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  1. R

    TV and speaker wall mounting labour costs

    Hi All, This query has probably been covered already but couldn’t find the relevant discussion thread. I have a pretty small job I would like to get done. I want to wall mount my 55in OLED TV, front and surround bookshelf speakers. I am not good at DIY and so would like to get a professional...
  2. Solidmedia

    Wall mount Panasonic ZT65 Plasma

    Searched everywhere but couldn't find anything. Has anyone ever wall mounted a ZT65? Mine is moving room and a want to wall mount it be not sure what bracket as it's got the silly sideways HDMI sockets.
  3. B

    Wall mounting an 55XH9505 - problem!

    Hi all. Just received my XH95, and trying to wall mount it. It needs the wall mount screws (come with the TV) fixing in first. I have nowhere near a screwdriver big enough to screw these in, and the local Screwfix and Toolstation don't have one either. I can buy from Amazon for a rip off price...
  4. S

    Epson EH TW7000 Wall mount

    Hi I'm looking for a suitable white wall mount for my Epson TW700 projector. The mount holes are 34cm apart and all the wall arms I have researched are 31cm max on the brackets. I don't want to pay £150 for epson's own mount. Any clues would be appreciated. Otherwise I may have to fix a large...
  5. H

    Sony XH95 49" Wall Mounting Help

    I just bought Sony KD49XH9505 TV, waiting delivery and trying to get everything ready so I can wall mount it straight up. Hoping someone could help. (My bracket is movable and TV will be turned regularly to either face my sofa or bed position.) 1) Does the 49" TV come with spacers ? 2) If yes...
  6. B

    Adjustable Wall Mount for Wharfedale DX-2

    I am looking to install a set of Wharfedale DX-2s in my TV room, but the speakers will be positioned quite high (well above the sofa). I need a set of wall mounted speaker stands that can angle the speakers so they point to the chairs. The front speakers are just 120mm wide, so the normal...
  7. funkyirishman

    TV For Spare room Streaming/ Sports / Wall Mount

    Looking for recommendations for 32+ tv or nothing to big for spare room for use as spare tv for streaming and sports. Will be attaching a Chromecast to it so also looking for tv with usb hubs and hdmi and wifi enabled. Also want to mount it on the wall Any suggestions? Cheers
  8. MrMrH

    Is anyone else holding off on buying a new TV because you don't want to Wall Mount it yourself?

    I am looking at new TVs and like the look of the wall mounted GX/G1 and would love to have it a bit higher to keep it away from my kids, but I'm a bit concerned about wall mounting something that expensive and am wondering if others feel the same? or if they worked out how to get past their...
  9. E

    Q800t swivel wall mount query

    Recently bought the q90t and q800t soundbar to be wall mounted on the invision ultra strong swivel mount. Does anyone know if there is a way to mount the q800t on the swivel mount with the tv? The samsung soundbars have screw holes on the bottom instead of the back making it harder to use...
  10. Syphon

    Will the wall mount height need to change for a bigger TV?

    Hi all, Currently got a 50" plasma mounted with the centre of the TV at eye level. At some point later this year (hopefully!) we will be upgrading to a bigger size, min "65, but hopefully 75". I did a silly GIF for another thread to show what I'm after :) This may be a silly question and...
  11. P

    TV size in relation to unit

    I’m in the process of looking at new TVs but I am unsure of my max size and position I should settle on. Viewing distance is not really an issue to me. The existing TV in the picture is 42” and the unit is 180cm (70.8”) wide. Im thinkzing it may not look great if I purchase a TV which is the...
  12. R

    Question Identifying wall mount from holes

    Hi - I have just moved into a property and want to mount the TV onto a bracket to the wall as the previous occupants did and ideally using the holes that they drilled into the wall. Is anyone able to tell what mounts/brackets would fit into this? I'm not sure if this is a standard sizing or not...
  13. ilovelife

    Question What wall mount for 65C8 oled?

    Hi, i'm looking to wall mount our 65C8 oled, nothing fancy needed, perhaps a tilt option depending on how high we put it. Just after suggestions and users opinions really. TIA
  14. E

    vogel s THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount opinions

    Hello i am thinking of buying this bracket THIN 505 ExtraThin Fixed TV Wall Mount to wall mount my oled 854 but i dont now if it is correct for ambilight because the tv it i will be 1.5 cm far from the wall.Pls any help is most welcome.
  15. MysteryMan

    Question Recommendations for Wall Mount for 55" QLED

    Just helping out my sister who has just bought a 55Q90T set. I need to get a wall mount for it. Not bothered about it tilting as want it flat to wall. Quite a few on Amazon, but, every one I've seen has a few 1* reviews pointing out problems! Not wanting to spend a huge amount (ideally less...
  16. mas121

    Question Correct wall mount for Sony KD-43XH9196 ?

    Could someone kindly advise regarding what mount is suitible for this TV? I need a flat wall mount preferably with tilt option.
  17. CliffordinWales

    Old wall plasma wall mounting - good for 65in CX?

    I've just bought an LG 65CX in the Black Friday sales. It's going to be replacing a 10-yr old Samsung 50in plasma which I currently have mounted on a tilt-and-swivel wall mount. I've lost all the original documentation for that mount so I'm not sure of its specs, but looking at my old emails I...
  18. Rouanne

    Best cantilever wall mount for Samsung 7 Series 55" LED (UE55MU7070)

    Hi, apologies if this has been posted before - I've done a fair amount of searching but couldn't find anything. I'm buying my husband a surround sound and home cinema upgrade for Christmas. One of the things I need to source is a TV wall mount so that we have space for the middle speaker...
  19. Ryno18

    Clean Wiring for TV Centered on Chimney Wall

    Hello, My first post. Normally I run wires outside my house with insulation from my tv and receiver to the other components to keep every wire hidden, and I wire 3-prong power outlets behind the electrical components . However my TV and theatre system is up against the chimney wall (really a...
  20. M

    Question Wall mount recommendation

    Can someone recommend a wall mount with the center at about 28cm/11'' from the wall? Ideally one that can hold a projector and withstand a cat's attemts to mount it, pun intended :)
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