1. MI55ION

    Anyone moved from BT fttp to Vodafone gigafast?

    Or vice-versa. How did the transfer go, how are you finding the new service compared to previous, any issues? Would be interested to hear your thoughts as I'm currently contemplating a move to Vodaphone gigafast but concerned about their throttling policies. Their price seems too good to be...
  2. E

    Iphone 4 Vodafone locked

    Hi I am a new member to this forum, so firstly can I say a big hello to everyone here. I have a 2nd hand Iphone 4 which I have found out to be locked to the Vodafone network (phone given free from the Freecycle website and not stolen). The Freecycle Network www.freecycle.org I can not...
  3. psychopomp1

    Anyone else having issues switching off call forwarding on Vodafone?

    I cannot seem to switch off call forwarding on my iPhone 12 Mini on Vodafone pay monthly Sim only plan. Have a tried nearly everything including factory erase & reset on my iPhone and even a new eSim from Vodafone. Quite often the call fowarding wheel setting on my iphone just spins forever...
  4. S

    Vodafone Hub

    Does anyone know if the VOX 3.0 Broadband Hub supplied by Vodafone supports SNMP
  5. T

    Stopping Vodafone Nuisance Calls on Nokia 1600

    Good evening, I'm forever getting messages from Vodafone on my three Nokia 1600's, mostly offering 500 free texts if I sign up to various things. In fact, I've never sent a text in my life and have no wish to do so. I'm on PAYG and actually use my phones for talking to people! Is there a way...
  6. Flashy

    Vodafone wifi hub disconnects every hour

    Apologies in advance for waffling on... Switched to Vodafone broadband yesterday. Old router stopped working at about half-seven, Vodafone kicked in at about 11am. Speed ten times greater than I was getting with old ISP, £276 cheaper over the length of the contract and a free Apple TV 4K. Good...
  7. Stevie G

    Can anyone recommend a reliable site to unlock a Huawei Mate 20 Pro on Vodafone please?

    Hi all I'm just moving my phone over to Plusnet monthly whilst I decide what phone to go for next now that my Vodafone contract has ended (£6 a month instead of £36!) but I need to get my Mate 20 Pro unlocked. I've had a google and loads of sites come up, but some are charging £50 and I've no...
  8. psychopomp1

    Vodafone now offering Visual Voicemail

    Just a heads up, VF are now offering Visual Voicemail on compatible handsets. Added a new VF eSim on my iPhone 12 Pro this morning and got a pleasant surprise when I received a text saying VV is now active :) https://www.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/visual-voicemail
  9. darrow

    Question Lebara uses the Vodafone network so why do this happen?

    I have a dual Sim android phone with a Labara sim and a Vodafone sim installed. The signal strength from each sim varies a lot. Sometimes I have a strong signal on one sim and almost none on the other. Labara uses the Vodafone network so why would it be different?
  10. sykotik

    Question 3rd party router with vodafone

    Is it possible to use a 3rd party router with vodafone ?, over the past few months iv been getting disconnected from the router when using the 5ghz part of the options. Wired and 2.4ghz wifi is fine never have any problems with them .. TV , phone and laptop randomly loose connection every...
  11. A

    Vodafone Onenumber and smartwatches

    If you use Vodafone Onenumber and send sms from both phone and smartwatch, do they sync up so the messages sent are shown on both devices?
  12. snowy2004

    Speed difference between Sky and Vodafone - Anything I can do ?

    Hi, I've had a Sky broadband FTTC connection for some time (recontracted last year to get new Sky hub). It's the superfast up to 59Mb service. I've only ever got a maximum of 34Mb from this line. I recently had a new line from the pole to the house installed and Vodafone's FTTC service...
  13. V

    Question Vodafone Gigafast

    We have just ordered vodafone gigafast 900mb package with the anytime call package for those who are with vodafone and have the call package add on for their gigafast internet can you advise what handset you have and do you have one with an answering machine?
  14. harry66

    Question Will a Google Pixel 4 Pay Monthly from Vodafone be locked?

    Hi, I have been googling this - but just wanted to check - will my new Pixel 4 from Vodafone on a pay monthly contract be locked? I would rather not open the box to check - googling seems to give mixed answers.. Anyone who can answer definitively - much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. G

    opinions on vodafone broadband

    Hi all, I was wondering what people thought about vodafone broadband and whether they were worth going with? Kind regards Mark Strong
  16. T

    Any Vodafone GigaFast Fibre Broadband users?

    I am currently on Virgin Media 100bm plus line rental for £32.50 pcm. Now Vodafone have put in their Gigafast network down my street they are offering 500mb £30 900mb £40 With a £5 loyalty discount as I am a Voda mobile customer. Can anyone who has it compare it to Virgin? How was your...
  17. jacko50

    Vodafone broadband and CCTV problem

    not sure if this is in the right place but, I just switched from Sky to Vodafone (cheaper and faster ) but..I had a CCTV set up before which would replay on my TV. That still works fine but I also had Smarteyes set up on my mobile devices so I can view from my phone/tablet. This no longer works...
  18. Jacoscar

    What master socket for Vodafone broadband?

    When I moved into my house I removed the master socket for replastering and probably lost it (or thrown it away). I have had Virgin Media during the last year, but have now requested Vodafone broadband. The previous owner had internet with a non virgin provider so the phone line should already...
  19. Smiffy 2

    Question Vodafone broadband and Apple 4K TV?????

    Currently with Plusnet, I've had no problems with them at all, but it's contract renewal time so just looking around at alternatives..... –– ADVERTISEMENT –– As a Vodafone customer, I'm being offered a pretty good package by them which works out a couple of quid cheaper per month than my Plusnet...
  20. Dave X

    Virgin Mobile MVNO moving from EE to Vodafone

    Virgin is moving to become a Vodafone MVNO. 5G capable customers will be moved over in the near future, others by 2021. https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2019/11/virgin-media-uk-says-goodbye-to-bt-signs-vodafone-for-mobile.html
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