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  1. D

    Hiding cables - Wall plate/bind post recommendations?

    Hi, I'm having an extension, and the ceiling is currently opened out. So I want to run cables to 4 ceiling speakers and 4 rear/side speakers. https://www.avforums.com/threads/updating-the-speakers-after-extension.2378966/ I assume, I'll need to run from the AVR to the wall plate, and connect...
  2. M

    Question High quality speaker wall plates

    Hi All, I am looking for some very nice speaker wall plates for a 5.2.4 Atmos setup? Does anyone know of any nice wall plates. Ideally white discreet wall plates and as compact as possible with banana plug terminals. Any links would be highly appreciated.
  3. D

    Answered Wall mounting TV on existing fixtures- unsure where to find fittings

    We've just moved house, and the previous owners had their TV wall mounted. I've attached photos as they're not something I've seen before but would like to make use of them. They are 40cm apart, so think I just need to find some fittings for our existing TV to be able to mount it. Is this a...
  4. DodgeTheViper

    Speaker Wall Plates

    I've got a couple of speaker cables from Surround Backs that I'm no longer using and would like to terminate. I don't want to just cut the cable and filler the hole just in case they come into use at a later date or something. It's a dot and dab wall with a depth from surface to block of approx...
  5. Dancook

    Wall plate for 7.1.4?

    Are there any wall plates for 7.1.4, anything that includes hdmi/ethernet too would be fine. already got the attached kit, but to make it work I'm going to have to add two double speakers plates.
  6. I

    Speaker stand for Tannoy HTS101 XP

    Hi All, I just bought the tannoy hts101 xp package from richer sounds which will only be used in my new house in the next couple of months so it's in the box until then . I was wondering if you could recommend any speaker stands that are compatible with the satelite speakers as mi girlfriend...
  7. Thresherinc

    Answered Wall Plates - Preferred Supplier?

    As the title says, for those who have run cables into the walls. Have you used wall plates? Who is your preferred supplier for those wall plates. I'm finding lots of people out there, some charging rather more for the item than others and was getting very frustrated with the whole affair, to...
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