1. jda7165

    Upgrading TV to OLED but keeping same screen size

    Thoughts on upgrading your current TV but keeping the same screen size? Been thinking about going OLED, but the price jump between 65in(my current screen size) and 77in OLEDs is no joke. Currently have the Vizio P65-C1.
  2. B

    Vizio 70" Screen Problems

    The backlight on three quadrants of the screen went out. After some research, I decided to replace the light strips. It was a lot of work, but pretty straight forward. When I turned it on after the repair, some of the backlights were going in and out, but now the screen is glitching. I checked...
  3. J

    Question VIZIO - 70"- V-Series V705-H13 or LG - 75" Class - UN7070 Series. Help, lol.

    I've been TV hunting since Black Friday 2019. I have a Samsung 55 inch from 2009, it has one out of 3 working HDMI ports. Seeing that I buy all the game consoles, getting the PS5 this year, I need an upgrade badly. Also a big movie watcher so it would be nice to see how far they've come along...
  4. E

    New Vizio - Crazy Problem

    Hey guys, new to the forums and I come in search of enlightenment. I have a crazy problem that has me stumped. I just purchased a new Vizio 50” tv for a bedroom. Hooked up the tv to my existing cable box and Xbox. When I turned the tv on, there was good picture but no sound from the cable box...
  5. KangarooFactory

    Panasonic UB 820 - Pioneer 701 - Vizio P75 (2016) > Static Noise

    I've been working on this for about six hours. I'm trying to upgrade from a Sony X800; the X800 had issues reading discs and would freeze every now and then. UB 820 won't handshake, or something with the TV. On initial set up the screen just goes blank and tells me to check my connections...
  6. J

    new Vizio owner

    Hello, new member, new Vizio 32: owner. Gift from son for Father's Day. Question- how do I set the tv so every movie or tv show I watch is not high def ? I used all my monthly data previously on my older Non-HD TV. Don't want every show to be in HD. I realized local OTA TV programs wil come in...
  7. Steve Withers

    Vizio SB36512-F6 Soundbar Review & Comments

    The Vizio SB36512-F6 Dolby Atmos soundbar delivers a genuinely immersive audio experience without breaking the bank thanks to a simple setup that includes a separate subwoofer and rear speakers. Read the review. Write your own review for Vizio SB36512-F6
  8. P

    Vizio disabling old models via firmware update?

    I'm beginning to think that Vizio is intentionally bricking their older TV models via a firmware update. This is purely speculation, but is not something I would put past them. Backstory: I have a 60" Vizio SmartTV, model E60-C3. After about seven years of use, it showed signs of a few faulty...
  9. N

    Question Vizio M60-C3 has flashing dark patch on screen...

    I have a 5 yr old Vizio M60-C3 TV that has what look to me like an area that is an Oval shaped patch on the screen about the size of a basketball that almost constantly flashes a dark patch on the screen. It is not really dark, we can still see the picture underneath it. It flashes pretty...
  10. ArchDevil

    sub 100$ soundbar

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a budget soundbar and I've seen that the Vizio soundbars are good in the budget area. I found 4 soundbars that will fit the budget and they are: SB2820n-E0 -70$ SB2920-D6 - 75$ SB2920-C6 - 79$ SB3220n-F6 - 90$ Budget is about 150$. But Since I'm going to...
  11. Sithtiger

    Enabling Equalizer or bass on Vizio V655-G9 using headphones connected to Logitech Z623 analog external speakers?

    We just bought the Vizio V655-G9 and wanted to add that my problem is that when I plug my headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack (on speakers), I can hear the sound just fine, but changing the equalizer settings on the TV do nothing when headphones are plugged into the speakers. When I adjust...
  12. X

    Vizio V405-G9 or Hisense 40H4F ot TCL 3 series 40S325

    Hi, My 10 year old Sony Bravia BX300 TV finally gave up and I replaced it with Vizio V405-G9 but when viewing at an angle picture looks washed out and color shift is more obvious. I don't see many 40 inch TV's in the market, I filtered below 3 brands but can any one suggest which is good or...
  13. D

    Old Vizio vs new LG

    Hi all, new to the forums and in no way an A/V enthusiast. I was recently forced to replace my 10yr old Vizio XVT47SV due to all of the inputs ceasing to work. Let me start off with saying that the only parameters I care about are picture quality, at least 2 hdmi inputs and Bluetooth support...
  14. D

    UK - How to update firmware for vizio sb36512-f6

    Hello All, I've just purchased my Vizio sb36512-f6 soundbar and set it up last night, looks and sounds great! I've downloaded the SmartCast app and tried to update the firmware, but it prompts to go to the website '' which isn't set up yet, and none of the...
  15. N

    Vizio M65 C1 Verticle Banding

    Trying to troubleshoot the banding issues with my TV. Pale vertical bands appear occasionally. Most noticeable in dark as well as light movie scenes. Any suggestions on how to remedy this problem?
  16. A

    Vizio M507-G1 How To Adjust Menu Text Size

    The text font sizes in the menus are awfully small in some spots. And also the channel information when you hit the info button on the remote is even worse. Is there a way to make the font sizes any bigger? I know there's a zoom setting you can turn on or off, but it basically sucks. It...
  17. A

    Vizio M507-G1 How To Adjust White Balance

    Hello, I have a 50-inch TV, model Vizio M507-G1, and am wondering if anyone happens to be familiar with this TV. The white balance seems on the warm side, so the whites look just very slightly red/brownish. I want to make the white balance a cooler setting, but the menu screens are confusing...
  18. O

    Vizio PX-75 Picture Settings

    Hello, I just purchased a Vizio PX-75 and am loving it. But I'm looking for the best picture settings to use. I'm waffling between "Calibrated" and "Vivid" but can't find a happy medium. I've watched a ton of YouTube videos and searched endlessly for just a simple setting template to use as...
  19. M

    Vizio M470sl App Update

    Hi all, a customer asked for a upgrade in his vizio model m470sl tv apps. So far vizio offers no software upgrade, or can not find any easy way to add more apps. So far the only coming up with is casting app to connect your tablet or phone to tv and stream from there. Is there any other way to...
  20. nedis

    Question Best home audio for the buck: VIZIO SB36512-F6 soundbar OR Monoprice Premium 5.1.4 system

    Hi guys! So I just recently moved to my first apartment and now am trying to set up a decent home cinema experience. I've already got the TV, so the next logical step to take care of is the sound. I'm on a pretty tight budget (think €600) but really want to get at least a glimpse of Atmos sound...
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