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  1. F

    For Sale BENQ W1070 £240

    For sale is my Benq W1070 Full HD Projector. I purchased this projector brand new 9 years ago, where it has since been mounted in my home theatre and had 9 years of flawless usage. I will be sad to see it go, it has been a fantastic projector and I hope the next owner gets as much joy out of it...
  2. S

    Question BenQ W1070 Lamp/Bulb Advice?

    Hi, Could anyone recommend anywhere I can buy a replacement Lamp for my projector? I have been searching online sellers who claim they sell the original bulb in compatible housing, but I am concerned that they might not perform or last as long as the original lamp which has done nearly 6000hrs...
  3. nightjar

    BenQ W1070 - Strange mark centre of screen

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. Turned projector on and noticed this mark on the screen. It’s is less visible when focused. The picture below is when completely unfocused. Not sure if this is a hair or a crack. Had recently taken it away in a padded bag so may have been...
  4. brodders1979

    Replacing Benq w1070 but with what?

    I have and still use my trusty Benq w1070 but looking to replace it with a 4k projector. It will be used in a darkened man cave, projecting onto a 92" screen currently throwing from about 2.8m from the screen. I'd prefer to not have to re mount from the existing position and only have about...
  5. M

    Benq W1070 lamp

    Hi all, My Benq W1070 is almost ready for a new lamp and I have never replaced one before. Is it best to buy a lamp and housing or just the lamp? Where is best to purchase from? Thanks
  6. R

    BenQ W1070 - how to get 4k sources to it through receiver?

    Hi, Have a BenQ 1070 which has been woefully ignored since I got my 65” c9 and next gen consoles. I have a Denon 2400 receiver which doesn’t support HDMI 2.1 so I have my consoles wired directly into the TV, but my apple TV is connected through the receiver. Denon has twin outputs, and I’d...
  7. S

    Benq w1070 not starting up

    Projector flashes green light 5 times but no boot up. No fans coming on. No screen etc.. the book says it’s starting up but it just stays like that. Anything I can try before I bin it?
  8. J

    Upgrade from a Benq W1070 projector - help appreciated!

    Hi guys. I had a Benq W1070 for a few years, and was really happy with it but it's given up and looking for a replacement. It's setup in my basement (no natural light), approx. 3.5m away ceiling mounted. Projected onto a large wall. Firestick plugged in, with that connected to Bluetooth...
  9. J

    Benq W1070+ fan/temp issue. Help required & appreciated 🙏

    Hi and thanks for viewing my post. Please see the attached pictures. I believe I'm having issues with overheating and need to check, clean and probably replace one of the fans. According to the service menu I'm having issues with fan1 on the benq w1070+. I believe this is the front fan. I'd be...
  10. N

    When's a good time to replace my projector lamp? Benq W1070

    Greeting My projector (bought in 2013) is reporting an equivalent lamp hour value of almost 5600 and is displaying a message stating that I should order a replacement lamp. The lamp is rated "up to 6000 hours" I already have the new lamp. So it's a matter of deciding when to go trough with the...
  11. D

    Benq w1070 Projector 3d glasses issue

    Hi Guys I need some help please. I have bought a 2nd hand Benq W1070 projector and got myself 2 pairs of Ebay 3d glasses (2X 3D Glasses Active Shutter for All DLP Projector BenQ Acer Optoma HD243X JmGo). When I play a 3d SBS movie on my laptop in VCL or PowerDVD via HDMI to the projector and...
  12. Ssalazar

    Benq W1070 shutting down

    So my BenQ W1070 is shutting down after about 30-45 minutes of being powered on. When it shuts down the whole thing loses power. There are no temp or lamp lights on, No lights at all as if power went out. Hopped up on ladder wiggled cord around lights came back on but as soon as I let go of cord...
  13. S

    Repairing BenQ W1070

    Does anyone have recommendations for companies that do projector repairs for a reasonable price please? My BenQ W1070 projector has developed a HDMI fault where it is no longer picking up devices properly via HDMI. For example: Doesn't pick up my laptops Picks up my Amazon Fire Stick, but no...
  14. Z

    No pc hdmi sound after upgrading to Benq TK850 from w1070

    Just upgraded my W1070 to Benq TK850. Devices are connected thru receiver Pioneer vsx-522 all other devices still work (make sound and Video), Nintendo Switch, Chrome Cast, Cable Box. But any HDMI laptops connected show the screen (no sound) , including my Lenovo Carbon x1 in 4k niceness. but...
  15. Bman

    Lamp replacement for Benq w1070

    Hi, Can someone recommend a good lamp replacement for the BenQ w1070? Is there a site that sells original Benq lamps or any other generic brand from Amazon will suffice?
  16. primozkl

    Benq W1070 problems

    Hello guys! Have some problems with my Benq w1070 projector. The problem started when the lamp light was lid right after starting...and no picture displayed at all...so...I have bought 2 new lamps, changed them, but the problem is still the same. Any ideas? Can be something with the power...
  17. C

    Benq W1070, flat looking picture

    Hi all, picture on the benq w1070 looking very flat, hard to explain but it looks dull, the projector is 5 years old with only 500 hours on the lamp, is there a setting im missing or could the lamp need replacing. TIA. Chris.
  18. pistolpete1

    White screen flicker - Benq W1070

    Hi all, My benq W1070 is about 4 years old with just over 500 hours on its original lamp. It has been in eco mode since new, until I noticed a flickering on white scenes in a movie a few months back. A quick search suggested running it in normal mode for a while, which cleared the issue up...
  19. PAD333

    Question W1070+ Buying replacement part - Website recommendations?

    Hi there! The lamp on my projector W1070+ exploded some days ago. I wanted to replace the bulb only and reuse the housing, but when I opened it I noticed that the front glass is slightly dented. I guess this would have to be replaced (although it being so much at the border perhaps it doesn't...
  20. B

    4k Replacement for a Benq W1070?

    Hello All, Looking to upgrade from a Benq W1070 to a 4K (faux) unit, budget up to £1500. Throw distance about 3.2m with 108"diagonal (if i remember correctly), dedicated screen (pro-white 1.0 gain and black screen border). Room isn't perfect, far from a bat cave but for me and my eyes has been...
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