1. woppy101

    For Sale Watercooling starter pack

    I have been going through my spares kit and I have a nice little watercooling starter pack(you would need to buy a waterblock, fittings and tubing, an outlay of about £60-70) for anyone wanting to get into the game. For sale is one of the best rads in the game a Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS an EK...
  2. F

    For Sale XSPC Reservoir Pump / Hardware Labs Radiators / USB DAC

    Hi, hope everyone is well. Today I have for sale various items from my existing rig. XSPC Photon 270 Reservoir with x4 Pump -> £50 plus postage Lovely reservoir and pump combination. Unfortunately now discontinued and now longer available anywhere. Features toughened glass, aluminium CNC cut...
  3. F

    Question Watercooling

    Hey guys Just brought a new case and was hoping my AIO cooler would fit. it didnt :( So I am looking at a custom water cooling loop to my machine however I have no knowledge water cooling. looking at linus tech tips and few others on youtube but was wondering if anyone on AVF has some advice...
  4. J


    thinking of changing my bay/res pump combo to a cyclinder one, and new case trying to understanding builds where i see a tube coming from the top of the reservoir up to the radiator, down through components and then back into the bottem of the reservoir, all the ones i see have entry and exit...
  5. Macal97

    My elite water-cooled idea will it work??

    XFX RADEON RX 480 link:XFX AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB GDDR5 GPU | Ebuyer.com Intel Core i3 3.7 GHZ Processor link:Intel Core I3 6100 3.7Ghz Dual Core CPU Processor BX80662I36100 - Socket 1151 XSPC Raystorm 420 water cooling kit XSPC Raystorm water cooling kit 420 EX280 [WASE-239] from WCUK Online...
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