1. B

    Question Samsung TV DUAL VOLTAGE 100-220v

    Just moved to the UK from US, are these TVs safe to use on the 220 voltage here, or do I need to get a power converter?
  2. Manete

    Question Coaxial Surge Protection

    Hi. A week ago, a heavy storm damaged the main board of my satellite receiver through the coaxial input. Big thunder --> mains off --> mains on --> decoder won't boot. I have an electric surge protector for all my devices, but the electromagnetic pulse/field this time, went through my dish...
  3. ivxx

    Question Buzz with UK NAD Amp / voltage converter

    Hi everyone, I have a 240 volt NAD C316BEE V2 amplifier that I brought with me when I moved to the US. I bought a 500 watt Litefuze voltage converter (the amp is 40 w per channel so 500w is ample) in order make it work here. However, I find I'm getting a buzz / hum and I think the voltage...
  4. C

    led rgb strip run color issues (advanced**)

    Good day everyone, This is my first post so bare with me here. My issue is this.. Two of my led runs are green while rest are red and red while rest are green. looks like the lights have improper wiring order. (cause of different manufacture ?) In my home theatre I have a large led circuit...
  5. M

    Any Quad Vena owners here willing to give technical help?

    Hello! I'm new to the forum here. I need help from a fellow Quad Vena owner: I just bought a 220V model in Sweden which I'm importing to Canada. Here, we use 120V. My question is simple: anyone willing to open up his/her Quad Vena 120V model and show me the jumpers J1 and J2, near the power...
  6. M

    Hisense 49H6E voltage question

    I am being transferred to Europe soon and want to take my Hisense 49H6E 4K TV with me, as the specifications say it will work in voltage up to 240V (60hz). I know the tuner will not work in UK/EU, but I only plan to use the TV as a monitor for Blu-Rays and streaming 4K internet content. Hisense...
  7. pcaddy

    Answered American product voltage

    I wish to buy an "Aircom T9, AV component cooling fan system" and wondered if anyone can help with the electrical connection. It says under technical specifications that it uses "Wall Adapter Input 100 to 240V AC" if I understand it correctly this will be OK to use here in the UK with an UK 3...
  8. D

    Car battery: Surface charge

    When it comes to the winter i might be needing a new battery, Its done well so cant complain coming up to 11 years. Anyway i know if you check the voltage with a meter you are supposed to drain off the surface charge to get a proper reading, My question how many hours does it take for the excess...
  9. E

    Answered Classe CP-800 Voltage Rating 120 versus 240 V

    Hello - I recently purchased a Classe CP-800 Stereo Pre-Amplifier from the US where the voltage rating is 120V. I live in Australia where the voltage rating is 240V. The amplifier voltage rating is confusing. On the rear right side there is a sticker that indicates that the unit is a 120V...
  10. serge123

    Question US Projector screen voltage convertor

    Hi I purchased a Elite Vmax Dual screen from the US Am looking for a 220v to 110v convertor but all keep the frequency at 50Hz Does anyone know if this will affect the screen motor? thanks
  11. rometotalw

    Question Moving continent - do I need a voltage converter? (UE55JS8000)

    Hello all, I'm moving next year from Belgium (220V) to Japan (100V) and I would like to bring my TV with me. It's a Samsung UE55JS8000. I read several times that it's possible to just use it there. However, I'm not certain. Does anyone know if I need a voltage converter or not? Thanks...
  12. B

    Using 220v hifi equip (Germany) in the UK

    Hey everyone So my Dad has a Philips CD471 and a Technics SU-v60 both from Germany, they have 220 volts there. They both use a figure of eight connector, and both say 220v on the back. None of them say anything like 120-240 or 230-240 for example. The Philips CD player gave off a strange smell...
  13. P

    Question Denon AVR 1613 not powering on after voltage surge

    I have an Denon AVR 1613. After a very high voltage surge , its fuse was blown. I have replaced the fuse (2 Amp) with a new one, but now any time I switch is on fuse is blown again. Any idea what part could have been short circuited?
  14. A

    How to bring voltage down

    I have a B & D wizard dremil type tool and have tried to restart the battery with no success, so i have a laptop transformer that is rated at 20v dc 5 amp and want to try converting it down towards the 3.6v for the tool, what would i need to do it if its possible and some simple sketch as im...
  15. A

    Question Low Output voltage of Yamaha v681??

    I am using Yamaha v681 with svs PB1000.... i am barely getting and bass from it... if any, very minimal.... is this because of low output voltage of yamaha's receiver???? have anyone experienced this before? how can i solve it? thank you... i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad now...
  16. J

    Help with voltage tv

    Hi I was just wondering if anybody could help. I have a UK Philips TV and a Philips tv from Germany. Is it possible to literally take the plug adapter cable from the UK one and put it into the German tv to power the German tv or will doing this blow it? Or do i need a European converter, I...
  17. vince11

    Answered Are floor standing speakers compatible with receivers that have 110 or 220 voltage?

    Hi avforums! I signed up because I asked this on the amazon question and answer and I couldn't get a clear answer.. I live in a country where its 220v, and there are some receivers that I can buy that are 220v here and its 7.1 I want to order a floor standing speaker from the US, and the...
  18. Hansaplastique

    Looking for Yamaha A760 with voltage regulator (110/220v)

    I apologize if this is not the right place to ask ... I am looking for a Yamaha A760 (or if affordable A860) with the voltage regulator so I can select 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz input. According to Yamaha the "generic" model has this, but the US version does not. The main reason why I looking for...
  19. Vidura1995

    Question Help with TV voltage

    Hi I got this LG OLED coming in from the US and the website indicates that it runs on 120VAC 50-60hz but unfortunately our supply is running at 240V. I brought down one of these voltage converters - Diamond Series with Regulator - BEST - Voltage Converters and it converts from 240 to 110V...
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