1. P

    Bluetooth audio quality - Phone vs NW-A55 Walkman

    Just wondering if anyone can through some light on this puzzling issue. I have been using my Walkman A55 for a number of years, using a range of bluetooth speakers and headphones. When compared to my Android phone I've always found the audio quality about the same ie no noticeable difference...
  2. ijenk64

    Walkman volume Query

    I have a Sony Walkman, NW40 I think is the model. I have installed a memory card, and copied all my CDs 💿 to it. When I connect to my home stereo via Bluetooth the volume is okay, but when it is physically connected via a phono cable, the volume is at least 50% less. Could anybody explain why...
  3. Y

    Cassette Walkman danger

    Is it safe to get buy a cassette Walkman with a long crack on the outer casing
  4. Y

    Sony cassette Walkman covers

    Dear forum members I only know of the Sony cassette Walkman 251,271 251 ,477that have covers for them . And will the 477 cover fit onto other Walkman models please Kind regards Yagiman 2
  5. Y

    Sony cassette 453 Walkman

    Dear forum members will it damage a Walkman or a cassette of put on c r setting when play On a 453 Walkman
  6. Justinneedofhelp

    Trying to find sony walkman nw-e390 preloaded songs please help

    So for a while i have been trying to find this rock song which was preloaded in my sony nw-e390 mp3 player i used in the past (2016) . The only thing i can remember is that the album cover was black and it had waves in it . I cant remember the lyrics aside from them containig the word "baby" ...
  7. D

    What should I purchase

    Hey all, 1st post here and a bit of a different question. I am chasing a music player that will be able to have access to playstore / spotify etc. With my job I am unable to use a phone due to security reasons with our product, but am able to carry a music player for music & podcasts I Want...
  8. Lighty

    Walkman vs iPad Pro

    I’m thinking of buying myself a Sony a55 or the like and wondered how they stack up against an iPad Pro these days? I’m using VLC to stream flac and mp3 from my nas at the moment. My headphones are oppo pm-3. Advice from anyone who has walked this path is welcome. Thanks Lighty
  9. J

    Question Sony Walkman NWA-105 wont update, Help please!

    I have a sony nwa105. The latest update available wont update it just stays on zero percent completed. Yes I have tried both on the device and through sony music center, neither work. I have also tried resetting the device but that didn't help. The only thing sony support suggests is making sure...
  10. R

    Connect Sony Walkman cassette player to Marantz 7011 receiver ?

    What would be the easiest way to connect to play old cassettes. Front connections:- Could I connect via head phone socket with 3.5mm to 6.5mm jack converter ? 3.5mm jack to USB lead ? 3.5mm to left & right audio phono only part of the front component connection ?
  11. R

    Sony Walkman A105 vs Hiby r3 pro?

    Thinking of rigging either one of these up to Sony 1000xm4s for FLAC audio. Wired preferably. Does anyone know how these two compare ? Battery life for FLAC playback both wired and with Bluetooth ? Which one sounds best etc ? Thank you in advance
  12. A

    Sony Walkman NWA-45 ....external DAC connection issue

    Greetings. I have a Sony Walkman NWA-45 which I have been enjoying for a couple years now while connecting to my iFi micro iDSD with no problem. I have recently purchased a Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance and my Walkman cannot seem to output any music file (MP3, FLAC, DSD) to my new...
  13. L

    Sony Walkman NWA-105 Bluetooth volume

    Needing some help i recently got a Sony Walkman nwa105 (android version) which I am using to connect to a Sony bluetooth srsxb20 speaker. issue I have is the volume controls on the Walkman make the audio coming from the speaker either really loud, or really soft. when I connected my iphone to...
  14. S

    Question I have a Sony GV-8 Video Walkman what can I use it for today?

    MY FIL had this for a camcorder back in the day. Camcorder long gone. I put a battery in the GV-8 and it seems it works, but what can I use if or today? The TV part, I think I'd have to change the antenna to get it up today with the new over the air system. So what else? I don't want to chop...
  15. OneSon

    Walkman A50 with Denon DM41 via bluetooth SQ?

    Considering getting a Sony Walkman A50 and noticed it had bluetooth. What would the SQ be like if I connected it to my Denon DM41?
  16. D

    Bargain Sony NW-A55L Walkman £142.29 - Amazon (Reduced from £180)

    Amazon have a flash sale on the Black Sony NW-A55L reduced from £180 to £142.29 (Richer Sounds are at £180) They would not credit me the difference between the new price and the £180 that I paid for my NW-A55L even though it is within the return period, so i have arranged a return and refund...
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: New Sony Walkman in the works?

    An FCC application points to a possible new New Sony Walkman in the works, the NW-A105. Could this be a model to celebrate the Walkman’s recent 40 year milestone? Read the news.
  18. P

    Question Selecting music on MP3 Walkman

    My MP3 player is a Sony NW-A35 Walkman but my query probably applies to many others. My basic question is how to select an album to play. I have about 750 albums loaded on to it and I currently scroll through the screens (alphabetically) until I find the one I want, which is pain especially if...
  19. S

    Sony NW-HD5 walkman rebirth (sonicstage required)

    Hi, I'm trying to resurrect my old NW-HD5 as its a fab bit of tech. Of course I don't have sonicstage software on my laptop anymore (windows 7) and no disc to reinstall. Is there a safe place to get sonicstage as a download? thanks
  20. mekon

    Playing Sony Walkman mp3 Player through Sony STR-DN860 Receiver

    Hi, I have just replaced my Onkyo TX-SR607 Receiver (Display packed up) with a Sony STR-DN860 Receiver. With the Onkyo I could play my Walkman using the Aux.mini jack plug socket provided (labelled 'Portable') , the Sony does not have one. Would it be possible using adapters to utilise one set...
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