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  1. LeeDicko

    Tannoy SFX wall mounts for Atmos

    Hey everyone. Just recently upgraded my amp to a Dolby Atmos ready one so looking to add some more Tannoy SFX Speakers a bit higher on the wall. For the life of me though, I can't find any wall mounts that allow the bottom mounting like the Tannoys need, they all seem to be for back mountable...
  2. C

    Wall mounts for Bose Acoustimass 10 series II

    I need to buy wall mounts for the speakers for my newly purchased (new to me, for my shop) Bose Acoustimass 10 series II speaker system. Suggestions?
  3. R

    Question Identifying wall mount from holes

    Hi - I have just moved into a property and want to mount the TV onto a bracket to the wall as the previous occupants did and ideally using the holes that they drilled into the wall. Is anyone able to tell what mounts/brackets would fit into this? I'm not sure if this is a standard sizing or not...
  4. tigermad

    Focal Sib Evo speaker wall mount availability.

    Have the wall mounts for the Focal Sib Evos been discontinued? Cant seem to get them anywhere.
  5. C

    Question wall mounts for Mackie HR824mk2 ?

    I have a pair of Mackie HR824mk2 monitors. I would like to mount them on the wall. Can you recommend a mounting solution for this? The product documentation suggests an OmniMount 60.0 wb, but it is no longer made or available. Are there other alternatives? They are 34lb each. Can they be...
  6. leckie

    TV wall mounts for 65" LG OLEDs

    Looking for a bit of advice from folks with 65" LG OLEDs. I'm in the process of picking kit for our new house and I'm keen to get a wall mount that's more appropriate for the TV. I have a 65" CX. Currently I'm using the Invision Ultra Strong wall mount. It's grand, and well built. However as...
  7. H

    Question Best recommended tv wall mounts

    Hi all, Not really well up on these things, so I’m looking for advice on wall mounts for two TVs. I want to wall mount a 65” and a 55” UHD Sony TVs. I only need to mount the TVs. Everything else (Xbox, Virgin box, soundbar) will be on a TV stand. I’m not too bothered about actually moving the...
  8. E

    Question Best wall mounts for B&W DM5's?

    Hi all, I'm moving my B&W DM5s in to a different room and I need to move them off stands, and on to the wall. Can anyone recommend a good set of mounts? I was looking at the Vogel VLB 200, but the bottom bit at the front wouldn't hold the lip of the DM5 and may even cover part of the driver...
  9. G

    Looking for wall mounts for KEF 3001

    Would anybody have any or could they point me in the direction of a non oem wall bracket for these? I need 4
  10. waring192

    Monitor Audio Radius 225 wall mounts?

    Hello, I bought a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 225 speakers from eBay but they didn’t come with the wall mounts. I was wondering if it’s possible to buy them in there own? I cannot find them anywhere so far.
  11. TheGamer147

    Vonhaus wall mounts

    Are these a good brand I'm looking at putting a 50" TV on the wall.
  12. killie77

    Question Mission Cube SE + Wall Mounts

    Hi Recently purchased a set of the Mission Cubes SE plus. I’m trying to find some wall mounts that will fit them. I’ve looked at the mission original ones but they seem quite expensive at £18 each. Does anyone know of any alternative wall mounts for these ? Thanks Ian
  13. H

    Rear wall mounts for my HW-Q90R/96R

    Hi So i got myself a HW-Q90R for a big discount. And im looking at buying rear wall mounts. I came across these. https://www.btechavmounts.com/file/bt332-assembly-leaflet-pdf Im not good with screws, the manual for the soundbar says "Hole size : 1/4 - 20 UNC" And that wall mouunt says: UNC...
  14. nheather

    Wall Mounts

    I have a LG 65” OLED to hang on the wall. Plenty of wall support as it previously held a much heavier 55” plasma. So I need a wall mount - what are the recommendations. I can see ones in eBay for £15 or less, I can see Richer Sounds trying to flig me a ‘basic’ one at £70. And I can see...
  15. B

    Question Samsung No-Gap WMN-M13EA Wallmount Fitment Query

    Hi, I have a Samsung QE65Q9FN which I have just fitted with the WMN-M13EA no-gap wall mount, however I seem to be having slight issues with getting it completely flat to the wall... If i measure the gap from wall to tv on top left and top right, there is a few mm difference, if both top...
  16. D

    Answered Wall mounting TV on existing fixtures- unsure where to find fittings

    We've just moved house, and the previous owners had their TV wall mounted. I've attached photos as they're not something I've seen before but would like to make use of them. They are 40cm apart, so think I just need to find some fittings for our existing TV to be able to mount it. Is this a...
  17. F

    Alternative Wall Mounts for KEF 2005.2 Speakers?

    Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, i'm looking for some good alternative wall mounts for my KEF 2005.2 speakers. They were purchased via the forums and only 3 out of the 7 speakers came with wall mounts as two were on stands (which i don't want) and 2 had none. I've searched online for...
  18. S

    All wall mounts built equally? Need two - advice please

    I will (within the next month) require two wall-mounts for a couple of TV's. The TV's are going to be mounted on a wall which is the partition between semi-detached dwellings. I've been told in the past these should be adequate for wall mounting purposes. For both mounts I am looking for: 1...
  19. C

    Question Articulated wall mounts - is there such a thing?

    The apparently perfect solution for my (still to be bought) side surrounds is an articulated wall mount similar to what my very heavy 50" plasma TV uses, but designed for a speaker. That is, it can be folded flat to the wall or be extended away from the wall. In my case I would want it to...
  20. jnoble100

    Recommendations for wall mounts for LG65G6V?

    Hi all. I've got a lovely LG65G6V coming soon and looking to wall mount it fixed on the wall and as close to the wall as possible. Looking for recommendations on the best brackets. We've got a SANDSTROM SFLEZ14 Flat to Wall Mount ready to use but the reviews aren't great for it. SANUS...
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