1. Drdense

    Pioneer vsx-933 Bass extremely low except in pure direct

    I have just found that my bass output is extremely low on both automatic and pure mode, only getting decent output on pure direct mode. I have gone through the settings and as far as I can tell I've turned the bass up to max but still the same issue? I'd prefer to use direct mode as the room...
  2. foxyfoxy

    Sony Pulse 3D and Pioneer VSX-933

    Hiyas! :) Hope everyone is well! Would anyone know if the Sony 3D Pulse headset can be used with the Pioneer VSX-933? I am not massively techy, but I’ve managed to set up a projector with the AVR, and a surround sound system. However, out of respect for the neighbours, I’d like to be able...
  3. A

    Pioneer VSX-933 - CONSTANT black screen video/sound cut out issues.

    Hi everyone I’m going insane. It’s been months since I’ve had this issue but it’s now back on multiple inputs on this receiver which I wish I could just return to the store. I was watching playing on my PS5 when it happened. I went into settings and set the HDMI output to -2 and that seemed...
  4. A

    Changes to my setup, need advice

    Hello. I am looking into making some changes to my setup. Currently it is a 2.0 situation, but it could be upgraded to 3.1 - hopefully 5.1. Used for music and movies. Vinyl records and Spotify, Netflix and 4K Blu-ray. Gear: LG OLED55B7V Klipsch RP-280f Pioneer VSX-933 Cerwin Vega A0.8 kw2...
  5. R

    Pioneer VSX-933 IR code for Sky HD punch through

    Good evening all, I have the Pioneer VSX-933, and I'm after some infrared codes to program it into my Sky HD remote to allow the Sky remote to power it on-left hand cursor button, and control the volume using the volume keys. I've already done it on two remotes a while back, but, doh, didn't...
  6. A

    Pioneer VSX-933 Loses HDMI output

    Hello! Since a week while watching TV, the Pioneer VSX-933 HDMI Output turns black. When it happens, I do hear sound, but I see no video. Nothing happens when I change input, it stays black. When I turn the device off, and I power it on, sometimes the video comes back. The only thing i...
  7. briank5400

    Pioneer VSX-933 Died - looking for guidance on repair or ...

    Hi, I've been lurking in these forums for a long time but never posted so hope someone can help or advise me. I bought an Pioneer VSX-933 from Richer sounds back in Nov 2018 but a few months ago it suddenly stopped turning on. They advised that it unfortunately was no longer under warranty and...
  8. D

    Low volume on Klipsch with Pioneer VSX 933

    Hello Everyone, I just bought a second hand Pioneer VSX 933. I have a brand new Klipsch Reference Speakers. But the volume is really low. I have to crank it up to 50db to watch movies on Netflix. Any idea what could I improve the performance here?
  9. D

    Echo with Klipsch reference and Pioneer VSX-933

    Hello All, I have a Klipsch 5.1 Dolby Atmos reference system attached to Pioneer VSX-933 receiver. I am getting echo in my speakers as well. What could be the issue? Thanks for the help.
  10. airjordan23

    Pioneer VSX-933 problem.

    A few days ago the muting logo appeared on screen on my LG B8 but only on HDMI2 and for some reason I can’t get it to clear. Apart from resetting the Amp has anyone got any suggestions or has had this problem before?
  11. hornetster

    Pioneer VSX933 Chromecast problem

    Hi, Anyone here using the Chromecast capability of the Pioneer VSX933? I have one, and have never been totally happy with the Chromecast (but it, generally, HAS been getting better), but in the last week or two, has stopped working totally, with a message "It may take a few days to complete the...
  12. C

    Question New Pioneer VSX933 seems too quiet after initial setup

    Hi all I just treated myself to this receiver (previously had a THX rated VSX and it was fantastic until a channel died on it), it's to replace my Sony STR-DN1030 which is starting to get a bit annoying as it turns off the signal to the TV now and then. The pioneer seemed like a fantastic deal...
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