1. M

    Can I set my WebOS to default the home page to something other than my roku?

    I have a OLED48C1 and a Roku Stick connected to HDMI 3. When the TV comes on, it goes to the Roku. I'd really like it to go the Web OS Home Page as I don't use the Roku very much. Is this possible? Thanks!
  2. D

    LG PF50K projector's simplink (ARC-CEC) unstable with HDMI to optical audio extractor.

    Hello all, I have been intending to connect an old 5.1 receiver (optical input only) with the LG PF50KS projector (FW 03.00.15) which has only HDMI-ARC for digital audio output. The product I got to do the conversion is the AMANKA HDMI ARC audio extractor (I will call it "extractor" from now...
  3. G

    LG webOS TV OLED65CXPUA voice search issue

    For some reason my TV will no longer access a movie via voice search. Instead it pops up a Google search box. Voice commands are now useless for program searching. I have the latest software update 04.35.20. There are videos on YouTube and various other written instructions online regarding how...
  4. J

    LG B7A Webos Netflix- No Dolby Atmos sound to Onkyo over HDMI ARC

    Hello All, I just wanted to see if I am missing something for Dolby Atmos to work through the Netflix LG Webos App. It works excellently through Apple TV 4k and Google Chromecast TV. I have HDMI in the ARC HDMI 2 on the TV. When the Onkyo is set to Dolby Atmos and I try streaming Netflix from...
  5. SomeOfTheGear

    Turn on WebOs V with fixed content or webpage displayed for B&B room

    I've a few 2020 WebOs TVs in our guest bedrooms. I want to display an information page on the screen as the default page when they turn on the TV. This would probably from a local webserver on the LAN or could be another method if that worked) Anyone know how I can do this? I'm aware of Hotel...
  6. I

    LG WebOS 6.0 vs Sony Android TV?

    I currently have Sony 49XH8505 (LED) and it is a Smart Android TV. I really like Android TV because it is customisable on the home screen and pretty responsive/fast as well. I am thinking of getting LG OLED55C14LB (WebOS 6.0) but how does that compare with Android TV? Will I hate it or love it...
  7. F

    Eco dot and LG WebOS TV UF640V

    I cant get me new Echo Dot V4 to connect with my LG WebOS TV 640V.(43UF640V) Are they compatible ?
  8. D

    Low resolution on Webos and apps interface (NANO75 - 65")

    Hi Guys! So I just bought a 65" NANO75. It came perfectly and I'm really satisfied with the 4k images. The only thing that's been bothering me is that the Webos interface and even apps' interface like Youtube or Netflix seem like they are in a lower resolution than the TV can handle. The content...
  9. Woodoggie

    LG OLED Newbie - I already don't Like WebOS 5.0 and I'm sure I won't like 6.0!

    I bought a 77CX last week and I kind of knew I wouldn't like WEBOS and I definitely don't! This is my first LG anything and with that said my old Samsung had a clunky OS as well and I didn't like it either (I would have bought a "Dumb" TV if I could have). So my solution is; I have an Apple...
  10. dante01

    Who.Where.What?: Are LG about to start bombarding users with ads?

    Has anyone else noticed the following notification: What on earth is the Who.Where.What? feature? They've posted this notification twice now within the last month.
  11. N

    Rearrange or Delete Freeview Channels on WebOS

    Just set up my 55C1 that replaced the E7 and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to remove the non-HD Freeview channels 1-5 or have it so that the HD ones show at the beginning of the list? At the moment 1-5 are SD and 101-105 are HD. It's actually always been the case even on the E7 but wondered...
  12. gbjbaanb

    WebOS 6 - as bad as it seems?

    I've been looking at a few reviews of the LG C1 and something that all of them pretty much gloss over is how un-customisable the new WebOS6 is, along with many adverts and "this is what we want you to have" channels on it. So far I see the "hero banner" at the top doesn't really have anything...
  13. mason1970


    HI GUYS HAS ANYBODY ELSE GOT ISSUES WITH THE TV NOT UPDATING WHEN SEARCHING FOR PROGRAMS so when I press guide the time line is at current time but the programs our from hours before and it doesn't always correct its self ?? any ideas its all up to date
  14. Andr3i

    LG CX WebOs 6

    Does anyone know if CX OLED's will get WebOs 6.0?
  15. O

    Webos vs android

    Which os is better and why?
  16. N

    LG to licence WebOS to other TV brands

    An interesting move by LG. I guess we'll start seeing WebOS on lots of budget TVs soon https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/23/22298058/lg-licensing-webos-other-tvs-rca-polaroid I presume LG wants to see app devolopers take the OS more seriously.
  17. C

    LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality?

    LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality? Stupid question- do the LG OLEDs have any kind of picture-in-picture feature? : OLED (reddit.com) Note: If there are other good forums/ sources where I can post & ask - Pls do advise. Thx...
  18. sebna

    Question Alternative to Plex with WebOS app for LG Oleds integration without additional devices in the chain?

    Hi All, I am setting up my NAS and ripping discs to it and I have installed Plex on it as it has LG WebOS app which allows me to use TV directly with NAS without the need for additional devices. Are there any other systems that allow that as I wonder if Plex is worth 100e for the licenses. I...
  19. R

    Apple TV volume lower than LG Webos apps

    Now i do have a big problem, if i could skip apple tv i would, but they have infuse, which i do like alot. I got a big issue though regarding the volume on my LG E9. I got 3 devices connected, apple tv, nvidia shield and a ps4. The volume from Apple TV reproduced is extremely low, and i mean...
  20. M

    Question FTP or network access to LG WebOS TV?

    I plug my USB flash drive into the back of my LG TV, and it plays the content perfectly. I'd like to leave the drive in the TV and access it remotely over the network, i.e. add and delete files. (Instead of swapping it between the TV and computer and putting wear and tear on the USB ports)...
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