1. releasesoft

    Question VPN option under Settings - Network

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Yesterday I almost bought a Zidoo Z10 in local store to replace my old MEDE8ER 300x, But unfortunately while checking this model, then found out these models doesn't have the VPN option under the Network Settings. (Perhaps this link can explain more about what I mean)...
  2. JabbaNut

    Netflix Is Less Annoying to VPN Users Now, But Some Titles Are ‘Hidden’

    " Netflix has started to treat VPN users differently. Instead of preventing them from playing any content, the popular streaming service now allows VPN users to play content that's globally available. At the same time, however, it has begun hiding titles with geographical restrictions, without...
  3. neuty

    Question Recommended VPN for home fibre broadband and mobile

    Hi All, This is all quite confusing for me, but can anyone recommend a good reliable and not costly VPN for home and also for mobile / tablets usage? There are so many it’s blown my head off. Thanks for looking. Carl
  4. Z

    Buy a synology wifi router and get free client vpn and site-to-site vpn permanent licenses

    I have one of these which is a great router with lots of cool features including extensive VPN features...
  5. C

    Question VPN recommendations for IOS 9.3.5?

    Hi Can anyone recommend a VPN provider which is compatible with IOS 9.3.5? I recently installed Ivacy on the grounds that it ticked most of the boxes I wanted from a VPN. Unfortunately, when I tried to download a programme from the BBC Iplayer on my tablet (on which IOS 9.3.5 is installed), I...
  6. SGH42

    Thinking of Netflix but need VPN recommendation

    Thinking of Netflix but need VPN recommendation as I think to watch Dexter I need a Netflix US account. Any recommendations for a VPN, I doubt it will be free though. Also anyone know if 24 is on Netflix US?
  7. E

    Using a VPN with a smart TV

    I hope this is the right forum for this kind of question... When streaming video to my television via my PC, I sometimes used a VPN so that I could stream content that's not available in my home country. I now have a smart TV and stream to it directly. Is there a way I can still use my VPN...
  8. L

    VPN question

    Hello, I have just started using a vpn and would like to stream HBO Max (american streaming site) from the UK. I understand that by changing my location to the US i can make an account with HBO however my problem stands that i can sign up for a free trial but they need information such as state...
  9. funforall

    Question Can A Vpn Be Traced And Show What You Domloaded From Where

    Hi I had an email from my internet provider saying, Quote Unfortunately, provider has been contacted by legal representatives of Paramount Pictures regarding the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. They have identified that a provider subscriber has illegally accessed their material on...
  10. W

    How can a website identify me if I'm using a VPN and an alternative log in?

    I recently had an account banned by over zealous moderators on a website - lots of people have suffered the same fate after disagreeing with their new policy of profit over community. I'd been with the site for a long time and lost a lot of contacts etc but decided I'd set up a skeleton account...
  11. P

    Question VPN usage

    Apologies if this is not the right place for this question but not sure where to go to find out more. It seems that we should all have a VPN for privacy reasons and this appeals to my nature to not give out more info than I need to. But before I sign up for a VPN I have some basic questions...
  12. R

    Question VPN settings in Vidaa U AI

    We just got our new 55U7B and I figured out we can't watch the content we used to watch as Vidaa doesnt have VPN settings as Android or Samsung Tizen has. Anyone knows if Vidaa 4.0 finally brings VPN settings? Thnx
  13. M

    WiFi extender with VPN server

    Sorted it thanks
  14. B

    Sky, Netflix & VPN

    I have Sky's Ultimate On Demand package allowing me access to UK Netflix. I'm trying out ExpressVPN with a view to being able to access material from other countries' Netflix. I was hoping that Sky Q would remain with UK Netflix but Apple TV and Smart TVs would see a USA server and allow me to...
  15. Westindieman

    advanced Router VPN setup

    I have a TP link Archer C7 router which I want to use with my VPN, however the VPN restricts my internet speed by about 80%. Is its possible to set up the router so that some specified devices do not use the VPN which is set up on the router?
  16. DoogyDawg

    Setting up NORDVPN with uTorrent on a mac.

    I have tried and tried with this on my Mac, Yosemite. I can torrent fine without a problem normally without a vpn but I am trying to set up a proxy using NORDVPN's settings. I can put all the settings in and I can download a magnet link and it says downloading in uTorrent but there is no...
  17. T

    Found this Star Wars inspired easter egg in a VPN app

    I updated their Windows app to the latest version, switched the dark mode on and found this. Pretty impressive I must say. Has anybody seen anything similar in other apps lately? I know the popular ones in Android and Messenger, but haven't heard of anything exclusive recently.
  18. H

    Question On the fly country switching via router based VPN?

    My parents really like watching from multiple Netflix regions + BBC and a few other country exclusive content, I'm looking for an "all-in-one" solution (if it exists) for on the fly country switching via router. Anyone had any experience with that sort of service? if that's even a thing yet...
  19. JabbaNut

    Bargain BT offers free Prime Video; rolls out Alexa

    New and existing BT TV customers who recontract can now sign up for Amazon Prime Video and receive the streaming service for six months at no extra cost via the Prime Video app on BT TV. https://advanced-television.com/2019/11/22/bt-offers-free-prime-video-rolls-out-alexa/
  20. dpullen87

    Question Anyone used Spider VPN

    I recently signed up to spider VPN and took their classic router option. I have a 200MB virgin connection but when either hardwired or WIFI connected to the spider VPN device I'm only getting 22MB max, doesn't matter which country I choose. I have seen posts on social media of users getting...
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