Vision or The Vision may refer to:
In business, vision is foresight - the capacity to envisage future market trends and plan accordingly
Goal, a desired result
Vision statement

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  1. J

    Hisense 55U7QFTUK faulty vision

    I have a Hisense 55U7QFTUK which has developed a fault, when I switch it on the sound is okay but I cannot see the picture. The screen is just vertical colour banding and you cannot see the programme or film but you can hear what is on. The tv was purchased on the 24-02-2021, I have had no...
  2. T

    Question Panasonic UB820 - Dolby Vision Support

    Panasonic UB820 - Dolby Vision Support Could some please let me n know if I am getting Dolby Vision? As per the top line it suggests I am getting DV but the 3rd line suggests it’s SDR. I have enabled HDR by.2020 and the DV on the panansonic. Thanks in advance.
  3. H

    dolby vision just gone from netflix

    ok so for some reason my lg c2 logged me out of netflix. I had to sign back in, and when I did dolby vision has gone. I have been watching 3 body problem and they where in dolby vision but now they are just showing as HDR.. whats going on?
  4. D

    Why only HDR signal and not Dolby Vision

    Dear All, I have Zidoo Z9X PRO connected to Yamaha RX-V6A and then on Philips 65oled908/12. All three support Dolby Vision. Why do I only get HDR signal to TV when playing Dolby Vision movie on Zidoo Z9X PRO. I have everything on default on all devices. I also have ultra speed HDMI cables 2.1...
  5. RedDevil85

    Nikita (1990) (4K UHD Steelbook) (US)

    Links: - WowHD Release date: 11/06/2024 (US) Status: Available to Pre-order
  6. R

    For Sale TTAP Vision TVS1010 hi-fi stand - £10 (Liverpool L17)

    TTAP Vision TVS1010 hi-fi stand in very good used condition, Richer Sounds are currently selling this for £119. Dimensions - 730mm height x 651mm width x 455mm depth Selling due to house move, collection from Liverpool L17 only please.
  7. two2midnight

    Sony and Panasonic Dolby Vision processing

    Continuation of a discussion which was getting well off topic in the thread it was in. Try #38. Your reply misses the point of the links I gave, a player which can convert SDR content to a DV like signal for display on a non DV display (but needing the help of a HD Fury) obviously can also do...
  8. C

    Dune HD Ultra Vision 4K problems

    Hi, I have the Dune HD Ultra Vision 4K and ran into several problems: 1. I would like to set up wireless and it shows all of my routers there (between 100% and 79%). I'm entering the correct details but it fails to connect. It connects fine through the Ethernet connection (same router). 2. I'm...
  9. hissy83

    HDR10+ Dolby Vision (stupid question)

    My tv supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and regular HDR. My 4k player only supports HDR10+ and HDR. When I play a 4k disc, my TV is only showing that I'm getting HDR, it doesn't say HDR+. Is there something I need to do, or will I be getting the HDR+ but it's just referred to as HDR? Sorry its a...
  10. Peterb67

    No Dolby Vision via usb?

    Hi. On my Panasonic TX-43MX610 which arrived yesterday. This tv has both Dolby Vision and Atmos. When I play a movie ( a known Vision/Atmos encoded one) via the USB it displays the Atmos logo but not the Vision logo. It says its in HDR. The movie plays perfectly. I know they are encoded with...
  11. I

    Question The Running Man 4K

    I bought a load of 4K blurays from an online retailer. One of them was the running man and on the disc it says Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos but its only in 5.1 not Atmos. What can we do about companies telling lies like this? Its fraud.
  12. L

    Question Confused about Dolby Vision picture mode

    Hello, Up until very recently I have always watched Dolby Vision content using the Cinema Home picture mode. However, I recently found out that Cinema is actually the more accurate picture mode for Dolby Vision since it doesn’t add any “fake brightness” for lack of better words. As an artist...
  13. pugheaven

    Question Anyone Has Problems SISU Black Bars Flickering in Dolby Vision?

    As title... running a Sony X700 and LG TV and noticed for the first time last night, SISU 4k around the 45 minute mark for around 2 minutes the black bars are flickering grey. I've done some googling and some others have had it at well with different hardware on different films... YET when I...
  14. Lin3ar

    Hisence Netflix not showing Dolby Vision

    Today I have installed a 65E7 in my back room. So far I am pretty impressed considering the price apart from one issue with the Netflix app. It does not show Dolby Vision and there is no DV logo in the description, just 4k. My LG Oled is working perfectly fine. Any ideas? Edit HDR and DV are...
  15. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Apple Vision Pro set to launch in February & comments

    The new spatial computer bundled into an immersive mixed-reality headset will debut in the US at the beginning of next month, albeit at no small cost. Read the news.
  16. Tempest

    Apple Vision Pro

    As we are probably only perhaps 3 to 4 weeks away from the Apple Vision Pro being launched. If you are living in the US Are you planning on buying one? Are you planning on visiting an Apple store to try one? If you are in the UK, might you see if you can fly to the US and buy one? There is...
  17. Nick0slicK

    Question Do 4K Blu Rays in Dolby vision also have HDR10?

    Hello everyone. Question, do 4k Blu Rays ended in Dolby Vision also have HDR10?. My equipment; Samsung TV QE55Q9FN (2018) peak 2% window ~1450 Nits, Panasonic UB820 Blu Ray player. I recently figured out that I have a number of discs encoded in Dolby Vision, however I have a TV which doesn’t...
  18. Simon Belmont

    Question Dune HD Pro Vision 4K Solo firmware?

    What happened to support for this player? No update in a long time. Still on 230929_0206_r21 Is this player dead?
  19. flamenco

    Question TV Keeps going blank with no sound

    TV a keeps going blank and with no sound. What is most likely cause of an intermittent fault where the TV suddenly loses sound and vision - for a few seconds and then resumes? This is infuriating and is happening regularly. Suggestions have been the HDMI lead, or the HDMI connections becoming...
  20. G

    Is Dolby Vision crucial?

    Im trying to decide between LG G3 and the Samsung QD S95C. The OneConnect box would help my media wall installation (and later additions like Playstation) and the screen always seems to be a better price. But it doesn't have crucial is this for you experts? We only tend to watch normal...
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