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  1. John7

    Virgin V6 box has burnt my LG B7!

    A few days ago, I noticed a purpleish stripe towards the bottom area of my LG 65inch B7. I decided to run some colour slides on the weekend. These are the results. The TV was purchased Nov 2017 from RS and has 6 year warranty. It looks like the Virgin V6 play/pause bar has burnt the red pixels...
  2. Goodguy

    Upgrade Virgin V6 box to 360 - worth it?

    I have been given the opportunity to software upgrade my V6 box to 360 (new remote only to be sent). Have others done this and is it worth it? What are the Pros and Cons (particularly the cons)? I use an Apple TV for the main streaming apps Also use a Harmony Remote (old school not a hub...
  3. K

    Sonos Beam will only show Stereo PCM 2.0 Audio In

    Hello everyone, I'm really hoping that somebody can shed some light on this. I'm posting this on behalf of someone I know who's not a forum member, but has run into a problem with the SONOS Beams that he recently acquired. He reached out to me for some advice over the weekend and we spent quite...
  4. M

    Image Issues on HD channels Virgin V6 box.

    Hi all. This last few weeks I've been having pixelation issues on some but not all HD channels on virgin media. It's most noticable on E4HD, FOXHD, ITV2HD and Sky witness HD. I've tried restarting the v6 box, checked all connections and refreshed the connection to the virgin network. I doubt...
  5. L

    Problems with Virgin v6 & BenQ w2700 Picture

    I'm in desperate need of your expertise and advise. I recently bought the BenQ W2700 4K UHD projector to replace a very old one. It is connected to the Virgin v6 box by a 15m HDMI cable which is also quite old so I believe that the best picture quality I can hope for is HD. I am replacing the...
  6. xtruss

    Virgin v6 box and old tivo box together

    Hello, Virgin are sending me a new V6 box and said i dont need to return the old tivo box. I think i read somewhere that i can use the old tivo box on another tv and then i can steam programs / recordings from the v6 box to the old tivo box if they are both connected on my home network.. Is this...
  7. Lee9090

    Virgin v6 box engineer menu

    Does any one no how to get into engineer menu so I can reset the box fully so can use an old second box thanks
  8. D

    Answered Wiring Samsung Connect One to Marantz amp

    Hi, I have just purchased a Samsung Q7F55AN tv to go with my Virgin v6 box and Marantz NR1504 amp. I have got it all working but not sure I have wired it the best way. Currently the v6 is wired to cbl/sat HDMI on the amp and the Connect One on the arc HDMI. The installer guy said I should wire...
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