1. T

    is there anything i can buy to make my virgin channels sound better on my lg c1 tv

    is there anyway i can make the sound better from my virgin box coming out of my sonas arc speaker when my tv is on its saying stereo pcm [i know this because i have the sonas app on my phone and that is what its saying ] is there no way i can get surround sound ? . even if it means buying...
  2. E

    why is there a power cable connected to the Virgin broadband socket?

    I recently got Virgin broadband installed.(only broadband no TV,no phone) there are total of 3 cables: -the broadband cable that connects to the Virgin Hub 3 -a power cable for the hub's adapter -and 3rd coax cable that runs from the Virgin socket to a power adapter plugged into wall socket...
  3. gba93

    Sky TV Connected to Virgin Broadband

    Hi, I'm looking at the possibility of moving my TV provider to Sky (Q?) whilst keeping my Virgin broadband (SHub3). The SHub is currently in an upstairs bedroom whereas (I assume) the Sky TV box needs to be near the TV in the lounge. What are my options for connecting the SHub to the Sky TV box...
  4. R

    Virgin Cable Question

    Hi All Quick couple of quick questions - just had the email to say our package is going up £4 in March, which means our cost will be £65 for 350mb, basic tv and phone (the last 2 we don’t use). I am going to ring to see if I can get a better deal. If they say no, I want to look else where...
  5. Cooperjnr

    Issue with Virgin Media through labgear hdxs450p - no stable signal at receivers.

    Good Afternoon All, I've got a bit of a headscratcher, I've included a simple schematic of my layout at the moment, my HDMI source is typically my virgin media TiVo box and the local display is not typically used. the labgear splitter connects to a wall plate then has cat6 cables running to 4...
  6. jakewalsh

    leaving virgin help

    hi, ive had an email from virgin mobile of cost increase and im allowed to leave, as they dont answer the phone, do i just request my pac code, then get a new sim? cheers jake
  7. lee667

    Virgin media price increases incoming

    Just a headsup as it looks like we shall be receiving letters or emails pretty soon for price increases from the 1st March. From what I've read the max increase is £4.70 a month, I'm guessing that's if you have all 3 services. Obviously you'll be able to cancel and leave or renegotiate if you...
  8. D

    Recommendation to replace Virgin Hub 3

    Looking for a recommendations to use with the hub3 in Modem mode to improve WiFi performance. It's a 4 bed modern detached house.
  9. E

    Virgin PAC Nightmare

    Recently Virgin Mobile changed to Vodaphone, which has resulted with either no signal or 1 bar on my phone, It`s now useless So I signed up with EE with excellent reception. I have been trying to get a PAC code from Virgin Mobile for the last 5 days. They admit thay have an IT problem and it...
  10. Darrenj69

    Lost sound through virgin on parents TV after installing Netflix

    Hi, my parents have Virgin media and a Panasonic TV. I thought I'd be a hero and update their Netflix app and log in for Xmas. Netflix works fine and sound plays fine however when I go back to virgin via av hdmi 2 there is no sound. I need help please. Tried a different hdmi port but no...
  11. Z

    Audio automatically unmuting on 70PUS8556/12 in conjuction with Yamaha amp and Virgin 360

    Hi all, I took delivery of a 70PUS8556/12 TV today and so far I'm quite happy with it. However I've got a really annoying problem. If I mute the audio it will automatically unmute itself after a few seconds. I am using: 70PUS8556/12 Virgin Media 360 TV box Yamaha RX-V581 amp Firmware on...
  12. R

    Soundbar ARC problem with Virgin 360 box

    Hi all, my setup is as follows: 65” QN95A Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV (2021) Samsung Sound+ HW-MS650 Wireless Smart Soundbar Virgin TV 360 They are all connected using HDMI High Speed Certified HDMI leads from Soundbar - TV - 360 Box. When I use the virgin remote it turns on all 3 devices...
  13. NeverEden

    Virgin Media cable box and damp ?

    Hi All We have a set of drawer units in our living room and since removing the virgin cable box which houses the cable we've always felt some kind of draft in that area and smell of mould. In the last few months with the rain we've also noticed a patch of damp developing on the walls. Today, we...
  14. J

    earbud virgin.

    ive just bought some Sendara headphones, as an upgrade from Fidelio X2 and am very impressed with the sound. im running them out of a Zen dac v2. in my mancave i have a Topping E30/L30 combo. headphones there are Sennheiser hd570 from the last century, and they sound crap to be honest. i...
  15. B

    Switching of TV>AVR sound to Virgin Box>AVR sound

    My 4K tv has apps, e.g. Netflix. I also have Virgin TV360. The cable box is HDMI connected to an Anthem MRX520 AV amp and the TV is HDMI connected to the AV amp. When using Virgin I get video and sound without any problems. However when I select an app on the TV the video plays but I get no...
  16. dts

    Virgin media's Hub 5.

    Good evening everyone,so I have had an email from virgin media inviting me for a upgrade on the new hub 5.(I currently have the hub 3 and haven't had any issues with it) So I've signed up to receive the new hub that will be delivered in about a weeks time.Has anyone else got the hub 5 and how...
  17. Sufy786

    Connecting virgin box to tv

    I have my virgin box in the attic and my tv downstairs ive been advised by my electrician that i need to buy philex omni slx to control channels from downstairs with an eye can someone help if that will work
  18. K

    Virgin 360 two remotes

    Hello everybody. I have one V7 box feeding two TVs via HDMI over Ethernet extenders. Is there any way to add another 360 remote to the system. I understand that that they use Bluetooth and remote needs to be paired to box. Tried Googling but could not find anything for V7. And maybe as...
  19. Dark Raven

    Recording shows from Virgin V6 box to Panasonic DVD recorder.

    Hi all. Looking for some advice. I have a few short TV clips like interviews recorded and stored on my Virgin Media V6 Tivo box. I also own a Panasonic DMR-EX87 DVD recorder. I'm trying to transfer/copy these clips to the hard drive of the recorder. Then I can get them onto disc. Currently I...
  20. MarkyPancake

    Virgin Media O2 Super Hub 5 (SH5)

    Finally, VMO2 have launched a Super Hub that doesn't use the flawed Intel Puma chipset, and is Wi-Fi 6 for those that need it. Sounds good on paper, but I haven't seen any confirmation of modem mode yet, which is how I use my SH2 with an ASUS AC86U. The SH5 is currently being offered to...
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