1. G

    LG webOS TV OLED65CXPUA voice search issue

    For some reason my TV will no longer access a movie via voice search. Instead it pops up a Google search box. Voice commands are now useless for program searching. I have the latest software update 04.35.20. There are videos on YouTube and various other written instructions online regarding how...
  2. Don Rogers Tash

    The Greatest male Voice...

    ...Belongs to Daryll Hall. Prove me wrong.
  3. vannus

    Magic Remote voice control

    Just tried to use my magic control to launch an app using the voice control and it immediately jumps to voice not recognised before i get a chance to say anything, all worked fine yesterday. I have tried resetting the remote using back and home buttons but problem persists. Is this a new control...
  4. G

    Voice control

    Any advice gratefully received, I have my Sky Q box in a media cabinet on a different floor to my main tv. is there any way I might be able to get the box to respond to voice control as at the moment it doesn’t. Thanks.
  5. W

    Voice controlled TV for Grandad with Dementia?

    Hello everyone, I must admit that I created this account just so I could post this thread. Your advice would be very much appreciated. So the story is that my Grandad suffers confusion from vascular dementia, is visually impaired due to stroke damage (best way to describe it is he has...
  6. D

    I Can See Your Voice - BBC One

    Great show, been on for four weeks now (started 10th April) & I absolutely love it! Highlight of my week :) https://tellymix.co.uk/reality-tv/446697-i-can-see-your-voice-bbc-one-announce-new-singing-game-show.html
  7. H

    Q950T Voice Issues

    I have a Samsung Q90T tv and Q950T sound bar all with updated firmware. I'm using a properly rated eARC HDMI cable from tv eARC HDMI port to soundbar eARC HDMI port. I am running it in Q-Symphony mode using the TV speakers simultaneously with the soundbar speakers. The sound bar is set on...
  8. E

    I am looking to get into voice acting but don't what mic is right for me.

    I want to buy a microphone for voice acting and am struggling a bit. I have a deep male voice and am interested in doing raspy voices for some projects I want to audition for. My budget is around 200 to 400 (Maybe more) for the microphone (Not including accessories.) As of now, I am in between...
  9. SFkilla

    Snatch (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR/DE)

    Snatch (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.fr / Fnac.com Release date: 02/06/2021 Status: Available for pre-order ----------- Snatch (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.de Release date: 03/06/2021 Status: Available for pre-order(TBA) Artwork TBA
  10. SFkilla

    A Silent Voice (Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    A Silent Voice (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.fr / Fnac.com Release date: 15/06/2021 Status: Available to pre-order
  11. S

    Question iPhone 12 - Voice command control Selfie

    (iPhone 12) To perform a (mostly hands free) Selfie I use, “Hey Siri switch on voice control”, “Hey Siri take a Selfie”, “Hey Siri turn up volume”, (Selfie saved to gallery). I now close the camera app by swiping up, “Hey Siri switch off voice control”. Question; is it possible to voice...
  12. J

    LG OLED BX - Voice bar coming up intermittently

    I recently purchased a BX oled. It’s a great TV but I have recently had an issue where when we are watching the TV, Netflix or anything every 10 minutes or so the Blue bar that usually comes up if you use the ‘slow’ voice command just goes across the screen (like the TV is about to do a voice...
  13. R

    iPhone 12 Pro Max - Speaker volume

    Hello I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, upgraded from an 8 Plus. The speakers are excellent for music and YT, I rarely have them on full volume. However, a voice call on speaker phone (cellular, FaceTime, WhatsApp and FB) is way too quiet at full volume, I use this for meetings and it’s actually...
  14. big boss

    B&O H95 Bluetooth multipoint and voice assistant help

    I've recently bought the H95 headphones and am really impressed by them. I have a couple of technical queries. I have looked at the instructions manual and scoured the B&O website, as well as Google search, but haven't got an answer yet. 1) They're supposed to support Bluetooth multipoint. How...
  15. B

    Question Voice comands to C9 - LG ThinQ

    Hello, I'm having issues syncing my LG C9 into the ThinQ app on my Android device. Anyone had this situation? The app finds the tv but but when i select "add" yhe tv goes off the app. I wanted to voice control my tv with Google assistant and for what i read the only way is this way: Tv --- LG...
  16. AndySymons

    Limited Alexa voice control of LG OLED TV (WebOS Thinq)

    I bought an LG OLED 65” B9 for my mother who is 91, visually impaired and hard of hearing. Sound and picture quality are very good but the main reason I chose it was the Alexa capability. It turns out to be rather more limited than I had hoped. It does not even do everything that the LG Thinq...
  17. knotscott

    Budget Camcorder for College Voice Student

    Hi all - I'm looking for suggestions on a budget camcorder that works reasonably well, is easy to use, and has a port for an external microphone. Most of the usage would be for recording vocal pieces in a bedroom type setting. She sings well, but isn't particularly tech savvy, so it needs to...
  18. J

    Question Sky Q voice remote control compatability

    I got SKY Q a couple of years ago. Now I see there is a voice remote control for about £30. Do you know if it is compatible with the early SKY Q boxes or do you have to have the latest ones? I like the idea of voice control! Edit: Just seen the SKY section but can't delete or move my thread.
  19. terencejames

    Question Voice control action cam

    Does anyone have any recommendations for voice controlled action cameras? I'm off to Florida in August so would love to be able to capture everything without fiddling with the buttons. I've been looking at the GoPro hero white but seen some iffy reviews about the picture quality. Some of the...
  20. DoogyDawg

    Question Google Home vs Amazon Echo assistants voice quality

    Does anyone have both of these or has anyone tried them. We have just bought the Google home. While the music quality was ok the assistants voice was a bit distorted which made the unit vibrate slightly on a shelf. It's as if the speakers could not take the high notes very well. It's a bit hard...
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