1. B

    Virgin V6 TV On Wifi Only?

    Hi, Just signed up to Virgin after being on Sky Q for years. I have gone for the top bundle so I am getting 2 V6 boxes. I understand they are not a master and slave like Sky Q but 2 full boxes in their own right. Have read a number of differing stories online about the below so hoping you can...
  2. tdbegley28

    SOLVED - Virgin V6 will not passthrough Panasonic SC-HTB700

    OK so bit of a strange on here. I have sent some money this month and upgraded to the Panasonic TX 58GX800B and yesterday the HTB700 soundbar came. My plan was to have the soundbar going to the TV HDMI2 ARC port. My Nvidia Shield to HDMI1 on the soundbar as it is a 4k box and the Virgin V6 to...
  3. kitenski

    Cancelling TV, Phone & moving to Virgin Media Business Broadband?

    I'm wondering has anyone else done the above and if so did it go ok? I'm assuming I can just cancel my whole Virgin package after ordering the Business broadband package? We've been assessing costs/usage and we never use the home phone line, and 99% of what we record with Tivo is on Freeview so...
  4. dixin123

    For Sale £100 Virgin Experience Days Voucher

    I have a £100 Virgin Experience Days Voucher looking to sell for £85 Voucher to be pm'd to buyer once payemtn is received. More info available at: https://www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk/
  5. B

    Virgin Tv and Wolsey Amplifier

    Hi all, help please as driving me insane! We’ve just moved into a new house and the builder installed a Wolsey 16 way amplifier in the garage where the virgin wires come into the house but for the life of me I can’t get the coax cable to distribute round. Is this possible or anybody any ideas as...
  6. Doctor Smith

    Question Virgin media cancellation?

    I'm currently paying £78 a month with virgin for 150 mb broadband. Included is landline which I don't use and basic TV which I don't use as I have sky. Is there anyway I can keep the same BB speed for cheaper. I cant really threaten to cancel and go to another supplier as we are not in a fibre...
  7. Minchroadster

    Virgin WiFi - Connecting Two Hubs

    Hi all, new to the forum, so hoping you can help? Just moved into a new (large) house. I have a new Virgin super hub 2 into my living room but I also have another cable/ box on the wall, wired from the main outside box, into the study (other end of the house). Can I connect another super hub to...
  8. OverclockedLoon

    Wanted Wireless Router for Virgin

    I need to replace my super hub 3 router part with something more powerful with wider range
  9. xtruss

    Virgin v6 box and old tivo box together

    Hello, Virgin are sending me a new V6 box and said i dont need to return the old tivo box. I think i read somewhere that i can use the old tivo box on another tv and then i can steam programs / recordings from the v6 box to the old tivo box if they are both connected on my home network.. Is this...
  10. A

    phone extension lead not working on BT phone through virgin

    Hi all. I am not very techy and all I am trying to do is get an phone extension lead for my bt phone which is through virgin. They have put a new socket box on when they installed the virgin package. I only have one phone which plugs directly into the socket but I need to move the phone from...
  11. C

    Samsung Frame Virgin Media Universal Control

    Hi, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just got a 43’ 2019 Samsung Frame. I have a Virgin Media V6 box which won’t allow the universal control to do anything other than change volume. When going through set up it’s stating that my Media provider needs to allow IR signal for universal remote...
  12. JabbaNut

    LaLigaTV launches on Sky, Virgin Media

    " LaLigaTV, the UK’s first dedicated channel showing all live matches and 24/7 content from LaLiga, is now available on Sky, and will launch on Virgin Media’s TV platform on January 16th. The channel is being offered with a two-week free trial period. This will cover two full matchdays, with...
  13. D

    Sky Soundbox with Virgin V6

    Hi all. Been quite a while since I've been on here as I've been happy with my AV set up for several years. Currently I have my TV hooked through HDMI to my Onkyo 608 Amp/Vibe Alpha 5.1. My Virgin V6, Blu Ray and Fire TV are all connected to the Amp via HDMI. While the sound is great with...
  14. D

    Question 4K splitter/device to fix Virgin Media V6 HDCP issues

    I have got a Virgin Media V6 box which has HDCP issues when connected to my Marantz AVR. The picture and sound cut out at random intervals, and this is apparently due to an HDCP error that makes the V6 box see the AVR as a 'recording device'. I have currently got this splitter in place, and it...
  15. mikeysthoughts

    Virgin broadband - is your router a part of their public network? Automatic opt-in

    Within my Account Profile page on the VM website I spotted this cheeky option, opted-in by default. After opting out the Virgin router immediately performed a reset. There's no way I would have knowingly allowed my home broadband to be part of a public network - my liability if someone does...
  16. M

    Is it Virgin Media at fault or broadcaster when HD is not HD ?

    Hi, Just got brand new HD tv panasonic. Now enjoying HD channels. Found just 9 of 28 supposed HD channels in full crisp pin sharp HD, quite a few in semi HD (someway towards HD from SD but certainly not as detailed and with the clarity of HD) and some clearly SD quality, sharing same matching...
  17. K

    Question Considering switching from BT to Virgin Media. Never experienced it before.

    I've been with BT, then was with Sky, then back to BT. I only switched because of new customer deal cost really. My BT deal will soon be ending. I currently have the whole lot with them - fibre broadband, TV & phone. To be honest, we don't use the landline. I bet we don't make any more than 5...
  18. cunnas

    Virgin and Mesh

    Hi all I currently have Virgin BB and have always had issued with Wifi getting around the house using the Superhub 3. I have tried powerline adapters but the speeds I am getting are awful. I have just bought a Tenda MW6 system from Amazon and wondered if anyone can give me a step by step...
  19. D

    Question Does Virgin V6 box have something built in to stop signal to two sources?

    I have got my Virgin V6 box connected by HDMI to Marantz SR7010 AVR. I recently connected the zone 2 output of the SR71010 to an input of my Denon X4400 in another room so I could share the sources between the two rooms. Now, when I try to watch the V6 in the main room, I get no picture - all...
  20. M

    Virgin 2-Way Splitter

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help. I currently have and pay for Virgin Internet + Phone Line rental. No TV package currently. Now as it stands, Virgin Cable goes directly into the Internet Hub and alls well. We don't ever watch live TV, more using streaming services - partly down to the...
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