1. K

    my virgin v6 freezes when b/r player is on

    hi, ive got a v6 box which works fine,also have a sony uhb x700 b/r player however if im watching a dvd i cant record a program on the v6 box as its just freezes/pixelates like mad,ive tried a little magnetic clip on the hdmi lead but no diference,any help would be appreciated.
  2. S

    NOW TV vs Virgin Media/broadcast (Sky Sports HD)

    Looks like these two services are pretty much the same in price, although I can get NOW TV Sky Sports HD for around £36 per month, as well as a £30 cashback so seems worth it. My hopes: NOW TV HD seems like it is broadcast in 1080p rather than 1080i from Virgin, indicating a better picture...
  3. P

    Virgin Media Extension Cable

    Virgin Media have provided with there router a white coaxial ? Cable " AMPHENOL CTFC T10 A 20088 " The problem is that it is to short for my needs. I assume it it is some kind of thinner coaxial cable? I need a longer one anyone got any ideas?
  4. V

    LG tv no picture with virgin box advice

    I recently got a LG sound bar to go with my LG tv i have had no problem with the set up until today, when i have the virgin box switched on i have audio but no picture however when in the LG tv's home dashboard i have audio and picture when i switch to full screen the tv screen goes blank help.
  5. M

    Image Issues on HD channels Virgin V6 box.

    Hi all. This last few weeks I've been having pixelation issues on some but not all HD channels on virgin media. It's most noticable on E4HD, FOXHD, ITV2HD and Sky witness HD. I've tried restarting the v6 box, checked all connections and refreshed the connection to the virgin network. I doubt...
  6. S

    Question Virgin TV go on Android box

    Quick question, has anyone managed to get the virgin app working on a android TV box? If so could you share the method and the box type please? Cheers in advance!!
  7. noiseboy72

    Strange issue with MS Team on Virgin

    Hello all. A mate has an issue when joining Teams calls while using his Virgin Broadband - supplied via cable. The issue is that audio - both inbound and outbound drops for about 30 seconds every 2 - 3 minutes. The video continues, both in and out and the video quality doesn't change, so it...
  8. walshy77


    Hey all, New to Virgin, I'm about to have the Gig1 installed in the coming weeks and wanted to know about the isolator cable from the wall box to the Hub 4. I'll end up needing a different length isolator cable soon after it's installed when my new cabinet arrives, but I can't find anywhere...
  9. R

    Virgin Hub 3 and a 2nd (none Virgin router) WiFi router issues, is there a clash?

    I have Virgin Media and whilst it generally works well I am trying to run a 2nd WiFi hub and I think by doing this I have caused some sort of clash. I need a 2nd router as I need to have WiFi in my shed. I have a Virgin Hub 3.0 called “Office WiFi”. Thankfully when we built the house we put cat...
  10. A

    WF100 // Sat // Cable // Virgin Connections

    Hi Team, Hope you're all keeping well and looking forward to the festivities. I am in the middle of a new build pretty much and having my electrician coming in early Jan for first look. I have got most things sorted and have a very helpful hand from someone on the forum who is helping me with...
  11. P

    Virgin V6 box not recognising other boxes.

    We already have 2 V6 boxes (1 in each bedroom) and they recognise each other and we can watch a show/movie that is recorded on each other’s V6 box fine. Today however we had an engineer from Virgin install a 3rd V6 box in the living room but it doesn’t recognise the other 2 V6 boxes in the...
  12. M

    Playing Virgin recordings through Denon AVR 2700

    Hi When playing recording through my V6 box, the screen intermittently goes blank and then I get a loading icon. See screenshot.sound also goes the comes back. I have the v6 going into the cable input of AVR then back into Samsung q60t usually watch the inbuilt apps and haven’t seen this on...
  13. T

    Solved: Virgin media coax so thick it does not fit f connectors

    Hi, I have been having a move around at home and needed to shorten my virgin media cable so i cut a couple of foot off the cable but now i can't get a new connector on the end of the cable. I have a crimp tool and fittings for WF100 and WF65 but none of them fit. I have been on Google and it...
  14. W

    Virgin Media & CATV Network Today?

    In the 1990's Cable TV was rolled out across the UK to provide subscription viewing and landline services, the various franchises such as cable & wireless, telewest, NTL, Nynex etc to name a few before they all took over each other and become Virgin Media as we know it today. In Portsmouth it...
  15. deans6571

    Mesh with Virgin Media.

    Hi all! I'm potentially looking to get a mesh system (no more than about £120) but don't really know much about these, so need some advice please. I currently have a 200Mbs cable connection with Virgin Media's Hub 3. A couple of questions then: 1. Does a mesh system work in place of the...
  16. Josh1993

    Samsung Smart Remote- Virgin Tivo in Cupboard

    Hi, Hoping someone may be able to help! I've looked all over the internet with no luck! I have just bought a 50 inch Samsung UHD tv. It comes with the smart remote and I have my Virgin box and Xbox connected. The smart remote controls both of these great until I shut the cupboard door where...
  17. A

    Sony HT-X8500 - Virgin V6 - eARC - DD or PCM?

    Will try to make this short. Have got a new Sony TV, the Virgin V6 box is connected using HDMI then eARC to the Sony HT-X8500 Sound bar. The sound bar is 2.1ch but has its own virtual surround methods. So should the V6 box be set to DD or PCM. Is PCM just stereo, then defeating the point of...
  18. M

    Contract up in Dec20 with Virgin Media want seriously cut down on package

    Anyone seen any packages with Virgin with the following: 50meg-ish broadband, minimal tv package really only need BBC,itv,c4,c5 and maybe Fox, + sky and bt sport for the footie and a landline.
  19. A

    Netflix though Sony TV or Virgin V6

    Both are recommended, is there a best one? Have ordered a Sony 43XH8505, just wondering if there will be a big difference. We dont have 4K Netflix, is that worth it or is the upscaling on the TV good enough for home (not sat too close to the TV) use. Thanks
  20. W

    SKY VS Virgin VS netflix VS amazon prime

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice....... I have sky Q multi room, I hate it, boxes need to be re-connected etc and really we only watch the standard channels, BBC1 ITV etc.......never really see any decent films on movie channels, watch a bit of football....... What would be best to...
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