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Virtual Reality
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  1. S

    GeForce 2070 Super and VR

    Does anyone have a GeForce 2070 Super (or something comparable) that could provide me insight to the quality of graphics and FPS you are able to achieve? I am working on building my computer now and was considering that graphics card. Thanks!
  2. H

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S9 Midnight Black Dual Sim 64GB Unlocked Mint condition + Gear 360 2017

    Selling the above mentioned items for my old man who has defected to the iPhone XS. The S9 was bought directly from Samsung whereas the VR set and Gear 360 are from EE. Receipts will come with everything. The phone is in exceptional condition. Screen protector fitted from unboxing and the back...
  3. Chester

    For Sale Playstation VR + Playstation Camera

    Hello! Here I have for sale a Playstation VR starter kit. Fully working, fully boxed, excellent condition. Not used much at all and only had it for a few months, so it's time to find another home for it. I have also included some Fisual adhesive cable ties to help keep the cabling tidy...
  4. S

    Computer Build Help

    I am looking into buying a Valve Index and have the below build planned. Could you please offer advice as to whether or not this would be a suitable build for the majority of the VR games? I would like to utilize the full capabilities of the Index and run at 144Hz. If you have a similar build...
  5. T

    Question Looking for an alternate launcher for PCVR

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a launcher to be used for commercial purposes (think VR arcade). SteamVR is too much for new users. I've tried SpringBoard out, but it's honestly more robust than I need/want. The country we are operating in won't work for any payment processing...
  6. S

    For Sale Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VR Ready Graphics Card

    Upgraded so Selling my Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 VR Ready Graphics Card superb card for gaming at 1080pp/1440p ultra and high settings very quiet hardly used.
  7. F

    Oculus Quest Mods ?

    Hi, I am very interested in getting a Oculus Quest but I am concerned with the comfort for my self and my son. Has anyone done any of the mods or bought some additional thing to improve it ? I have seen lots of mods using the Vive deluxe audio straps (frankenquest I think its called) but...
  8. S

    Best app to view 3d, VR YouTube content?

    Seems to be loads of stuff on YouTube for vive VR headset. Is confusing which app to use and whether 360 or 3D works. For example, I've played a 3d video but simply seen both the left and right eye feeds on one screen, the software not directing correct feed to each eye. Is there a setting...
  9. aoaaron

    Pimax making a come back

    Hey, So Pimax have announced and due to release three products which have caught my interest: 1. Pimax 8KX 2. Pimax Artisan 3. Modular Deluxe audio strap + comfort kit So number 3 just makes the headsets ergonomic and comfortable af. This is the main complaint of Pimax headsets. Anyway...
  10. harribo

    Question Why can't I find my Oculus quest link update on my Oculus headset about page?

    Hello there, I recently connected my oculus quest to my pc to get a wider game library. After successfully connecting it (the connection is not the issue here), on the oculus application on pc, it said to to be connected, I must get an Oculus update on the about section of the setting on my...
  11. - johnyc -

    Wanted PS4 vr controllers

    Looking for a pair of the move PS4 vr controllers.
  12. Atmos

    CES 2020 Reveals.

    Samsung are back - sort of. Revealing g a new AR headset with no details. https://uploadvr.com/ces-2020-samsung-ar-glasses-what/
  13. S

    Vlc VR player.

    Hi good morning all. I have a question I've just purchased a occulus rift s and would love to use VLC to play all my VR videos as this is the only player I have ever used over the last 30yrs. Question is how do I do it?. I can view and play the video on my PC on vlc but im unable to view the...
  14. C

    Any must have accessories?

    Hello! I got a Oculus Rift S for Christmas and have been really enjoying it so far. It's my first time ever trying VR and it's blown me away! I was wondering if there's any must have or recommended accessories for the rift S? I've already looked at VR accessory and I only saw the cover protector...
  15. Yellowpinky

    Oculus Quest Kodi

    Hi all I've had the quest for a few weeks now and am really pleased with everything so far. I'm aware that its android based and also sidequest.. I'm struggling to find any info on sideloading kodi apart from someone saying you can sideload it from sidequest and it works really well...
  16. Chunky

    Vader Immortal issues on Valve Index

    Fairly new Valve Index user here with an issue playing Vader Immortal via Revive. I believe I have every everything installed and bought the game from the Oculus store. When I launch either the campaign or lightsaber dojo modes they start fine but the in-game POV centre is much higher than I...
  17. Deh44

    3D movies in VR

    Vr currently uses SBS for 3d movies, but I think everyone knows frame packed 3D is the best. I wanted to know if anyone knows if VR can play frame packed movies, or if it can't play it then what is causing the problem. Thanks.
  18. Atmos

    2020 VR Predictions

    So we all like to predict the future right? Here's your chance. You're invited to make 5 VR predictions for 2020. Here's mine. 1/ Valve release a higher res Index with 2kx2k panels. 2/ Microsoft announce any headset that supports OpenXR can plug straight into their new Xbox console including...
  19. Pjkkerr

    Question Vr goggles with slave monitor

    Is there any vr setup where a friend can view holiday photos and videos taken on my 360° camera on vr goggles, whilst I can see what they are looking at on a slave monitor and give them a (hopefully not too boring) running commentary?
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