1. M

    Is there a 4K 120hz switch that supports vrr and earc? Please help!

    Hi guys, I would really appreciate some help please. I need a vrr earc 4k 120hz switch to work with full features for both ps5 and Xbox series x with my Samsung q80t tv and Sonos arc soundbar. My tv only has 1 hdmi 2.1 port. I currently have a cabledeconn switch from Amazon titled as below...
  2. Soulscourge Eidolon

    Denon X3700H , PS5 VRR Issues!

    I have been having trouble with my denon x3700h for so long now. Before I used to have washed out colors when I used PS5 in games running HDR+VRR. Denon released a firmware update supposedly fixing the issue, for a degree it did. The colors are fine now , BUT , a new issue is making me go...
  3. K

    Do I need a 4k/120 VRR on my soundbar?

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the whole eARC, 4k/120 VRR passthrough for soundbars, but I'm a bit confused. I currently have a LG G1, and a connected PC to it (RTX 3080). I also have a PS5 connected, and a old soundbar I'm looking to upgrade. My question is, do I need to find a soundbar that...
  4. stigzler

    Samsung Q70R - Why are VRR and ARC on two separate HDMI ports?

    I'm looking to set up My TV and new AVR (Denon AVR-X2700H DAB) with my PS5. I know this TV doesn't do 120Hz @ 4k (not having HDMI 2.1) - not bothered about that. I am looking to enable VRR on my TV and PlayStation. However, according to THIS VRR is only supported on HDMI 1: "Samsung Q70R...
  5. G

    8k and vrr not on ps5?

    My ps5 on my Samsung 8k tv says vrr is not available on this tv. Is vrr only available on HDMI 2.1 port? When will Sony bring out vrr on the ps5? Can I use vrr when it comes out on a HDMI 2.0 port? Which ps5 Sony update number is vrr included in? All the best
  6. S

    Trying to enable 120hz on 85QN90 Samsung TV that supports VRR. Any tips? Doing everything the manual says but just doesn't work? Video showing support

    Video showing support (but not working) I feel like I'm doing everything right but maybe someone could give me a pointer why VRR isn't turning on? I have the latest firmware for both my TV and PS5. Verified my TV supports it! For reference here is my TV specific manual...
  7. T

    JZ2000: No 120Hz VRR on PlayStation 5?

    Hi there, At the end of last year I was delighted to hear the news about firmware update 3.124 enabling 4k 120Hz and VRR on the Panasonic JZ2000. Tests on an XBox Series X and PC seemed very promising, the 4k Bypass Mode helped compressing bandwidth to get it done. A few days ago Sony finally...
  8. S

    HDMI cable for VRR

    Anyone know if you need an HDMI 2.1 cable for VRR or if an "HDMI with Ethernet" cable would work?
  9. Mike15111984

    VRR help please

    Hi everyone, ive recently upgraded to a series x, can anyone please tell me how VRR works? I was under the assumption that VRR matches the games framerate and the tv's refresh rate? This is not the case in my testing. So when xbox is set to 4k 60hz in display setting: 30fps games are at...
  10. golden phoenix

    VRR is nearly here PS5 update

    i knew it was coming and so did everyone else but when....my bravia TV had the update last month so just needed the PS5...well on todays Playstation blog Sony says its coming in the months ahead (why not now!) also have the ability to use it on any games not just VRR games...interesting..please...
  11. Y

    LG OLED 77G1RLA Vrr

    I am trying to turn on VRR I have gaming mode on also 4K colors Now still vrr stays off for my ps5 How can I turn it on??
  12. B

    Brought philips 936 because of 4K120 VRR, what is the limitation?

    Brought philips 936 OLED about 3 months ago, can the TV do 4K120fps without VRR, I can't test this out due to my gpu being limited to HDMI 2.0b so I can't do 4k120 only 1440p/120, I also can't test out VRR as it only works through display port not hdmi, I brought the TV because it advertised...
  13. Super Mario bros

    best VRR setting for xbox x series / LG CX

    in my LG Oled CX, is it better to activate VRR AMD freesync premium or leave the standard version and use HDMI VRR ?
  14. W

    PC to LG OLED via Denon AMP 120fps, VRR, HDR issue.

    Hi Im trying to get my PC to output 120fps with HDR but the Nvidia control panel does not show the TV like in video below. I am able to get 120fps without HDR in windows display settings, but to get HDR, VRR and instant game response you have to make correct settings in the control panel...
  15. slim01

    Can you still lock TV refresh rate and use VRR / freesync / gsync?

    So I've been very temped with a Philips oled706 mainly for VRR and w10 gaming (and obviously pq and ambilight)... Does anyone know if I can still lock the fps to say 70fps in game or via nvidia control panel and VRR will still work (no tear or stutter with vsync off) even if my display is...
  16. S

    Looking to get 65OLED706 over C1 but worried about 120hz VRR

    I own a old Philips 55PUS6401 but im wanting to go OLED. I watch all my tv content via Android IPTV, Netflix, Prime and Disney+ ... so if i went with the C1 i would need to buy an Nvidia shield to replicate what my current Philips tv can do adding another £130 to the cost. Also having had...
  17. Tomnook80

    HDMI 2.1 and VRR

    Hi all I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question but wanted some clarification. I'm after a new gaming laptop and I'll also be periodically using it to connect to my CX OLED. I use the VRR function since I play a lot of emulation and some of the older games system use odd refresh rates...
  18. jackol4ntrn

    Gamma flikcering issues when PC gaming on a LG CX 65 inch

    Hi all, I have some serious gamma flickering issues when playing PC games, especially when HDR enabled. The settings on the TV are: instant game response on, AMD freesync on, HDR game user picture setting, firmware fully updated to latest The settings on the Computer is: 4k RGB Full, 120 Hz...
  19. Damian83

    Q70R VRR

    Hi, i own this tv, and dont found an "owners" thread. I have a question about VRR: the tv isnt hdmi 2.1 and 4k VRR is only up to 60hz. So how it behave with a PS5 and a game that runs at 120fps??? Which will be the best video settings?
  20. S

    LG BX OLED VRR flicker

    Hi there, hope everyone is well during these crazy times. I’ve recently purchased an LG BX and an Xbox series X. I’ve noticed while playing games with VRR enabled that sometimes dark areas of the screen flicker. This goes away when either VRR is turned off on the console or if the console is...
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