1. S

    For Sale BenQ Projector W1070+

    BenQ W1070+ 1080p 3D projector with 2 HDMI sockets (1 is HDMI-MHL) From a smoke, pet and child free home. 812 lamp hours (see attached photo). Boxed and in great condition. The backlit remote control's plastic case has yellowed around the side from age or lack of light. I've tried to show it in...
  2. S

    Benq w1070 not starting up

    Projector flashes green light 5 times but no boot up. No fans coming on. No screen etc.. the book says it’s starting up but it just stays like that. Anything I can try before I bin it?
  3. J

    Upgrade from a Benq W1070 projector - help appreciated!

    Hi guys. I had a Benq W1070 for a few years, and was really happy with it but it's given up and looking for a replacement. It's setup in my basement (no natural light), approx. 3.5m away ceiling mounted. Projected onto a large wall. Firestick plugged in, with that connected to Bluetooth...
  4. J

    Benq W1070+ fan/temp issue. Help required & appreciated 🙏

    Hi and thanks for viewing my post. Please see the attached pictures. I believe I'm having issues with overheating and need to check, clean and probably replace one of the fans. According to the service menu I'm having issues with fan1 on the benq w1070+. I believe this is the front fan. I'd be...
  5. N

    When's a good time to replace my projector lamp? Benq W1070

    Greeting My projector (bought in 2013) is reporting an equivalent lamp hour value of almost 5600 and is displaying a message stating that I should order a replacement lamp. The lamp is rated "up to 6000 hours" I already have the new lamp. So it's a matter of deciding when to go trough with the...
  6. D

    Benq w1070 Projector 3d glasses issue

    Hi Guys I need some help please. I have bought a 2nd hand Benq W1070 projector and got myself 2 pairs of Ebay 3d glasses (2X 3D Glasses Active Shutter for All DLP Projector BenQ Acer Optoma HD243X JmGo). When I play a 3d SBS movie on my laptop in VCL or PowerDVD via HDMI to the projector and...
  7. Ssalazar

    Benq W1070 shutting down

    So my BenQ W1070 is shutting down after about 30-45 minutes of being powered on. When it shuts down the whole thing loses power. There are no temp or lamp lights on, No lights at all as if power went out. Hopped up on ladder wiggled cord around lights came back on but as soon as I let go of cord...
  8. S

    Repairing BenQ W1070

    Does anyone have recommendations for companies that do projector repairs for a reasonable price please? My BenQ W1070 projector has developed a HDMI fault where it is no longer picking up devices properly via HDMI. For example: Doesn't pick up my laptops Picks up my Amazon Fire Stick, but no...
  9. Bman

    Lamp replacement for Benq w1070

    Hi, Can someone recommend a good lamp replacement for the BenQ w1070? Is there a site that sells original Benq lamps or any other generic brand from Amazon will suffice?
  10. primozkl

    Benq W1070 problems

    Hello guys! Have some problems with my Benq w1070 projector. The problem started when the lamp light was lid right after starting...and no picture displayed at all...so...I have bought 2 new lamps, changed them, but the problem is still the same. Any ideas? Can be something with the power...
  11. C

    Benq W1070, flat looking picture

    Hi all, picture on the benq w1070 looking very flat, hard to explain but it looks dull, the projector is 5 years old with only 500 hours on the lamp, is there a setting im missing or could the lamp need replacing. TIA. Chris.
  12. pistolpete1

    White screen flicker - Benq W1070

    Hi all, My benq W1070 is about 4 years old with just over 500 hours on its original lamp. It has been in eco mode since new, until I noticed a flickering on white scenes in a movie a few months back. A quick search suggested running it in normal mode for a while, which cleared the issue up...
  13. PAD333

    Question W1070+ Buying replacement part - Website recommendations?

    Hi there! The lamp on my projector W1070+ exploded some days ago. I wanted to replace the bulb only and reuse the housing, but when I opened it I noticed that the front glass is slightly dented. I guess this would have to be replaced (although it being so much at the border perhaps it doesn't...
  14. S

    benq w1070 set up help

    I've had the benq w1070 for 6 years or so now with the wdp02 wireless kit, it's set up to work with the lg 3d player and sky+box but i have never figured out when i put the tv into digital mode(not sky) how to get the picture on the pj screen,i have tried several combinations but never been able...
  15. alex440

    Question Benq w1070 vs Benq w1050 vs Optoma HD27E

    Hi. I am contemplating buying an entry-level projector for watching movies in a dark room at night, no sport, no games, little to no ambient light. Distance ~3m. I narrowed my choices down to Optoma HD27E vs Benq w1070 or Benq w1050, but open for other options... Considering that where I live...
  16. U

    Benq w1070 - Where do people buy replacement lamps?

    Any recommendations?
  17. S

    benq w1070 isf password

    hi just bought a used benq w1070 and i cant access the isf menu. aside from going the password procedure that entails calling benq to decipher the pj code given is there another way to get into the isf menu? thank you
  18. CostySSj4

    Help with Benq W1070 Replacement.

    My Benq W1070 died yesterday and I'm looking for a worthy upgrade but it seems I'm having trouble finding a projector that can throw the same image size from my distance. I'm using a 135" Carl's ALR DIY frame I made and projecting from a wall mounted Benq W1070. Distance from wall to projector...
  19. RobTi

    Question New projector with similar throw to benq w1070

    Hi wondered if anyone can throw some models on the hat for me to read up on, budget around £1000 and my brother has the above model and lives in the same type of house with the same screen and throw so as long as it has the same I would know it fits. Throw 2.75 directly facing the screen ?
  20. RobTi

    Question Benq w1070 replacement

    Hi my brother has the above and it’s been back for repair twice now for the same fault case cracking at mounting point, now just opened the box up and hairline cracks round the mountings again and as it’s mounted on the ceiling directly above them when viewing he’s not happy. So what would be a...
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