1. R

    Wanted Wharfedale Diamond 10.6

    Hi there im new here... Im trying to get hold of a set of Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 floorstanders... I recently upgraded my centre speaker in my home cinema setup from a dimond 9.cs to a 10.CM.. I am currently running 9.4s but want to upgrade them to the 10.6 to match the front L+R with my...
  2. stevefish69

    Wanted Seaton Submersive Sub

    Still on the lookout for another Seaton Submersive Subwoofer, or a PX for my Single Submersive for a Master and slave Pair.
  3. greenline

    Wanted xbox series s console

    looking to buy a xbox series s in good condition. price in line with what has sold here. ideally with a receipt. thanks
  4. S

    Wanted Official Samsung note 4 s-view flip case

    Old phone but looking for the official s- view or non s- view Samsung note 4 flip case like in the photos can’t find one anywhere . If anyone can help on this
  5. pughypro

    Wanted Xbox one X (box needed)

    I’ve picked up an Xbox One X console for my lad for his birthday from CEX, but it’s unboxed and I’d like to try to find one so I can wrap it up for him. Does anyone have one lying about they don’t want? Happy to pay postage. Thanks.
  6. yba_us


    Hi. I'm after a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, in perfect condition. My budget is £500. It would be a present to my daughter. Cheers.
  7. ukcanuk

    Wanted Game Pass Ultimate

    Looking for a deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate- what have you got?
  8. B

    Wanted BK Electronics P12-300SB-DF Black Subwoofer

    hi as the title goes, looking for a BK Electronics P12-300SB-DF Black Subwoofer if anyone planning to sell please let me know. the only issue is - delivery to dublin, ireland. ebay store refused to deliver to ireland. so trying other options.
  9. lisbonlion

    Wanted Nvidia shield 2019 pro

    As title
  10. A

    Wanted Basic amp around £30ish

    As described just after a decent amp that plays phono cd etc
  11. tpr007

    Wanted Spider-Man Miles Morales (disc or download code) - and other games going cheap!

    I specifically want Miles Morales on PS5 for £20 If you have real cheap games/codes going then let me know. Thanks
  12. music

    Wanted Sonos subwoofer

    Hi - looking for a sonos subwoofer to complete my beam and sl surround system. Anyone got one going?
  13. W

    Wanted Rel. T7i or T9i

    As it says, i dont mind if there are a few scratches etc, pref in black but would not rule out white either.
  14. Sammyez

    Wanted Throw Momma From The Train (Danny DeVito & Billy Crystal)

    Wanted: Throw Momma From The Train (Danny DeVito & Billy Crystal) Must UK Region disc
  15. Sammyez

    Wanted No Time Die - Bond 4K UHD

    Wanted: No Time Time To Die Bond 4K UHD Offer £15 inc delivery to Leicestershire
  16. S2000 VTEC

    Wanted Looking for hair clippers + a detailer

    Something from the Wahl professional range. Thanks
  17. T

    Wanted iphone 13 pro/pro max

    Hi. I am looking for iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max. Ideally 256Gb but may also consider 128GB. Has to be unlocked. Delivered or pickup from North London.
  18. Electa78

    Wanted spiderman morales, COD, AC Valhalla

    Looking for PS5 games particularly spiderman morales, COD, AC Valhalla. Anything else you have. Not Fifa as not into footy. want discs pls
  19. chris301up

    HP RTL8723BE Laptop Wanted

    Unfortunately I have dropped my HP RTL723BE laptop and badly damaged the case/keyboard. This is a 'long shot' but does anyone have one of these knocking around they no longer use and want to sell? It doesn't have to be working, although that would be beneficial, as I want it for donor parts...
  20. Flicks

    Wanted Hobbit and Lord of the Rings 4K

    Looking for these. @patten1071 had steelbooks for sale but can't contact because inbox full. Will consider any 4K versions even from overseas
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