virtual reality

Virtual Reality
  • Synonyms vr
  1. mudshark

    Sky Worlds VR

    I'm gonna watch the Chelsea v Spurs game on the app this afternoon on the headset (if I can handle wearing it that long). Has anyone watched a game using the app yet and what was the experience like?
  2. Nivek TT

    Hitman VR

    Anyone tried this yet? I'm seeing a lot of disappointment. Apparently the VR port still uses a crouch button... :facepalm:
  3. reddragon105

    For Sale Oculus Quest (1) 64GB VR Headset - Standalone & PC - Boxed with Controllers + Charger

    Original Oculus Quest headset with 64GB internal storage. Includes - Oculus Quest 64GB Pair of Oculus Touch controllers Official USB-C charger Original box (outer slipcase missing) Owned for just over a year and has been well looked after, so still in very good condition and full working...
  4. B

    Quest 2 referral available

    I have 4 referalls left this month as the promotione still seems to be going. If you need one let me know
  5. S

    Wanted An VR games

    Looking for vr games. Let me know what you have for sale
  6. GreasyTopLip

    I can only buy 1 game....

    Hi just wanted people's opinions. I've got £30 store credit and want to buy 1 of these 2 games. I know they are both totally different genre's etc but if YOU could only get 1 which one?? Edit - Eventually I'll own both but not for a few months
  7. mudshark

    Anker Charging Dock

    Anyone got one?
  8. TheyCallMeTJ

    VR Prescription Lens inserts and VR Frames for Quest 2

    Alrighty, I am about to plunge £130 into a VR lens inserts for my Quest 2 headset, by VR Lens labs based in Germany because from all the research I have been reading up online and youtube vids, they seem to have the thinnest profile to achieve the optimal degree of FOV within the Quest 2...
  9. CherryPan

    VR Animation Player is a must for 3D animation fans

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the VR world. I got a Quest 2 recently and I'm loving the exploration I'm doing on it. I first got as many games I wanted, but in the evenings I started exploring Oculus TV and apps that are alike. That's how I found VR Animation Player. This Application is basically a...
  10. mickey

    playing movies videos on quest 2

    hi guys, i am trying to find a way to play vr videos/movies that are in a folder on my pc rather than having the take up most of the room on the quest(128gb). as hard as i have tried i cant seem to do it, i thought sharing the folder on the same network would allow me to stream using airlink to...
  11. GreasyTopLip

    Phone notifications??

    Hi got a quest 2 today and the app etc All set up but there is no option to turn on phone notifications??? I'm on Android and app/headset up to date 😣 Any idea how to get it to appear??
  12. kenshingintoki


    So PSVR2 released and it makes the Quest, Index and G2 IMO all look like very bad deals. Haptics in the headset and those sweet adaptive triggers. HDR, OLED and high resolution visuals. And releasing a Horizon VR game. Absolutely killer features IMO and I'll buy a PSVR2 and a PS5 day one...
  13. MikeKay1976

    Stormland pulled from sale :(

    I have posted on oculus forums in the hope it is temporary as I have been waiting on a sale or a 30% off code to buy this. but I searched on the store this morning and no hits. going via Google and it says the game is unavailable. I hope it is temporary and not gone the way of other titles...
  14. C

    VR PC

    Hi, I’ve just bought a Quest 2. I used to have a Quest and Shadow PC which was a no brainier at £13/ month but when they increased it to £29 I cancelled. I am sure there are many threads asking if you can actually buy a VR PC at a reasonable price but I can’t find them. Can anyone point me in...
  15. T

    Resident Evil 2 VR Mod Is Being Released On New Year's Day 😎😁😎

    Just like the title says, it's being released tomorrow! I've been looking forward to this for so long, Resident Evil 2 has always been the best game of the lot for my money. Just make sure you have clean underwear handy before you start playing just in case lol 😲😫😂😝
  16. K

    Arpara 5K VR headset (Kickstarter)

    I’m surprised that there isn’t any discussion going on regarding the current Kickstarter for the upcoming (Spring time) Arpara 5K headset… Has anyone pledged?
  17. brandy123

    First time vr buyer, what’s needed ?

    Hi guys already have a good pc (3090 gpu and 5900x cpu etc) but really tempted to try vr and heard a lot regarding oculus quest 2, So my question is what is needed: Oculus quest 2 advanced all in one (128gb or 256gb) ? Quest 2 elite strap ? Quest 2 fit pack ? Oculus link cable ? Any help would...
  18. D

    Casting from quest2 to samsung tv direct- tv doesn’t show up?

    So we have a samsung qe85qn95 and the quest 2 - but the samsumg won’t show in the cast list?
  19. E

    upgrade ideas Original HTC Vive ?

    I have enjoyed my Vive original for quite some time. But now I see that it is getting dated. Sometimes the cord gets in the way. Sometimes lines get annoying, and being tied to one play area gets a little old. Also dislike the feeling like I am looking though binoculars. Find my self using it...
  20. 1

    GTA 5 VR Mod with HP Reverb G2

    I tried this VR mod with my Reverb G2, but it was choppy when I moved my head. To get it to run correctly, I found out you have to edit RealVR.ini and change the last line to VRAPI = 3 By doing that, it doesn't load SteamVR and runs on OpenXR...
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