1. O

    Webos vs android

    Which os is better and why?
  2. N

    LG to licence WebOS to other TV brands

    An interesting move by LG. I guess we'll start seeing WebOS on lots of budget TVs soon https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/23/22298058/lg-licensing-webos-other-tvs-rca-polaroid I presume LG wants to see app devolopers take the OS more seriously.
  3. C

    LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality?

    LG WebOS TVs: Picture in Picture PIP, Multi View, Split Screen functionality? Specific Details & Reality? Stupid question- do the LG OLEDs have any kind of picture-in-picture feature? : OLED (reddit.com) Note: If there are other good forums/ sources where I can post & ask - Pls do advise. Thx...
  4. sebna

    Question Alternative to Plex with WebOS app for LG Oleds integration without additional devices in the chain?

    Hi All, I am setting up my NAS and ripping discs to it and I have installed Plex on it as it has LG WebOS app which allows me to use TV directly with NAS without the need for additional devices. Are there any other systems that allow that as I wonder if Plex is worth 100e for the licenses. I...
  5. R

    Apple TV volume lower than LG Webos apps

    Now i do have a big problem, if i could skip apple tv i would, but they have infuse, which i do like alot. I got a big issue though regarding the volume on my LG E9. I got 3 devices connected, apple tv, nvidia shield and a ps4. The volume from Apple TV reproduced is extremely low, and i mean...
  6. M

    Question FTP or network access to LG WebOS TV?

    I plug my USB flash drive into the back of my LG TV, and it plays the content perfectly. I'd like to leave the drive in the TV and access it remotely over the network, i.e. add and delete files. (Instead of swapping it between the TV and computer and putting wear and tear on the USB ports)...
  7. JigB

    OLED65B7A suddenly has strange pixelation on WebOS interface

    As of this morning, my OLED65B7A started showing strange pixelation on the WebOS UI. My Directv that is plugged into the HDMI port shows just fine but using the WebOS UI to scroll through apps or look at the settings, or even inside apps like Netflix or Prime, etc., the strange pixelation occurs...
  8. R

    Question Update WebOS on 47lb6500-SF

    Hello, I'm looking to update WebOS on my 47lb6500-SF but I can't find any document or information. Is it possible to update it? thanks
  9. dukester_uk

    Question WebOS Youtube - lost the use of the back button

    Hi. My LG 55B7 has updated to the latest version of Youtube and I have lost the use of the back button. Instead, on the bottom right of the screen is an escape key for back, which I can only use if I use the pointer on the magic remote. This is a lot less convenient than just using the back...
  10. 6

    Can I get webOS 4.0??

    I have a 55uj670v smart TV with webOS 3.8 installed. I'm trying to get my Alexa system to work with the TV as a skill, but I need webOS 4.0 or higher, and my TV won't install any newer than 3.8 (it says my TV is up to date). Can I install 4.0 or higher, or is that the end of my TVs upgradable...
  11. emaravi94

    Question LG 32LM6300PLA WebOS clarifications

    Hello, I've recently bought my new TV, LG 32LM6300PLA. I searched this forum and other sites but I haven't found an answer to some doubts of mine. 1. Since the main user of this TV will be my grandma who has some eyesight problems, I couldn't find in the settings menu a way to increase the...
  12. S

    WebOs apps

    Short and sweet one. I have an LG projector running webos (pf50ks) . Can apps be sideloaded on Webos or is it just whats in the content store and thats it? Im not seeing Prime Video or Disney+ apps, so my question is really only valid if the first one is yes, are there apps for these that...
  13. AndySymons

    Limited Alexa voice control of LG OLED TV (WebOS Thinq)

    I bought an LG OLED 65” B9 for my mother who is 91, visually impaired and hard of hearing. Sound and picture quality are very good but the main reason I chose it was the Alexa capability. It turns out to be rather more limited than I had hoped. It does not even do everything that the LG Thinq...
  14. AndySymons

    Alexa connection not robust – LG OLED WebOS Thinq

    I bought a 2019 LG OLED 65” B9 for my mother who is 91, visually impaired and hard of hearing. Sound and picture quality are very good but the main reason I chose it was the alleged Alexa capability. When I first set it up, it worked fine. It was rather more limited than I had hoped, but we...
  15. D

    LG with WebOS HBO MAX

    Hi: I have an LG C7. I currently watch HBO Now, on my LG, through Amazon Fire Stick. I can stream Max on my Android and My PC But not my LG. Amazon doesn't have the Max app. Neither does LG Content Store. Anyone have an idea how I can get Max playing on my LG. Any suggestions on how to...
  16. Raulsbd

    Dazn App webOs

    Does anyone have any issue with the Dazn Webos app? It is loggin in but showing error ‘Your video content needs refreshing’ please restart DAZN to get the latest videos... not happening on my other devices only on my TV... tried already login off, uninstalling app, installing it from another...
  17. sancho1983

    Question LG 42lb700v not working

    My grandma had an LG 42LB700V, when you turn it on, the LG splash came on, then it displayed 'WebOs'. That's it, nothing happened for hours and hours. The only button on the remote which does anything is the power button - turns on and off as it should. But no menu buttons, or input, or anything...
  18. C

    Still using webOS

    Looking to buy a LG 65SM8200PLA 65" and I notice it is still using the webOS browser that is becoming unsupported by the likes of YouTube if this true and if it is can you update the browser?
  19. M

    Help - I need to enter special character É using LG TV Remote / Onscreen Keyboard in WebOs – How?

    I have the LG OLED65E7 (from 2018) that is using WebOS 3.5. I use it with the LG Magic Controller that the unit came with. I have a situation here where in order to view a private video (using Vinmeo), I need to enter a password which contains a Spanish word which includes the É character /...
  20. G

    MyTuner radio app missing on WebOS 4.5?

    Hi. Can anyone confirm I am not going nuts and this is indeed missing from the store on 4.5? Thanks.
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