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  1. young352

    Hisense 65A6GV web browser keyboard language support

    Hi All, Bought a Hisense VIDAA TV recently. Within the built-in web browser switched the keyboard input to "Chinese Simplified" but no matter whatever entered the characters stay as English. Is there a way to search by a different language while browsing? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Joe Pineapples

    4K Fire Stick (web browser) mouse support?

    Just bought a bluetooth mouse and successfully paired it up with my 4K Fire Stick, but do any of the web browsers support a mouse (pointer)?. Amazon Silk doesn't seem to.
  3. G

    Radio streams better on AV amp service than web browser stream?

    Listening to radio streams through the amps dedicated Net radio function seems to get a higher quality stream than through the web page direct from the radio station. Maybe they nerf the web stream to save bandwidth but the difference is big. I believe Yamaha use airable.radio as their NET...
  4. C

    Web browser on lg smart tv

    Hello everyone. I have Lg smart tv sm8500 PLA,which is not even 2 years old and last week I've noticed that web browser doesn't work anymore.When I click on the web browser icon,nothing happens.Everything else works fine,youtube,netflix.... Tried unplugged it for 15 minutes and still does't...
  5. Barrovian

    Web Browser Screensaver on 65C9PLA

    Hi, asking a question of behalf of a friend who has the 65C9PLA. He enjoys watching webcams of local ports via the web browser but he tells me that since a recent update ,when watching content via the web browser, after a couple of minutes the screen goes black with a screensaver message and he...
  6. BobbinZA

    Twitch.TV on VIDAA

    I have a HiSense TV with the VIDAA OS. Apparently there is no native app for Twitch.TV for this. I seem to recall the shop demo feed on the TV had a Twitch logo though but whatever. So I thought no problem, I will just use the Twitch web app. But hell, the built-in browser on this TV is really...
  7. P

    Stream/cast audio from web browser to HiFi

    Hi all. I'm trying to find a solution to something which really shouldn't be beyond the realm of modern technology. I've spent a while searching for solutions but it seems that the only real option available is Google Chromecast. Anyway, to the issue... One of the ways I like to enjoy music...
  8. D

    How to install a web browser like chrome on our smart tv with android tv

    Thought I would share, https://androidpctv.com/install-browser-chrome-android-smart-tv/
  9. next010

    Switch Your Web Browser

    There are some good reasons to not use the known browsers these days (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera), privacy & user tracking data most of all, some of them even embracing de-platforming. So here are some suggestions. Brave = created by former lead dev of Firefox, includes built in blocking...
  10. K

    LG Web Browser vs SurfShark IPv6

    I have the CX and recently got Surfshark VPN on a recommendation. Now, I've logged in to my account via the tv's web browser and wanted to setup the smart DNS feature, but i get a error come up saying it won't work as the tv is using IPv6, and Surfshark will only work with IPv4. Any...
  11. Tosaf

    Web browser Auto-Refresh TV?

    Hi everyone! As the experts of TV world, i need your help: I need to buy 4 Tvs in order to display a different Excel file on each with ability to auto-refresh the file data once changed on file. Upon my research there are few different solutions, many paid, and the free ones too complicated to...
  12. N

    Question Need help updating and web browser

    Hello I have an old model 47LM8600-TA how do I get a new browser or update to a newer version
  13. R

    Sony KD-43XG8096-BU - A truly terrible Web Browser by Sony

    I wish to stream films from the BFI but that does not appear to be possible using the Sony Web Browser or from my Android mobile using Chromecast Built in. Has anyone had any success with either of these methods?
  14. M

    Youtube adverts on Panasonic's Youtube App vs via a Web Browser

    I have a media centre PC as one of my sources, sometimes I watch Youtube content on it, it's easier to search for content with a keyboard and mouse I find, but I get a lot of adverts, in particular the ones that appear in the middle of a 1 hour long music performance for example, normally about...
  15. Q

    Question Web Browser options for UHD TV: screen mirroring device or other choices?

    What is available to be able view all web sites on a UHD TV. I am a novice about streaming devices. I will be purchasing a non OLED UHD 75 inch TV pobably the Sony XBR-75X900F and want to be able to view on the TV any web site that I can obtain on my Windows 10 computer. From my initial reading...
  16. TheRedQueen

    No web browser access on LG smart tv

    I have an LG 4k Smart tv LG43UJ630V. It works fine, using wifi from my router, except I cannot find any web browser. The Launcher screen has the usual pop-ups including Netflix, Youtube etc but no web browser. Web searches say to press the Home button on the remote and then click on the 3...
  17. M

    Question Samsung Smart TV Web Browser Cursor Problem

    When the web browser app is open, the cursor/pointer disappears as soon as the “select” button is pressed and switches to a directional cursor that moves the page side to side or up and down. As a result, no elements on the web page can be selected. For example, I cannot enter a URL or keyword...
  18. shotokan101

    Question Background Audio (Music) when using Web Browser App ?

    Hi, Hope someone can help - recently started using the TV WebApp to do some extended (several hours - and no it's not dodgy websites! ;)) while PC is being sorted out and decided I'd try and turn on the Audio for the selected TV/Radio channel but can't seem to find any option that works -...
  19. M

    Amazon Music on LG TV's Web Browser

    If any of you subscribe to Amazon Music you probably know there is no app. However, the Web browser in WebOS works quite well. I'm able to stream just fine from any site that has HTML5 based streaming playback. Pandora works perfectly. I have it pined as a home page shortcut. Amazon Music...
  20. M

    Amazon Music in the web browser

    I've found the web browser in the B7 quite remarkable for a smart tv. Given the lack of the basic music apps on this tv I figured I'd try out using the web browser with bookmarks to the home screen. It works great for Pandora and almost great for Amazon Music. The problem with Amazon Music...
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