1. O

    Webcam to mobile & Powerpack advice...

    Thanks for letting me join the forum. As powered wheelchair user, I’m always trying to think of gadgets, and do my best to create an idea into a working gadget. I currently have a powerchair that I’d like to fit a rear facing webcam to see hazards & tight spaces behind me. (I'm rigid and have...
  2. AMCross

    Webcam or similar with hdmi output

    anyone have any suggestions as want to put camera on a stage with the output going into a hdmi splitter to supply tv's was thinking of the gopro but only one appears to have hdmi output thats the gopro9 anyone used any amazon type webcams looking for good performance so cheap as chips route i...
  3. D

    What Webcam sand headset

    I have to do some online courses, I have never had a webcam before any suggestions on a good budget set? Cheers
  4. D

    Webcam recommendations for a thin bezel monitor

    Can anyone recommend a relatively cheap (< £30) webcam that can attach on a thin bezel monitor and not obstruct the display please?
  5. Bert Coules

    Webcam (and also separate microphone) audio problem

    Can anyone please suggest why my new (and excellent on the video side) Logitech C920 webcam should give me horribly boxy and bass-heavy sound, and why the separate (admittedly budget) Eivotor microphone I obtained to try to get round the problem should sound exactly the same, but my old...
  6. A

    Webcam for desk in front of a window!

    Hi Everyone, In need of some help please. I have just set up my desk in my new home office and all of a sudden my webcam is awfull. If I am on calls at night its fine, but during the day (even when dull outside) I am completly washed out on the video and look really pale and white. Can anyone...
  7. T


    I want an inexpensive webcam with 1920x1080 and importantly at least 60 degrees field of view. Recommendations?
  8. robinbetts

    Question Webcam and microphone setup for home working and piano lessons

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum, but hoping someone will be able to stop me changing my trail! With the prospect of continued home working for a long time I’d like a better setup for video calls (mainly MS Teams), but at the same time I’d like to have a better setup for remote piano...
  9. estrellaazul2010


    Hi, I have joined this forum in the hope someone can help. I have bought a plug and play webcam which I want to use on my LG tv to be able to keep in touch with family via video during these strange times, perhaps through Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. I have plugged in usb but it is nowhere to be...
  10. C

    Question TV Webcam

    Christmas has been so hard, my Grandmother is in a home, separated from my Grandfather for the first time in their lives. It would really uplift her to see us, even if it's on a screen. But I can't involve too much technology on her side. I'm hoping for some sort of webcam that perhaps would...
  11. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired Racokky Webcam with Microphone reduced from £39.99 to £16.00. Expires 20th December

    Racokky Webcam with Microphone Code:XWCIRJ7L End Date:20/12/2020 Code tested and working 15th December. Please reply to let me know if it's not working before 20th December! :)
  12. Sturgeon boy

    LG 55UK 6470 PLC Webcam

    i have an LG 55UK6470 PLC TV and was wanting to hook up a Logitech C920 webcam to it for making video calls to my family when i plug the camera into one of the usb ports it displays unrecognised device on the screen when i search through the imputs its not displayed i was hoping to use Google...
  13. Scott Wright

    Bargain Racokky Webcam with Microphone 50% off with code. Expires 14th December

    Racokky Webcam with Microphone 50% off code: ZRDSMQBP Regular Price: £35.99 Deals Price:£17.99 End Date:2020-12-14
  14. zvis

    Time lapse of construction project with security camera or webcam

    Hi I am constructing a house. I want to place a camera in a neighbor's window which will preferably plug in to the mains and will take time time lapse pictures (preferably uploaded by wifi to the cloud) every 15m (preferably only daytime on weekdays) for two years. It's just for fun, don't want...
  15. D

    T95 C1 Rockchip RK3368 Octa Core Webcam TV Box Review

  16. Johnmcl7

    Sony add webcam support to a variety of cameras

    Sony have finally added webcam support for a good number of their cameras going back to 2014 including e-mount, a couple of a-mount along with a few fixed cameras including their RX100, RX10 and RX0 series:
  17. lee1980

    Webcam alternative

    Working from we use Teams etc, my laptop must be only one in office that does not have a webcam, its only about 18 months old to. Seems are hard to get hold of decent ones or cost more due to demand. Now I have a gopro and and a Chinese copy of one etc, someone mentioned these can be used as...
  18. LostInFL

    Using my Samsung IntelliZoom camcorder as a webcam

    I have a old, reliable Intellizoom 65x camcorder (SMX-F54BN/XAA) that I would like to use as a webcam. I have the USB cable to connect to my Windows10 PC, but the system won't let me install the iStudio software (from the camcorder) Anyone have experience with this?
  19. benwo0ds

    TV situated video recording

    Hi all Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the wrong subcategory, I thought this one may be best as it relates to footage/content creation. Kit: Samsung Series 7 (58in) TV Apple TV Gen 4 Xbox One S I’m looking to use the above kit with the addition of an external webcam to create a video...
  20. CelebratingFlorida

    I am using a video camera as a WEBCAM

    I am using a video camera as a webcam. In low light situation- predominately. The low light indicator on my Panasonic HC-V800 is visible on the live cast. It is quite annoying. I attached a picture. How would I remove the low light indicator?
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