drumsticks (at a Pearl jam concert). Current partner (with whom I have two children) proposed with a baby...
  6. Drax1

    Wedding Crashers 2 (TBC)

    Couldn't find an existing thread, but I've heard chatter about this before, and it now looks like it just might become a reality. Vince Vaughn has confirmed early talks are underway for a belated follow up. I liked (but didn't love) the original, and am happy for it to be left as a one off...
  7. D

    Anybody been to small wedding or party?

    Has anybody been to one yet? Someone on my Facebook went to a wedding but I wasn’t curious enough to ask how it was. I was hoping to have a small gathering of 20 people on a social club should this be safe enough if people sanatize?
  8. B

    1st Wedding Anniversary Ideas in Lockdown with kids!

    End of April is our 1st wedding anniversary. Obviously we are in lockdown with 2 teenagers. Our planned trip to Jersey is off so wondering firstly what to do at home and secondly what to buy as a gift. I did wonder about buying some sort of lighting frame or making one from thin wooden posts to...
  9. Kumari Tilakawardane

    Netflix's Love. Wedding. Repeat. Film Review & Comments

    Love, Wedding, Repeat is a bit charming and a bit funny and a bit heart-warming, but it’s mostly frustrating. Read the review. Write your own review for Love. Wedding. Repeat.
  10. K

    The Prestige, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, inspiration needed for a real life wedding anniversary plan

    This is a long shot, I've always loved film and stories, some of my favourites are The Prestige, breaking bad, prison break, Mr Robot, Saw, Now you See me, to name a few. You know that feeling you get when so much planning and detail has been put into a story? Or a plot trist happens but the...
  11. raigraphixs

    Destination Wedding (TBC)

    Wood splinter warning :laugh: as Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder star, first time together since Dracula in rom-com Destination Wedding, about two depressed wedding guests who fall for each other while attending a destination wedding in San Luis Obispo, California. Directed by Victor Levin
  12. wiz

    30th Wedding Aniversary

    Got a couple of years to save and eventual budget of about £3000 plus. Wife likes beach holidays and I like city breaks so maybe a combination of the two. So where would you go? Thanks in advance Ossie
  13. Raincast

    HowTo: Drone WEDDING Basic Cinematic Moves (Venue/Entourage) Tutorial

    I just did a quick beginner wedding drone tutorial. It’s got 22 moves with controls used and a few tips as well. I hope you find it useful!
  14. lmccauley

    Question Looking for recommendations for a wedding photographer in the NE of England

    Hi, friends are looking for a photographer to take mostly informal pictures of their small wedding in Gateshead. I believe they have a modest budget in the region of £250-500. Can anyone recommend a photographer in the area?
  15. Raincast

    Wedding Video - ALL Drone footage plus Things I Learned (First Time)

    Hey drone flyers! I tried out my very first wedding video plus it's fully shot by drone. I did it for free as my friend asked me to, but because of that I couldn't really give directions to people as to what I wanted them to do or where to go. I listed the things that I learned and hopefully...
  16. MartinH32

    4K wedding shooting

    Further to a previous thread I want to keep this separate as it contains different questions on the same subject. So I'm looking to shooting weddings. Currently I'm a wedding photographer (a pretty good one too people tell me, been doing it full time 9 years - <Mod edit: commercial link...
  17. Dancook

    Wedding images

    I second shoot weddings from time to time, a great opportunity to use my 50mm 1.4 Love the colour and (wide open) sharpness I get from this camera and lens combination. 1 50mm SL by dancook1982, on Flickr 2 50mm SL by dancook1982, on Flickr 3 50mm SL by dancook1982, on Flickr 4 50mm SL by...
  18. chaz

    Question Wedding Video will not show on TV with Samsung Phone

    Hi I took some pictures with my Samsung 6+ phone which where great but when I try to watch them on TV they will not Play Them I transferd all photos & Videos on to a USB Stick the Photos play no problem its just will not play the video Files it has a message that comes up see pictures. The TV...
  19. owenwoodcock89

    What to buy parents for 50th wedding anniversary

    My partners mum and dad have their 50th wedding anniversary coming up soon and we want to get them something special but we just don't know what would be special enough. Their both avid gardeners, love nature and feel young a heart. Does anyone have any ideas?
  20. raoulx

    Question Polaroid Camera for a wedding...

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any expertise with the current Polaroid style camera's available - I am a complete n00b! I am getting Married in June and want to have some pictures captured 'live' which we can add to a wedding book. Do you recommend any camera in particular? Which ones are...
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