1. tomstuart

    Advice on HDfury VRROOM + ATV4K + PS5

    I’m looking for advice on how/if I can arrange a reliable setup with the HDfury VRROOM and the ATV4K & PS5 I have attached to it. My setup and goal are simple enough: I own a non-eARC but otherwise fine TV (LG B7) and a Sonos Arc, and I’d like to be able to connect both my ATV4K and my PS5 to...
  2. S

    HDFury VRRoom (Vertex3) Owners

    Apologies for the long post, but I'm looking to get some confirmation from existing HDFury VRRoom owners before I pull the trigger on this expensive piece of kit. My setup is as follows: 3 Inputs - SkyQ, Apple TV 4K, PS5 HDMI Switch - Kinovo 350BN Soundbar - Samsung Q950A Lightning - Philips...
  3. A

    HD Fury Vrroom and Sony KDL55w829

    Hi There, I have the following sources connected to the Sony KDL55w829 - Sonos Arc, PS5, Sky Q(1080p) and Nintendo Switch. I'm using the PS5 as a Blu ray player, but I'm looking to extract the the full audio soundtrack eg Dolby Atmos etc, but the sound output on the Sonos app is in Stereo...
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