1. C

    Do I need VPN on my laptop?

    Hello, I use my Android phone as a hotspot for my Windows 10 laptop. I have NordVPN on my Android phone, Would I need to have the VPN on my laptop also? Thank you
  2. Tricky-Ricky

    Which Modem/Router to replace TT fast router and run VPN?

    New to this so bare with me, I am a TalkTalk customer and have the fast router which I understand can't be setup for VPN so from a bit of research I can add another router that handles the VPN, now the bit I am not sure about is should I get a modem/router of just a router, and how is this...
  3. razer1

    VPN option to remote connect to home network

    Hoping for some assistance and advice.... Having a few issues with getting a stable connection on openvpn running on synology dsm nas. How I have our network setup at the min is that I can remote connect to our network via OpenVpn that runs on my HP N54L running Synology dsm. I have this...
  4. S

    Casting while using smartdnsproxy, difficult

    So. Our TV is not smart. I live in one country but get a lot of my content from the UK. To the point that I have a second router with its own wifi ssid dedicated to smartdnsproxy (like a vpn). We have a roku so can get iplayer, itv, ch4 etc But my (new, supplied by my isp) android tv box...
  5. jakewalsh

    Want to add vpn, but skyq and useless

    Hi guys So ive been toying with the idea of adding a vpn so i can get more of the netflix library. But With sky, i have skyq and believe there router wont allow me to use a vpn. Ill be honest not super comptuer savy but a quick learner, whats the easiest way to do this? Is it even worth...
  6. Sign of the times

    Virgin media 3 and vpn slooow !

    Hi I get roughly 100 mbps hardwired ,flip the vpn on and im on 4 mbps ! Phone is 5g and gets 211mbps over wifi 🤷‍♂️ Need help please Cheers
  7. chenks

    Youtube Premium - Indian subscription via VPN

    anyone here used the Indian method of getting cheap youtube premium? UK price is £11.99pm, if you sign up via an Indian VPN you can get it for 139 rupees, which is about £1.35pm the snag is that my account already have a UK youtube premium subscription, so wondering if i could cancel it, then...
  8. M

    Synology NAS with DDNS and VPN

    Hi First time here, I hope someone can assist me please :). I have a Synology DS218+. My router is a Netgear D7000v2. I have a DDNS and domain setup with Namecheap and a VPN with Nord. I would really like to access my plex through my domain but my Netgear does not play nicely with NordVPN...
  9. B

    Does Qobuz need constant vpn for streaming

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to start using Qobuz but before I purchase the streamer and the streaming plan, will I need to use VPN coonstantly and therefore not use the streamer but pc? or can I use streamer? I'm from a country outside Qobuz range so I created an account using vpn successfully...
  10. L

    Upload speed problem through VPN

    Hi, we have installed a MikroTik router with Surfshark VPN to run a Mag box from, but although the download speed is fine (about 60mbps) the upload is saying 0. It works fine through the Surfshark apps on our phones etc so it is a problem with the router. We are using Virgin Media which has...
  11. F

    mi box 3 weird vpn issue

    turning to the knowledgeable folks here for help on this as i have tried so much. summary : when my mi box 3 (perfect for 3+ years) connects to a vpn there is no internet connection. long explanation : i use expressvpn...which is perfect on phone / firesticks etc, all connected to same...
  12. Geoggy

    Firestick VPN question

    I’m trying to install Windscribe onto a Firestick but not getting anywhere. it doesn’t come up on search. is there a way to side load it?
  13. O

    Anyone Got sky Q working over VPN?

    hey Guys Anyone able to get sky Q working over a VPN, i have 2 draytek routers setup in the office with different lans, so created a lan to lan VPN but my mini box doest connect to the sky box over the lan/vpn I have no clue what might be stopping this but every other functions of a shared vpn...
  14. O

    Question Express VPN Ireland- RTE Player

    Anybody else finding the RTE Player is blocked when using Express VPN set to Ireland?
  15. S

    TCL Android TV - prevent background VPN app closing

    I have a TCL Android TV (model 32ES568). I have downloaded the PIA VPN app and have it running fine. I can close (minimise) the app and re-open and it is still running but if I start running a second app (the one that I need to run through a VPN), the actual PIA VPN app in the background shuts...
  16. A

    VPN issues

    Hi, I have just installed NordVPN on my XH9505 from the App Store to have a look at the US Netflix as I heard it has a lot more choice than the UK variant. When trying to login or even create an account I am met with the message "Login failed. We hit an authentication error. Please try again."...
  17. NatTheGooner

    ExpressVPN for routers. Bypass geo-blocking for any device.

    If you need to bypass Geo-blocking for a streaming service from another country, this is the very user friendly solution I have found. ExpressVPN have firmware that you can load onto one of the supported routers - it has to be the router only version as I found out the hard way by getting one...
  18. IRobot

    Running a VPN on a router

    My VPN is giving me over 200 Mbps on my desktop. I'd like to use the VPN with my Apple TV so I set it up on my Asus router (RT-N66U) but I'm getting less than 10 Mbps. Is this because the router isn't powerful enough ? Any suggestions for a better router ? The RT-N66U has worked great over...
  19. D

    Question about DNS, VPN and routers...

    I'm looking at adding a DNS or VPN to my home PC setup purely for privacy/security reasons. Having read a few articles on DNS's and VPN's, there's one aspect (at least!) that I still don't understand: isn't it the router that determines what DNS server my PC connects to? How come there's any...
  20. I

    Question VPN for Television

    Hi I am considering the possibility of setting up a VPN to allow me to take a subscription with HBO Max (which isn't available in the UK). I've got an LG Smart TV but can't find a usable app on there that will enable me to do what I want to do. I'd prefer to be able to watch the show I want...
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