1. serpico77

    For Sale Bon Iver I,I LP Vinyl New & Sealed

    as title unwanted gift £18 inc delivery
  2. P

    Discovering the source of my vinyl static

    I was suffering terribly with static since reviving my interest with vinyl, I had originally housed my collection in metal cabinets from Ikea and read that metal isnt best suited for vinyl storage, so forked out for wooden ones. An improvement but still my vinyl crackled & popped. I bought a...
  3. P

    Upgrading vinyl- phono stage from SimAudio Moon LP3 to MoFi?

    Hello I have not changed my vinyl setup in >10 years, and wonder whether £300-£500 will give me a decent improvement. TT= Pro-Ject Xperience. Cartridge = Ortofon Rondo Blue MC (changed from supplied Rondo Red which I damaged). Phono stage= SimAudio Moon LP3 with external linear PSU from Ebay /...
  4. H

    Vinyl system help

    Hi, my sister has recently bought her first house and is keen to setup a vinyl hi-fi system in it. I've donated her a pair of KEF Q150 speakers to start with and she's keeping an option on taking my old KEF LS50s instead too (choice of which one might end up just being made on colour, the Q150...
  5. Darren1

    Turntable advice needed!

    Hi Guys, I’ve just joined this forum and looking for some help/advice I have a 2.1 setup of klipsch rp400m and I use the sub from my wharfedale dx2 5.1 setup, which I run through a Yamaha htr 2071 av receiver I know it’s not the greatest set up but it works nicely for me when I’m streaming...
  6. C

    Vinyl sales set to soon overtake CD sales

    From Absolute Radio online. Revenue from vinyl record sales is set to overtake CDs for the first time since 1987, the British Phonographic...
  7. S

    Advice wanted on starter vinyl hifi for my daughter....

    Hello, My teenage daughter who is really into her music is keen on a turntable for her birthday. I've not had any vinyl for other 30 years and only rediscovered my hifi during Lockdown 1. I am keen to resist the urge to buy something cheap and nasty and was wondering about a starter hifi...
  8. G

    PS5 vinyl covers/faceplates

    So I'm considering getting one of those cheap £15 vinyl cover deals for my PS5 console and controller (black ones, obviously). Thought I'd ask here to do a quick quality check on them, has anyone else bought any and is in a position to comment on them? I was thinking about getting the actual...
  9. BoilingHotTakes

    Silly Idea? - AVR (NR1510) for Vinyl

    I'm looking to get my first 'proper setup' for the main purpose of vinyl and secondly streaming. Budget is around 700ish, so I'm thinking Dali Zensor 1 (used) and Rega Planer 1 etc. I've now somehow arrived at the idea a Marantz NR1510 would be a good idea as I'll get more bang for my buck...
  10. M

    Difference between digital streaming & Vinyl

    i have been doing a lot of listening after finally being happy with my setup. Mostly at lower volumes as early morning and neighbiurs so id not really noticed before. Started listening to my Vinyl and was somewhat dissapointed but couldnt put my finger on why, it just didnt sound great, i...
  11. J

    Question [ADVICE] Decent Starter Vinyl Setup

    Hi, I am looking to join the Vinyl hobby in the UK. I am looking to spend as little as possible to get the best audio playback as possible. I have been looking at the “Sony ps-LX310BT” turntable I like the idea of having auto play/stop. I am looking for a turntable with a pre-amp and I am also...
  12. DavidCooper

    Advice on integrated amp for a home theatre setup?

    First time post. I read recent similar posts before posting this. I'm looking for some advice. What I want to do is have my front left and right connected to the integrated amp, and connect my turntable to the integrated amp, then connect the integrated amp to my AV receiver using 'HT...
  13. CrispyBacon

    Question Recommended setup for outputting Vinyl through amp/speakers and connected Bluetooth speakers at the same time

    Hi all, I'm not overly savvy with audio tech so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. I am proficient in programming so can handle any DIY options which require it. Desired outcome With a budget of ~£1500 to listen to my vinyl in one room via connected amp/speakers and to be able to...
  14. tele1962

    LP (Vinyl) Record Collectors?

    Just wondering on how many on here own a record deck and collect physical media. Looking at the threads it seams to be dominated by digital downloads and yet looking at film/tv it seems the other way around. I don't know if this is an age thing or just a preference?
  15. Crazymerio

    Question Receiver and Speaker Setup Advice

    Hello all, I haven’t posted on the forums yet so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong with my thread. And my questions definitely pertain to multiple forum locations but I thought it made sense to just do one thread. To quickly summarize my issues I’m getting into Vinyl and figured I should...
  16. tele1962

    Bargain Zavvi Jazz Vinyl Collection

    Just received mine, for £34 you can't go wrong...
  17. bfg68

    Question Newbie needs help with home music set up Please

    Hello everyone, My name's Glenn, I'm a complete novice and I need some advice please. My questions are two fold, firstly, I have a laptop, Ipad, itunes with a couple of thousand tracks on it, a Xyzel NSA310 nas drive, (which I've never used) and a pair of Sonos One's, my question is can I put...
  18. T1berious

    So where do you get your Vinyl?

    Hello, Just a quick one to kind of get a feel for what reputable dealers are out there or vendors you prefer to use to source either your rarer stuff or your newer ones? Any info greatly appreciated! Cheers! T1b
  19. T1berious

    Vinyl Vs Streaming... Which sounds better?

    Firstly, I hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2021 (It can't get worse? Can it?) I guess I just wanted to hear other peoples point of view, I totally accept its all entirely subjective and we all perceive things differently etc :) So I've got back into...
  20. T

    Question MusicCast Vinyl 500 Not Working

    I have had my turntable for about 6 months and it worked beautifully. A couple of days ago the sound disappeared! I’ve ruled out the cartridge, and my speaker system and out of ideas. I don’t even get the soft thud when I close the lid. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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