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  1. MarkyPancake

    Virgin Media O2 Super Hub 5 (SH5)

    Finally, VMO2 have launched a Super Hub that doesn't use the flawed Intel Puma chipset, and is Wi-Fi 6 for those that need it. Sounds good on paper, but I haven't seen any confirmation of modem mode yet, which is how I use my SH2 with an ASUS AC86U. The SH5 is currently being offered to...
  2. A

    Virgin Media Hub as modem - is this the same as using a switch?

    Hello! I am working in a restaurant and we have a Virgin Media Hub with 4 ethernet ports. We can't plug in all of our cheque printers (for bar and kitchen) so we tried a switch and they didn't work. SO my question is - if I buy a router that has 8 ethernet ports and use the virgin hub as a...
  3. I

    Virgin Media to Yamaha AVR 2020 Receiver WIFI LAN connection failure

    Hi I hope you can help, I have an Yamaha AVR2020 receiver which I have just given to a friend as I just purchased the Yamaha AVR 3080. After connecting the Yamaha to the Lan port via his Virgin media box it will not find the WIFI signal so we cannot use the app ,however if I connect it to my SKY...
  4. U

    log VPNs

    Does virgin broadband log vpn's? I'm using PureVPN with virgin broadband on 2x firesticks and PC, it is still a high amount of broadband download data logged.
  5. davejee

    Virgin Media 360 Harmony remote previous channel

    Hi all I have just had the 360 upgrade and managed to get the Harmony working, using Ziggo box. The only channel that doesn't work is "previous channel". Has anyone managed to get it working? It seems that the 360 remote is always stuck in Bluetooth mode, so it can't even be learned. Thanks
  6. B

    Cost of 1GB

    I’ve been a customer of VM for over 15 years and currently paying £55 for 350MB service and out of contract Called CS today and offered 1GB for £62 a month on a 18 month contract Has anyone got a better deal and how ? Thanks
  7. T

    Running a Virgin Media SuperHub 3 off a battery bank

    I have a VM SuperHub 3 in router mode. According to this website and my own testing, my SuperHub 3 consumes around 11 to 12 watts. I wanted to know if I could get at least 10 hours of use from a Jackery 240 () which has 240Wh. In theory, I should be able get around 20 hours so my requirement of...
  8. M

    Virgin media upgrade

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help. I am about to move into a new property and the only decent fibre speeds we can get is Virgin media. I understand the Virgin router is not very good at WiFi so am looking for advice on what router/modem upgrade would anyone recommend, also would I be better...
  9. TB303

    What a joke '1GB fibre' central London

    I've had it with them, We've been with Virgin fibre for 4(?) years mostly with a 350mb connection and it just worked, then was upgraded to 1GB and the internet keeps cutting out, I have my own proper router so it's not a Wifi issue. The connection keeps disconnecting, many times the service...
  10. R

    Blue bloods Season 3 Virgin media

    Hi everybody, have been watching Blue Bloods on Sky witness via Virgin Tv package, will be getting to ep 22 of Season 2 in a couple of days, it then goes to ep 1 of season 4, season 3 has been skipped, am i missing something, how can i get season 3 without buying it. Cheers Chris
  11. bobbymax

    Just joined.

    Just joined Vodaphone home BB after 18 months with TT, to be fare TT had been great, just looking at price reduction as TT contract up. Got their super fast (which is fine for us) for £22 a month 24 month contract. The wife and I have mobiles with Vodaphone, so made sense 😉 We have the mobile...
  12. S

    Slow after switching to Modem Mode

    Hi, I have just had M350 FTTP installed with virgin, the Hub 3 was set up and working with speeds 300Mb+ on Wifi. Anyway I want to put in on my existing network so switched over to modem mode and temporarily used a 5Mtr Cat 6 cable to connect a single port on the Hub3 to my WAN port of my ASUS...
  13. O

    VM-O2 To upgrade network to full FTTP by end of 2028

    Virgin Media 02 have announced their intention to upgrade their Hybrid coax network to full fibre by end of 2028. This is in parallel to their plan to open up their network to competitors, much like open reach. Their estimates are £100 per household passed compared to £60 for DOCSIS. Openreach...
  14. M

    Virgin Media Hub 3 (M350) + Tenda MW6 to Hub 4 (1Gig)

    Hi, I had Virgin Media M350Mb and using the hub 3 in modem mode with the Tenda MW6 mesh system as the wifi was flaky in parts of my house and was working well. Today I got the hub 4 and 1Gig package. Changed over no problem, did some speed tests from my iPhone and iMac over wifi approx 520mb...
  15. N

    Have to change from Virgin Media, who offers the next best internet?

    For gaming, video and everything else?
  16. Boostrail

    Upgraded to Superhub 4 Youtube problems

    Hi I had been experiencing momentary drop outs since FOCupgrade to M600 which were interrupting and ending Zoom sessions, casting to TV, streaming from various sources and most annoyingly UHD Footy and Wimbledon via the i Player. One day no problem but next 3 or 4 dropouts. Also got "No...
  17. Sign of the times

    Virgin media 3 and vpn slooow !

    Hi I get roughly 100 mbps hardwired ,flip the vpn on and im on 4 mbps ! Phone is 5g and gets 211mbps over wifi 🤷‍♂️ Need help please Cheers
  18. H

    Superhub 3 location

    Hi i would like to move my mum's hub 3 to a different location at least 10 metres away. How do i extend the cable shown in the picture. Also where can i buy it from. Thanks
  19. celtic1967

    Disabling SH3 Wifi Issue

    I would like to switch my SH3 wifi so that I can use Eero system. I dont want to put the SH3 into modem mode as I with to use its ethernet ports. Everytime I go into the rouer webpage and disable both wifi bands it tells me its done, but it keeps reverting back to enabled. Has anyone else...
  20. B

    Virgin media first time install

    Hi everyone. I will be getting virgin bb very soon and was wondering about the install. Can somebody tell me how long it takes and exactly what the install entails? I live on the top floor of a flat. Thanks.
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