1. BabaBaba

    For all u Virtual Reality Fans

    Hi all for yrs now we have been looking for a new MMORPG for PCVR and Oculus Quest. Well iv had the pleasure of meeting and talking with the brothers from Team21 and the creators of ilysia the new mmorpg if u would like to see there kickstarter coming soon or would like to pledge there endeavour...
  2. VRGamingStudy

    Question Virtual Reality Gaming Study

    Hi all! I am currently undertaking a research project at the Australian National University investigating the effect of virtual reality on player gaming experience. The project is split into two stages and I am very keen on recruiting participants for this study. The results from this study...
  3. rousetafarian

    My eyes are rolling into the back of my head after too much virtual shopping

    Budget £40k on PCP and aiming for around £500/month max upto £3k deposit and roughly 14k miles/annum over 4 years Lightly used, nearly new or pre-reg probably German 330+ bhp Petrol preferably AWD or RWD Coming from a 310bhp Golf R so I want to up the game from there. Narrowed down to BMW...
  4. B

    Question 55AE7400FTUK DTS Virtual X/Dolby Vision

    Hi all, I have just purchased the Hisense 55AE7400FTUK which is coming on Wednesday (excited), I have a few questions regarding a potential soundbar for this tv which I am looking to buy in the near future, it comes with DTS virtual X. I have my eye on several so far the Sony HT-X8500, Yamaha...
  5. O

    Yamaha YAS 207 DTS Virtual X sounds terrible

    Hi i purchased this sound bar based on good reviews etc and quite a lot of hype around the dts virtual x. Now I am not expecting to be blown away by the sound (I had a lovely 5.1 setup in previous house). But I find the the virtual x is the worst sounding setting and the virtual surround sounds...
  6. C

    [Study] Participants needed for an experiment in virtual reality (18+, Oculus/Cardboard)

    Hi there! Do you own an Oculus OR a Google Cardboard (or similar mobile-headset) combined with an Android phone? We could really use your help to explore the potential of Virtual Reality techniques! We are doing a study on a VR Training aimed at helping people cope with loneliness or...
  7. P

    Virtual avatar or silly face generator for Zoom?

    Is there any software that can be used with a webcam to superimpose a silly face or a virtual avatar on to a Zoom chat? Something that would let you put bunny ears or googly eyes on to people that track with their face, so that you can have a virtual children's fancy dress party during lockdown?
  8. C

    Virtual quizzes, pub nights, etc.

    Hi, hope this is the right forum for this discussion. Given the current situation, I'd like to stay in touch with mates by organising an online quiz, which offers the capability for the group to be able to see each other, preferably something along the lines of Cards Against Humanity. Would it...
  9. JabbaNut

    USA : Fox to Broadcast NASCAR’s Virtual Racing Season

    " Fox has announced it will start airing NASCAR’s virtual racing season, a series involving past and present drivers competing in the popular simulator iRacing. Dubbed the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series, the broadcasts will take place on Sundays at 1 pm ET, essentially replacing a...
  10. JabbaNut

    F1 launches virtual GP series

    " Formula 1 is launching a new F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix series, featuring a number of current F1 drivers. The series has been created to enable fans to continue watching Formula 1 races virtually, despite the ongoing Covid-19 situation that has affected this season’s opening race calendar...
  11. daymouse

    Wii U Virtual Console quality?

    Just after some thoughts on owning a Wii U these days. I have a switch which doesn’t get played much as I’ve played the games I want to on it Just waiting on more to be released one day. I also own an N64 which I have just cleaned up and got out but those graphics! So I’m thinking a Wii U...
  12. M

    Yamaha RX-V585 and Virtual Surround Back Speakers

    Hi, In the RX-V585 product page is clearly mentioned the ability to engage the ability to use the virtual back surround speakers. However I don't see any mention into the setup menu or into the manual. The big brother RX-V686 has the option into the setup menu: “Sound” > “Virtual Speaker” >...
  13. M

    Question Anyone have a Synology NAS with Virtual Machine Manager running?

    Hi Looking to upgrade my Synology NAS to a one that is compatible with running Virtual Machine Manager, however I want to install a VM on there that has access to the internet via a DMZ (have all of this network already set up). However I dont want to put my whole NAS in the DMZ, only the VM...
  14. fxv300

    World Cup 2018: BBC to show tournament in Ultra HD & virtual reality

    So the BBC is going to show World Cup 2018 in Ultra HD & virtual reality. BBC to show World Cup games in 4K HDR
  15. Waynej

    Any recommended Soundbars around £300 with virtual surround?

    I had the HEOS HomeCinema soundbar last year and was really impressed with it. I am considering just re-buying this if I can still find it in stock. But, that was last year - I am wondering if there is any other soundbars of similar audio quality. The one feature the HEOS was lacking was...
  16. K

    Virtual phone number forwarded to mobile

    Hopefully this is the right forum! I've got a small business that is moving and in the new place, which is a small industrial unit i'd ideally not have a phone line. So was wondering what suggestions please have and if they could help. I'd ideally not use my mobile and although i know i could...
  17. steve threlfall

    What receiver with headphone surround (virtual) options?

    Hi all, I'm more than a bit confused about which way to go for my next AV receiver. I have done a lot of reading around but I'm just getting lost. I would be grateful for any pointers! For the last five or so years, I have been using an entry level Onkyo 5.1 receiver (Dolby True HD and DTS MA)...
  18. shoestring25

    Eve Online dev CCP ditches virtual reality development

    Eve Online dev CCP ditches virtual reality development The Icelandic company had invested heavily in VR games, with Eve Online spin-off Valkyrie, Gunjack and PSVR exclusive Sparc betting big on the tech. But CCP has now decided to halt VR production to concentrate on Eve Online.
  19. S

    Synology Virtual Machine Manager in beta

    Info @ Virtual Machine Manager | Synology Inc. I assume it's for the higher spec Intel boxes with up-gradable RAM... but pretty nifty that my 1815+ is running Windows 10 :-)
  20. P

    Max Verstappen doing VIRTUAL reality F1 car driving

    This video is presented as 'mixed reality' which is a bit of a misnomer. It's a video of a guy driving an F1 car in a VR headset with some ingame footage overlaid on a green screen background. Interesting to hear his thoughts on VR though. He says mixed reality, but he just doesn't understand...
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