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  1. B

    What broadband speed do you need?

    Hi all I have been a Virgin Media broadband customer for many years and wanted to confirm what broadband speed do we actually need by that I've had speeds of 100 meg and 200 make but do I really need that we don't do any gaming in the house we stream some iptv &and online services and then have...
  2. imightbewrong

    Help - Virgin Media FTTC latency gone bad

    I've put a thread in the ISP/Internet forum looking for some advice on my line issue - I guess GC has a lot more traffic so putting a shout-out to that thread here: If you have any comments please reply there - this thread...
  3. V

    Distribution of Virgin Media TV around house

    Hi All, I wondered if anyone has sent the tv signal out of a Virgin Media Tivo box up to a roofbox distribution box in addition to the TV in the same room? I've had a tv distribution box for years and never installed it, but as it can get a signal from a tv aerial, CCTV, sat dish and also a...
  4. RobTi

    Question How to confirm contract canceled

    So just off the phone and cancelled my mothers broadband but call me cynical but no email confirmation and not showing online. So anyway to check it’s cancelled? Thanks
  5. thedude

    Sky Sports/ Cinema 4k Content Virgin Media

    Now Sky has released their plans for HDR, I can't but help think my VM6 box is completely lost to sky again. I left Sky for Virgin but the lack of UHD is really alarming, although they support netflix i wouldn't use that as it doesn't give my DV. I'm wondering if they will hurry up with their...
  6. D

    Hub 3.0 Firmware Update

    Hi there, I hope everyone is safe, well and not losing the will to live given all this Covid-19 stuff. Anyway, my reason for posting was I wanted to know was there a known way, to force the Super Hub to complete a firmware update. I’ve had mine for years now and it is still running the software...
  7. R

    Virgin installation question

    Hi Sorry if all of these questions have been asked before. I've been with Virgin for 15 years now ( Should get a long service medal ) and generally haven't had any problems other than exorbitant bills. Thing is the TV has been playing up for a few weeks now, Picture on some channels...
  8. marcaaron22

    Samsung QE65Q6FN and Virgin Media V6 Picture Quality settings

    Hi, are there any recommended settings on both the QE65Q6FN and the V6 box for best possible picture quality for; UHD (no much as of yet on the V6 box), HD and SD channels, I also use the V6 box for watching YouTube videos, The V6 box is currently set at; Video output: Aspect correction mode...
  9. A

    Virgin Media internet

    Hi all, I’ve just moved into a property, separate little apartment within his house,the landlord pays for for multiroom Tv and the internet comes from his house. There is a virgin media box already on the wall, as I was still paying for a hub 3 and 500 mb internet as I had 3 months left on my...
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media TV adds 17 more free channels

    Customers of Virgin Media TV will now have access to yet more free channels. Another 17 have been added to help the viewing public ease its way through the extended stay-at-home period. Read the news.
  11. kingslynnfc7

    USA Apple TV content via Super Hub 3

    HI, wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have an LG TV with the built in Apple TV app, I have a USA iTunes account so I can buy films and TV shows which works fine. The issue I having is when I try and watch the free Apple TV content it says I am in the wrong region. Now I have a VPN...
  12. kingslynnfc7

    Recommend router to go with virgin media super hub 3

    Hi can anyone recommend me a router that I can use to pair with my super hub 3, mainly as I want to access the DNS settings, needs to be fast and decent range. About £50 budget. Thanks
  13. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media adds more free Sky channels

    Virgin Media has added even more of Sky’s most popular channels to its TV service for free until 9th May to keep viewers armed with plenty of content during the ongoing lockdown. Read the news.
  14. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media TV customers get 18 free channels

    Virgin Media has announced that its TV customers will now have access to 18 of its most popular entertainment channels...for free. Read the news.
  15. JabbaNut

    Virgin Media offers another 18 free channels
  16. Rednaxela747

    Virgin Media Cable

    We are doing some major renovation works at our house and are planning to get Virgin Media afterwards with 3 boxes. In preparation of that we would like to run the Virgin cables to the 2 extra boxes inside the walls for aesthetically reasons. Could anyone please tell me what cables and plugs (to...
  17. O

    Virgin Media Twin Cable Socket

    Good Evening, Some while ago I had Virgin Media installed. The black twin cable (i believe it's called shotgun) has Satellite Main and Satellite Sub "F" Type connectors going in to my Samsung Smart Hub. The only problem is that the Virgin engineer kindly pushed the cable through a hole he...
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media and Openreach: Our networks can handle surge

    As the UK follows several other European countries into government sanctioned lockdowns in response to the coronavirus emergency, millions of additional people are using the internet for work and entertainment during the day. Internet providers Virgin Media and Openreach say they are up to this...
  19. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sky Movies and Virgin Media get new movies early

    As millions of people self-isolate and work from home, home entertainment will play a large role in staving off boredom and maintaining positivity. The likes of Sky, Virgin Media, Apple, Amazon, Google and the BBC are all changing things up to make allowances for the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the...
  20. lee667

    Virgin media data breach

    Just had an email saying that a database of information was breached and that I was affected. Apparently no financial details or passwords were stored, just personal stuff like name, email address and phone number...
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