1. M

    Question Ripping Vinyl

    Slightly against my better judgement, I have decided to have one last go at trying to digitise our relatively modest vinyl record collection. Previous attempts have resulted in mixed results and I have mostly been buying replacement CDs, second hand, to duplicate the LPs and then ripping those...
  2. (GTV)Chris

    Used amp or new for my vinyl and CD's for £300

    Hi, I am looking to spend around £300 on a HiFi amp to better the stereo sound from my Denon AVR3500. For movies, it's wonderful with my B&W speakers. I have just bough the 606's. But after dusting off my old sturdy Technics SL-D2 and running it through the amp it certainly didn't delight (even...
  3. audiounphile

    Streaming & what not - Raspberry Pi 4 + DigiHat vs iPad vs Vinyl (Turntable)

    This is a ramble about my journey into Hi-Fi to date... I grew up listening to my dad's Sansui Hi-Fi which for its time had very good sound. The speakers had 12" woofers in a sealed box, so really good, tight bass with a warm full sound - maybe not as much detail and wide soundstage as systems...
  4. karlsushi

    Question ADC for Playing Vinyl Through Dirac Live on PC

    Hi folks. Apologies if this has been brought up before, but I'm really struggling to find out. Please bear with me as I only have basic IT knowledge. I currently play music in a traditional 2 channel hifi set up, but I use a PC running J:River as my source into a Chord DAC. I also run the PC...
  5. N

    Arcam SA30 with vinyl (+KEF R5)

    I have recently purchased a pair of KEF R5 speakers which I am delighted with, in fact maybe my speaker end game. I’m now on the hunt to replace my Creek Evolution 2 (My apologies if you have already read this on another thread). One of the amps on my shortlist is the Arcam SA30. Luckily my...
  6. S

    Help Needed Marantz NR1609 Subwoofer on off per input

    Hi, AV Amps infuriate me at the best of times but this has got me beat :( Does anyone know of a setting where I can turn the sub off for 2 channel stereo listening on CD and Records without having to turn it off globally then turn it back on when listening to surround? Thank you in advance :)
  7. nickpish

    Upgrade my receiver, phono preamp or both for vinyl listening?

    Hi, I'm hopeful to get some recommendations for upgrading my receiver and/or phono preamp for my vinyl-listening rig. This is my first post here, so I'll try to provide as much detail as possible; here's my current setup: Turntable: Technics SL1200-MK2 Cartridge: Ortofon Super OM20 Phono...
  8. tele1962

    Audiophile Records (vinyl).

    I am not sure if there is a thread dedicated to this subject so here goes. I received a copy of Neil Young - Homegrown the other day, the recording is just sublime and vinyl is so quiet. It is an all analogue recording mastered by Chris Bellman & Bernie Grundman. This is available for only £20...
  9. M

    Question Vinyl and CD player

    Good day. My sister in law is looking at buying a music system that can play CD's and vinyl. I gave her a pair of Mordaunt Short M10s so she doesn't need speakers or speaker cable. Can anyone recommend a reasonable system in the £300 range please? Cheers, Martyn.
  10. BlueWizard

    DIY Vinyl Record Cleaner

    I made the Velvet Record Cleaner quite a while ago, and recently suggested the method as potentially workable for making Port Bungs. The Dimension are about 2.25" (5.5cm) in Diameter, by about 3.75" (9.5cm) tall. That covers the Grooved area of the Record Nicely. It consists of a Short...
  11. Alter3go

    My little pet theory as to why some people prefer vinyl and some digital.

    I'll simplify at first, and then build up from there. It comes down to order and chaos. Those with personality types that prefer order, consistency, and rigidity will prefer digital. Those who prefer disorder, spontineity, and novelity will prefer vinyl. I'm definitely in the latter camp. I have...
  12. Alter3go

    My personal vinyl game-changer.

    So for the longest time I put the music that goes through my home theater AVR through a preamp first. One day I was showing a friend the difference between preamp and no preamp. First for the digital signal coming from my echo dot. Much to my chargrin, it sounded much better without it. So I got...
  13. P

    Vinyl static problem

    I have been using two Ikea metal cabinets for holding my record collection, but have now realised that they are the cause of all the static that arises every time I put a record on. I have a Dr vinyl cleaning machine and each record is in an anti static sleeve, so I can eliminate the static...
  14. Bacus

    Question Valuing LP and singles vinyl ?

    Hi all, Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can find out the value of some vinyl records I have. I don't really want to pay out for a record collectors book but hopefully there may be a good online free service that I can find out if any of the records are of value. Regards Bacus.
  15. L

    Phono Pre-amp to support KEF LSX?

    Hi guys, i need a suitable preamp to support my LSX and turntable setup. Currently, I have to oush volume way up to around 50% on the LSXs to get noted audio playback while using vinyl (the table is connected through a good 3.5mm jack). i am currently using a NAD PP2 which was fine with my old...
  16. anchorless

    Question Yamaha Vinyl 500 Cartridge Upgrade

    Morning all, just a question, if anyone can help me.. I recently bought a Yamaha Vinyl 500 turntable which is all well and good. It is fitted with an Audio Technica AT3500L cartridge which is a bargain basemant affair. I was wondering what people would suggest as an upgrade? I don't want to go...
  17. tele1962

    The Beatles Japanese 30th Anniversary Vinyl Series

    Known as the 30th Anniversary Final Vinyl Series from 1992, does anyone have any information as to the sound quality on these. I can't seem to find any information, as I have a source to purchase these from I would like to know what the are like?
  18. D

    Vinyl revival?

    Intriguing article in todays Times of London. They suggest that 1/5 or 20% of those purchasing Vinyl do not even possess a player!. The expectation is that they want the experience and putting the cover artworks on the wall!. So they can go through all the experiences of thumbing through...
  19. tim1982

    Question Doom soundtrack vinyl

    Anyone in the UK know where I can buy the doom game soundtrack on vinyl? Looking for the 2 disc version not the 4 disc collectors set. Refuse to pay the huge prices to import it or pay £100 from greedy resellers.
  20. gerobach

    Question Setting up my system

    Hello all. New to these forums as I am Hoping that a good samaritan here can help answer a question or two. I just need a few things cleared up in my head. Seeing as I cant get to any shops at the moment to ask the question(s). So I have a Samsung TV (RU7099 ), Apple TV and a PS4. Currently...
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