1. winka45

    Walking dead season one disc

    HI, I have the walking dead season one disc with bonus 400 days episode. Wife got me it a few year ago for christmas, but not played it a lot as had it for my xbox 360, anyway, completed the main 5 episodes yesterday and now I can't see where the 400 days episode is, it's not there when I go to...
  2. raigraphixs

    Chaos Walking (2021) directed by Doug Liman

    Lionsgate has set a March 1, 2019, release date for the science-fiction adventure “Chaos Walking,” starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. Doug Liman is directing while Allison Shearmur and Doug Davison are producers. The screenplay will be written by Patrick Ness, Charlie Kaufman and John Lee...
  3. raigraphixs

    The Walking Dead - Season 8b (26 February 2018)

    Because you loved S7 so much :rotfl: Showrunner Scott M Gimple; actor on the death in Season 7
  4. H

    NEWS: Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 returns in June

    Fear the Walking Dead season 3 will premiere on Monday 5th June with a double episode. It will be simulcast with the US at 2am, repeated at 9pm on AMC, exclusive to BT customers. Read the news.
  5. icemanonline

    Jake the peg with the extra walking stick

    This is me today... Hobbling with my extra leg, stick trying to take shots and no shaking... Tricky. The joys Ice
  6. L

    Can I watch the Walking Dead

    Does anyone know when the Walking Dead series 7 is going to be on Netflix.I have seen series 6.I found the following on Google which suggests February but tomorrow is the last day.I cannot see any series of The Walking Dead on Netflix on my TV.
  7. Getgaff

    Question Wireless headphones that don't thump...

    ...when walking. I'm totally sold on wireless headphones having never experienced them until a couple of weeks ago. A revelation! However I've tried three different pairs now and all exhibit the same problem: A sizeable thump in time with my footsteps as I walk. AKG Y50BT: Too loose on my...
  8. RedDevil85

    The Walking Dead: Season 7 (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 25/09/2017 Status: In Stock
  9. raigraphixs

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3

    Season 3 now in production, but will any one watch? Fear The Walking Dead: Danay Garcia Teases Luciana's Bloody Season 3 Return
  10. rhysjames

    The Walking Dead review

    SPOILERS! Personally I think that the best zombie apocalypse on TV is, The Walking Dead. Not only does this show explore the world of zombies but also the world of what happens to humans during a zombie apocalypse (This becomes more obvious in later series) The Walking Dead is a zombie...
  11. Lostsoul 301281

    The Walking Dead Season 3 (TBC)

    Looks like this one slipped under the radar at E3 Apparently out this autumn.
  12. M

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3

    Hi everyone, Whilst we wait for the return of Season 2, it appears that Season 3 has already been announced. Not quite sure what to make of this series so far; really enjoyed season 1 but season 2 so far for me, meh.
  13. nitelighter

    Question The walking dead comic question

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, Thinking of selling up Only started from the region of 60ish issue Got a few specials and a fair few of the weekly issues Any ideas where to sell besides a certain auction site. Would it be worth selling now? Doubt I'll get my money back on what I have...
  14. johnaalex

    Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand

    This famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) street is the main nightlife area of Pattaya and a great place for people watching. All comments welcome, thank you. 1) Pattaya street performer by John Alexander, on Flickr 2) Pattaya flower lady by John Alexander, on Flickr 3)...
  15. carper-josh

    Question Game of thrones, Walking dead how to watch?

    Hi guys, i just finished watching game of thrones season 4 tonight which i bought on bluray. Im now wanting to watch season 5 which is available on the itunes store but not available to buy on disc version yet. I was wondering whats the best way to watch season 5? im not sure if its available on...
  16. J

    The Walking Dead comic

    Hi After some advice i got a walking dead issue 1 for £100 yesterday It is a really nice copy only problems are a couple of small rough edges and 3 spine stress marks. Was it worth it? Also would it be worth going to get it CGC graded and what do you think it might be.
  17. RedDevil85

    The Walking Dead: Season 6 (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 10/10/2016 Status: OOS/OOP
  18. aVdub

    Hiking boots

    Looking for something that has good waterproof properties and will be fine on mud, chalk, rock and shallow water-salt & fresh. Purpose of the boot will be for long winter/cold weather walks of up to 20 miles with cameras and tripod, so comfort is a must and looking to spend around £70 max...
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