1. F

    Wanted Small Study Amp and Speakers Combo

    Bit of a long shot, spending a lot of time in my study at the moment and only have my pc speakers or google speaker for sound, so looking for small cheap but good sound quality amp and speaker setup, dont want floor standers but smallish bookshelves
  2. broona

    Wanted Sub up to around £100

    My Canton Movie CD102 sub appears to have bitten the bullet, the lights are on, but there's no sound at all, it's been a trooper over the last 15yrs or so though. 😪 I'm going to pull the back off it tomorrow to see if there's anything obvious, but thought I'd see if anyone was selling a...
  3. M

    Wanted Marantz NR1200 / Denon DRA 800H

    Looking to purchase a good stereo amp with HDMI switching abilities to complement my new TV. From what I can read, looks like my options are limited to these 2 models, but both a little out of my price range brand new. Please let me know if anyone looking to get rid of one. Thanks
  4. dazza32

    Wanted LGA 1151 Motherboard

    Forgive me for not knowing exactly what to ask for. So please let me know otherwise. Looking at having a bash at building myself a light gaming pc. Already have the majority of components, cpu (i5 8400) gpu (gtx 1060 6gb) and 16gb ddr4 2666. After a motherboard that would compliment and also a...

    Wanted PMC Centre speaker

    Help after PMC centre speaker let me know what you have. Thanks Wayne
  6. CamFire

    Wanted John Lewis vouchers - £150 or thereabouts

    Needed for fast purchase online. BT or Paypal (F&F) payment, members with low feedback to send first via PM (conversation). WHY?
  7. C

    Wanted Chord Media Engine

    Long shot I know but if anyone has one or knows someone who has one, please get in touch! Thanks
  8. L

    Wanted Bowers wilkins p9

    Looking to buy a pair of bowers wilkins p9 headphones must be boxed good condition have around £300 cash can collect if local or will pay delivery
  9. M

    Wanted Raspberry Pi

    Looking for a Pi to run Pi-Hole, nothing too expensive and ideally includes a case.
  10. furryhobnob

    Wanted Ryzen 5 5600x

    As the title I'm after the cpu above before I buy new, would be interested in a cpu/mobo combo too, cheers
  11. rousetafarian

    Wanted Mac Mini i7 2012 running Catalina not bothered about RAM or SSD quantity

    Hi Strict budget in place (£240.00) only for audio production (Logic) tasks, will be referring the seller to a colleague of mine (who will sign up and register on the forums), I’ll just mediate this. Delivery to Leeds, so what have you got gents? Regards
  12. Gunnerzz

    Wanted Projector - £650

    Hi all, Looking to buy my first projector next month. My budget is £650 could be pushed if the right thing comes along. Initially looking to buy the Optoma HD29he at £650 which is 1080P but accepts 4k signals. Ideally, I'd like to be hitting the faux 4k products but think I'm being a bit...
  13. millzey13

    Wanted Hell or high water 4k, Goonies -also looking for bond and MI boxsets at the right price.

    Hi , looking for Hell or high water 4k, Goonies -also looking for bond and MI boxsets at the right price. many thanks Dan
  14. antsims

    Wanted 3D glasses x 2. Epson TW9400

    Hi all. Just bought the new epson eh-tw9400 and need 2 pairs of 3D glasses for it. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks
  15. DodgeTheViper

    Wanted Lego Technic 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    Lego Technic 42082 Rough Terrain Crane I don't mind if it isn't bagged up like new but there mustn't be any pieces missing. Preferably boxed.
  16. K

    Thoughts wanted on best streaming service to buy films

    I've used the subscription streaming services for years but am now looking at buying some titles online rather than as physical media. Right now I'm favouring Apple TV as it seems to be better quality than Amazon. Should I be considering any other services? Is it realistic to keep all of your...
  17. K

    Wanted Cheap Laptop for general work and browsing

    I'm looking for a laptop on behalf of a family member. It needs to be quite cheap, approx £100, and should have 14" - 15.6" display. Resolution ideally should be 1600x900 or better, but will consider lower. Spec wise, for the budget, obviously I can't expect too much, but I'd like it to be at...
  18. M

    Wanted iPad Air 2020 (10.9)

    Looking for an iPad Air 2020 (10.9) 64gb (one without the home button). Any colour...
  19. Fulwood

    Wanted Cheap, fully working laptops for my grand kids

    Looking for 2 x cheap (£100?) laptops (Dell, HP or similar with good availability of spare parts) for my 9 and 7 year old grand kids for home schooling. My daughter is using hers for her uni course. Ideally with Win 10 and capable of accepting 2.5 sata hard drives -I've got a couple of small...
  20. avscouse

    Wanted Wtd Subwoofer, colour/condition unimportant!

    Hi Peeps, I had MA VW8 subwoofer for a while but its no longer working so i thought id see if can get an upgrade, for not too many pounds and pence. Colour and condition is unimportant as its essentially hidden, but im after something cheapish as its for a bedroom setup. Anyone got anything...
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