1. G

    MyTuner radio app missing on WebOS 4.5?

    Hi. Can anyone confirm I am not going nuts and this is indeed missing from the store on 4.5? Thanks.
  2. A

    External Hard drive Recording time with LG LM630BPLA running webOS.

    Hi I would like to know how to check how much standard recording time is left on a external hard drive connected to a LG LM630BPLA running LG webOS (software version 04.70.01) Thanks Adam
  3. C

    Question about LG 55UH6150 and Webos

    My wife and I bought this TV about 2-3 years ago, and the other day we signed up with Hulu TV. The app on the TV works, but there is no option to watch live TV. According what I have read, this TV needs at least Webos 3.5 for this app to work correctly. Ours is 3.4.x :(. According to LG's...
  4. G

    Question UH850V fails on this live stream - is there a fix?

    Hi - can anybody please explain why this URL doesn't work on my TV, when it is fine on my laptop. Message displayed: HLS.js error: network Error - fatal: true - manifestLoadError. Is there an update to my webOS that would fix it? Thanks, Geoff https://www.fjbhotels.co.uk/liveview/?cam=2
  5. R

    LG WebOS - HDMI issues with receiver

    posted this on the LGc9 owners thread but making a new thread as I assume this is an issue on more models so I'd like to get input from more people. I have all of my devices connected to the TV on a single HDMI socket coming through a receiver. I also use the TV apps for 4k. My previous TV used...
  6. P-P-S-S

    LG WebOS vs Panasonic Home screen

    I gather LG's WebOS is quite advanced and Magic remote makes it even better. how much more advanced is it compared ot the Pana Home screen? Is it going to make a huge amount of difference to the average Joe?
  7. S

    Question LG OLED 65C9PTA does'nt direct play TrueHD 7.1 using Plex Media Player webos app

    Server Version#: Player Version#: Plex for LG 4.1.1, WebOS: 4.6.0 TV: LG OLED 65C9PTA Soundbar: LG SL9YG + rear Kit (4.1.2 + rear kit) ATMOS,DTS:X Problem desctiption: When trying to play TrueHD 7.1 audio the plex app transcodes instead of direct stream. The same is not a problem...
  8. T

    Question Philips Hue with TV?

    I’ve got a Hue hub with a colour light. I feel I already know the answer but is it possible to connect this to my WebOS LG smart TV? Adverts make it look like it’s the norm but I’m pretty certain it’s not possible given my current setup, which is frustrating. I want to buy more colour lights...
  9. T

    Themes, WebOS gallery

    My new LG OLED TV has a gallery app which I really like. It displays some amazing 4K pictures, and artwork. It has “themes”, each with a separate set of things to display. Two questions: The app will loop through all the photos/pictures in the theme over and over. Is there a way to just...
  10. ChrisCornwall

    Question LG 55B8 - Freesat guide missing channel logos

    Copied from the OLED forum as this is more suited to this forum. I’ve had a replacement B8 after my first developed a line of stuck pixels top to bottom after 4 days. I’m noticing a slightly different behaviour with the built-in Freesat, and I can’t find a way to fix it. We don’t have a TV...
  11. ChrisCornwall

    Question Freesat guide/logo issues on LG OLED55B8PLA

    Aplologies - I believe this better belongs in the LG section rather than OLED, I can’t find any way to move it so will repost. I’ve had a replacement B8 after my first developed a line of stuck pixels top to bottom after 4 days. I’m noticing a slightly different behaviour with the built-in...
  12. nykname

    49in LG (WebOS) or 50in Hisense (Vidaa U)

    Hello, I'm planning to buy a TV over the next few days and I'm torn between the following two options: LG 49LK5900PLA or Hisense 50AE6100UK. I mainly use apps to watch TV or an aerial connection and I may well have a satellite connection in the future too. The operating system of the...
  13. P

    LG WebOS EPG Question

    Hi I have an LG 49SJ800V running WebOS 3.7.1-57126. But I think this query relates to any recent LG telly running WebOS to be honest. I have it connected to a satellite dish and have tuned in channels via the non-freesat mode (so I can still watch Channel 4 HD, customise the channel order etc)...
  14. Djuganight

    Smart IPTV app WebOS

    Hi, When I install the app Smart IPTV on my LG OLED55C8 It stays as shown in the video below: What can be the cause as I have already tried to uninstall and install several times wothou any luck? Thank you in advance.
  15. ahw000

    Virus in WebOS

    I have a LG TV 43UJ6300, and my firewall detected it trying to download a virus. Has anyone seen this? See below. I broke the link to prevent accidental download. The following event occurred on the Untangle Server @ 2018-07-23 20:00:16.957 HTTP virus blocked: Virus Blocker Lite found virus...
  16. TheBlueRaja

    FYI - Plex is currently broken on LG WebOS TV's as of 11/04/18

    Plex is currently not working on LG WebOS TV's, it *looks* like it *could* be the Plex App that's causing it on the TV but i cant see anyone who can agree on the specific cause yet as there appears to have been updates to WebOS, Plex Server / Client recently. No response from Plex either...
  17. M

    Cast to WebOS TV?

    I have an LG OLED B7, just wondering if it is possible to 'cast' from a mac with DLNA/UPNP and have playback controls on my laptop? I find it a lot easier to find stuff on my mac than with the remote. Currently use a chromecast but it doesn't support HEVC nor 4K content.
  18. O

    Question WebOS (LG) copy screenshot to usb disk?

    HI, I have a LG with WebOS version 4.70.60, anyway to copy the screenshot I capture to a USB drive? Thanks!
  19. R

    UJ tv's are compatible with google home and Alexa?

    Hi, I'm about to buy a UJ model and I wondered if it also got the upgrade to work with Alexa + Google home.. Does anyone know?
  20. kukm66

    LG WebOs 3.0 memory problems

    Having video playback problems with LG WEbOs 3.0 out of memory errors. This occurs with tubitv, youtube, others. Videos play normally but after 10 minutes or so, I get the app shutting down message. I have tried to clear out all history, bookmarks etc in settings but to no avail. Apparently this...
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