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virtual reality

Virtual Reality
  • Synonyms vr
  1. splinters69

    Question Samsung S10 and Gear VR, do I need to keep an active account

    I recently upgraded to a Note 20 Ultra and reset my S10 to sell but I remembered I had a backup and when I restored I had all the VR apps and function. Had great fun revisiting it last night but...I have too many gadgets. My friend wants the set up for his son who wants to play around with VR...
  2. richg99

    new to VR..... "unable to load youtube video"

    Sorry for the probably dumb question..but..I bought a LESHP VR viewer. I am trying to set it up. I got past the initial pages, but when I got to the part where one loads some suggested youtube videos..I get the "unable to load youtube video". This terribly inexpensive item has virtually no...
  3. T

    Looking for VR video player for Rift/Rift S that supports remote app control from PC

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a VR video player for Rift/Rift S that allows me to send video file from PC to headset and control the playback from PC. Key function is the remote control part as I want to be able to play a video in the headset when another person is wearing the headset.
  4. tygeezy

    Room space Walking in large play area

    How much of a thing is large play space room scale walking in the VR gaming community? I’ve seen one guy on YouTube actually do it, and really nothing in discussion forums or Reddit. Do people not have large enough room space? Would people rather just use analog stick or teleport to move? Or is...
  5. Blisksamoht

    Looking for a creative program. details inside.

    Hello VR friends and fans. As an artist I was hoping to get VR for creative means as well as gaming. I am here now asking for a few leads to some programs that may already exist and that this community may know about, thus saving me a bit of time. Thank you in advance. I was hoping that VR...
  6. aty

    For Sale HTC Vive Headset, cable and link box

    Hi, I have a HTC Vive Headset with the connecting cable, link box.and link box power supply. Headset also has the strap No controllers or light boxes. Fully working.
  7. A

    Question Which VR headset?

    Hello, I have tried the VR games only handful times in the last few years. I always impressed with its potential. Last time I tried was two years back, with HTC VIVE. No wireless option and having to install sensors kept me away from investing in the headsets. It looks like the situation is...
  8. Stampax

    Using a 'shadow' PC to play hi end VR games?

    Anyone know anything about this or have experience - Shadow - Your gaming PC powered by Cloud technology in theory using cloud computing to play top ranger VR games instead of a £1500 games PC. Wondering if this could be my way in to play Half Life via my Oculus Quest 2!
  9. MikeKay1976

    Elite Dangerous FOV challenge.

    I know you can get software to measure the FOV but someone on the ED forums suggested a practical test. Obviously FOV is partly linked to your face shape and IPD but just for fun... This may actually be useful for anyone wondering if it is worth modding their G2. IF they can already get the FOV...
  10. SeaFirelIV

    Data Breach of SA refunds?

    Er... Don't want to scare anyone, but I saw this on the Reddit.
  11. B

    few steam vr game codes for free

    i have a few humble bundle steam,game codes i dont need, please reply if you want any and i will pm you the code. the games are: Archangel: Hellfire - Fully Loaded
  12. konsequence

    vr headsets

    im curious where i can get a cheap vr headset that isn't oculus? i try to stay away from craigslist and ebay. any other good sites?
  13. dmpzsn

    Question Transfer apps from android tablet to huawei

    Hi, does anyone know of a way to transfer data and apps from an android tablet to a huawei matepad pro? The inbuilt transfer method if for a phone, not a lot of use for a tablet. I've tried doing a search using various terms but don't seem to come up with the right answer. Any help gratefully...
  14. S

    Wanted Gaming laptop with min NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop powerful enough to connect to a vr headset and run games, virtual desktop and a multitude of other applications. Doesn't necessarily have to be a Nvidia graphics card an AMD 400 Series or higher would also be great. If Blu-Ray Player is available that would also...
  15. T

    VR video production and camera options

    I'm just getting started in VR/360 video production am am about to buy my first camera(s). I need something that is highly portable as I'll be walking with it, gives high quality footage, can shoot in different light such as sunrise, night, etc. as I'll be shooting almost exclusively outside...
  16. Topmetom 2

    Wanted Htpc for mad vr

    As title really, anyone got anything decent?
  17. ctrlaltdisease

    Low GPU usage and Low FPS

    Hi, I have asked this question on discords, subreddits and other places but have been ignored every time. I have a RTX 2070 Super, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, a Ryzen 7 3700X 8 Core CPU but I can't reach a stable FPS. I mainly play pavlov, and I can sometimes get near 90 fps but for the most part it is...
  18. jix

    film VR video with your cell phone

    hello, i come up with an idea to film VR video with perfect resolution with cell phone. it hould have: very low cost. the two-axis turntable cost no more than 20 $. a stereo lense like this cost 5 $. High portability. comparable to a selfie stick. fully automation by app control. high...
  19. D

    What Vader Immortal episode to buy.

    If you were to get only one Vader Immortal episode which one is a must have? Looking for the best fighting action with a good immersion with Vader.
  20. kenshingintoki

    VR 2021 games... what are u excited for?

    Whcih VR 2021 games are u guys excited for? I'll be honest as in I cannot see anything I'm excited for. Very worrying.
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