1. G

    Pioneer VSX LX303 + bookshelf speakers for music?

    Hi Would Pioneer VSX LX303 with a pair of decent bookshelf speakers work for music? Predominant use would be music from a turntable or laptop (would need a DAC for that as well) and occasionally movies from either TV or laptop. If this makes sense then what set of speakers would match this...
  2. sh1zzle

    No AV control while using PS3 Slim to play music CD's

    Dear avforums users, After moving house, i started setting up my hifi setup. I use a Pioneer VSX 322 k with a stereo (2.0) setup and a PS3 slim as a cd player. All connected by HDMI. When i watch a Bluray i can still switch my AV from using STEREO to, for example, STEREO ALC or DIRECT and i...
  3. Daz7610

    Pioneer vsx 930 k usb issue

    My pioneer vsx 930 k has an issue when playing music via USB. It plays great for a couple of months and then out of the blue it just stops reading and playing. I've tried other USB drives with music on them and it still won't play. I also turned the unit off for a period and still it won't play...
  4. T

    Out with pioneer vsx 1029 in with Sony STR-DH790

    Well after about 15 years the old pioneer vsx1029 power board and other bits are gone and repairs and parts sourcing are just not worth it cost wise. But I have a few more years in this house before we move so needed a new AVR. After a bit of reviewing the Sony str-dh790 seems to fit the stop...
  5. T


    Hi - I have (don't laugh) a Pioneer VSX 821 amp, which seems to have started hanging. When I plug it in, it goes on, but will not switch off either by remote or the power button, when on, the display seems OK, but cannot get any sound or vision through it. Can't reset, as can't get it to standby...
  6. M

    Question vsx

    Hi, I have a problem with the vsx-923 every two minutes the sound drops 3 (dB)
  7. P

    Question Pioneer vsx no sound

    I have a pioneer vsx c301 which has been unused for many years but kept in its original box. I recently tried to set it up in my summerhouse and find there's no audio output. It switches on fine, the display is normal and all the inputs can be selected ok. There is no output from the speaker...
  8. GhostRider17

    Question Pioneer VSX 534 Occasional clicking

    Hey guys A few months ago I bought a Pioneer VSX 534 receiver. I'm really pleased with it and it's a nice small upgrade from my older amp. Despite only having 5.1 channels the Atmos is still very impressive and theirs plenty of extra features compared to my older amp. One thing I've noticed...
  9. M

    Question Pioneer VSX-934 7.2 Support of 7.1 Dolby Digital TrueHD (Dolby Atmos)

    I have been using my new 5.1.2 sound system with my pioneer AV receiver almost for 6 months. I downloaded some sample files with Dolby Atmos enabled sound. I tested them on my Linux box and they sounded great. However, recently I noticed that my Linux box actually doesn't support Dolby Atmos. So...
  10. O

    The best second-hand Pioneer receivers with MCCAC Pro?

    What are the best second-hand Pioneer receivers that have the top level of MCCAC (MCCAC Pro)? Looking for a low-cost entry point to that level of room correction...
  11. JonasJonas

    Pioneer VSX-933 - sound stops for a second (buffering?) while playing over bluetooth

    When playing music over Bluetooth via phone using Spotify, the audio sometimes stops (ca 0.5 seconds), which kinda ruin the whole listening experience. Any idea if there is a solution to this problem? Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. P

    Question I have a Pioneer VSX-521 and the sound drops out - any actual fix for this

    This appears to be a common issue. But I do not see a fix for my particular issue. Whenever I switch channels or sources the sound can drop out. To get it back I need to power cycle the unit several times, or occasionally dozens of times. Eventually the sound will come back. I have a freesat +...
  13. HereIsTom

    Question Pioneer VSX-934 settings

    After 9 years of loyal service, my Pioneer VSX-921 has stopped. Bought a Pioneer VSX-934 this weekend, but now comes with a few settings. Are there any here that also have the VSX-934? I set up the 934 with the automatic MCACC. For example, I had Automatic Level Control on the 921, but cannot...
  14. B

    Question VSX- LX302 Pioneer Bluetooth connects but no sound

    I have always played music in my house via the Bluetooth connect option until one day last month. The phone is connected to the receiver. It says it’s playing on the receiver. But zero sound. Also won’t play via AirPlay despite, yet again showing as connected on both the receiver and phone...
  15. M

    Question Do I get the newer VSX 934 or the older VSX 1131?

    I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, I’ve been looking at upgrading from my Pioneer VSX 923 to a Dolby Atmos receiver, looking at the 2 above as stated. 80% used for films/series. 20% music. if the 934 was ‘Pioneer rated’ at 160watt as the 1131 is I’d go for the 934, but it’s rated at...
  16. S

    Question Pioneer VSX-933 Tidal steaming options and DTS play fi possible CEC/ARC issue

    So anyone that has the Pioneer VSX-933, and possibly similar AVs, will know that the Tidal app works and, as far as I'm aware, will play the 'master' MQA tracks where available (The FLAC reads 48/24 rather than 48/16). However. The UI is hilariously terrible so I went about trying to find...
  17. LarryOfOhio

    Pioneer VSX-LX303 OWNER’S THREAD

    As a recent purchaser of the VSX-LX303, I would be interested in the experience of others. I have the receiver set up for a 7.1.2 system with one subwoofer, rear and center speaker, and a pair each of front, high front, and surround speakers. Some of my thoughts as of day two of installation...
  18. lukeysl

    Pioneer VSX 531 keeps turning off

    Periodically my new AVR turns off. I've checked the speaker wires aren't touching the case. When it goes off the HDMI light blinks. I know there is a reset sequence but any idea why this keeps happening? Is it a fault with the HDMI cable and that's why the light is blinking?
  19. lukeysl

    VSX 531 setup /listening mode help

    hi, so i got my VSX 531 sorted and installed. i was suprised it came with an auto calibration mic as i was told this model didn't have that which was cool. listening mode. I have no clue what I'm doing here, help. Sky Q is my source. What on earth do i put it on for 5:1 surround sound? i...
  20. andy aceter

    pioneer vsx 923

    hello I have a problem that has suddenly occurred, there is no sound coming from my speakers which have been working fine for more than a year. the message" phones in" is displayed, does anyone know how to solve this? many thanks in advance.
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