In chemistry, vinyl or ethenyl is the functional group −CH=CH2, namely the ethylene molecule (H2C=CH2) minus one hydrogen atom. The name is also used for any compound containing that group, namely R−CH=CH2 where R is any other group of atoms.
An industrially important example is vinyl chloride, precursor to PVC, a plastic commonly known as vinyl.

Vinyl is one of the alkenyl functional groups. On a carbon skeleton, sp2-hybridized carbons or positions are often called vinylic. Allyls, acrylates and styrenics contain vinyl groups. (A styrenic crosslinker with two vinyl groups is called divinyl benzene.)

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  1. B

    Question Basic Analogue Vinyl to Digital Surround Sound Set Up Question

    Hi all, a complete beginner here who wants to hook up existing turntable and old dj mixer (currently connected to a 30+ year old technics hifi) to a new TV/surround sound system instead. I've no idea whether it's possible and would appreciate some advice on how I can do it. The equipment is...
  2. J

    Pro-Ject Primary E Phono

    Hi all, I would be grateful for any help choosing a budget turntable. I have a pair of QA M20's in my office and wanted a simple turntable to start playing all my old vinyl I just brought down from the loft. I want to connect using cables, so no BT or anything fancy just the best sound I can get...
  3. K

    Technics Help please

    Hi, very old Newbie here so please be gentle.... I'm trying to put together a setup for my Grandson who is getting into Vinyl... I've just managed to buy a Technics SL-3200 Turntable and am looking at either.. 1. A Technics SU-Z25 Amp or 2. A Technics SU-4 Amp Can anyone advise which would be...
  4. Ugg10

    HMV 40% off cd/vinyl sale

    As per title, HMV have a 40% off sale on CD and Vinyl. Just picked up Colours II by Between the Buried and Me for £12.79 delivered (on coloured vinyl).
  5. Ian Collen

    Discussion thread for our news: Pro-Ject Audio unveiling two new T2 turntables

    Read the news: Pro-Ject Audio unveils two new T2 turntables. Pro-Ject add to the existing T2 W - the new T2 and T2 Super Phono strip away the wireless tech for some more affordable analogue upgrades over the older T1 series.
  6. AVF Podcast

    AVForums Hi-Fi Podcast 1st April 2024 - TURNTABLES - How to get THE BEST from your Vinyl

    This month we look at Hi-Fi turntables and explore the technology and the vinyl journey. Should you start a vinyl collection from scratch or is the cost just too prohibitive? What are the best turntables to buy and what are the differing technologies and approaches to the playback of vinyl? We...
  7. C

    Question Record Player Setup Reccomendations £1000

    Hi All I've recently been buying some vinyl and I'm looking for a setup to buy but I have no idea what I should be looking for when buying a system. I'm looking for a record player, amp and speakers if anyone could reccomend me a setup with thr budget of £1000 it would be appreciated Thanks Chew
  8. A

    Mixing Vinyl playback with home cinema

    I hear a lot from people who say that you can't have audiophile playback of vinyl through an A/V amp and it gets me a bit angry actually. I think by choosing the right speakers as your A/V mains, blend them perfectly with a sub-woofer, make sure you have a great cartridge and decent phono stage...
  9. N

    Question Do I need a turntable ?

    I’ve probably posted about turntables in the past because I’ve been up and down about the idea for a few years. I have about £600 spare if I decide to go for it but do I need one ? It will be paired to my Kef LSX via cable Bluetooth seems to defeat the object to play my collection of about...
  10. Ian Collen

    Discussion thread: Cyrus Audio launches Classic Phono pre-amplifier

    Cyrus is billing this as more of an update over the Phono Signature stage it's replacing rather than a complete redesign, but that could still make it a big deal for those serious about their vinyl. Read the news.
  11. mickemo

    Stereo Amp for Vinyl (integrated into Home Cinema) - Advice sought

    Folks I’m seeking your collective wisdom and guidance for the next improvement for my Hi-Fi / Home Cinema system. Current set up Marantz Cinema50 (audyssey only) Rega Planar 3 + Exact Rega Fono ( not in use currently and can’t seem to get in working with the Cinema50) C/Audio Azure 651 BD SACD...
  12. Y

    Question IKEA Kallax vinyl storage (with a twist)

    Hi folks, Like many, I keep my vinyl (600+) in IKEA Kallax. However for various reasons (wife aesthetics, kids, dogs, cats) I'd like them ‘off display, and would like doors on the unit. The official inserts with doors look very thin, so I assume they wouldn’t reduce the vertical dimension of...
  13. 3

    Question AV receiver vs amp advice

    Hello AV people. I’m looking for some advice please. I am a 2-channel (2.1) vintage hifi type, heavy on the vinyl. My old friend asked me to pick up a pair of speakers to replace his ageing and broken Gale 301s and I found him a pair of Tannoy Cheviots which he is very pleased with. He is...
  14. pompeyjim

    Replacement for Monitor Audio Radius 270 (for vinyl)

    Not been on here for years but always got good advice. I have a Monitor Audio Radius setup with the R270's as fronts. While this is plenty good enough (for me) for movies, they are awful for for listening to vinyl. There's pretty much no mid range and it's just not a big sound. I'm no expert...
  15. C

    £1500 vinyl setup help

    Hi guys, looking for some suggestions for a set up, have £1500 to spend and need vinyl player, amp and speakers, seen slot of people recommend the project debut carbon evo player which is £500 player My main genres of music I listen to if it helps are Hip hop,Metal,Jazz,Rock Thanks in advance
  16. Luckychap

    More HiFi woes

    Hi all I have a 90s denon system with 6.5 pma amp. I wanted to play vinyl and bought a used thorens td240 TT. Initially there was very low sound so I bought a replacement 6.5 and all was good. But the speakers we’re average so I thought I’d treat myself and bought a Cambridge A1 amp and some...
  17. O

    Valve Amp Question

    Hi, I have a fairly extensive vinyl collection and a ok turntable (project primary e) I know it's their cheapest model but I think it's not bad. Anyway I am interested in valve amplifiers, I don't know about for hi-fi, but have a couple of valve amps for my guitars and appreciate the difference...
  18. A

    For Sale 1900 7" vinyl records

    For sale is my collection of 7" singles ranging from the 60s 70s 80s and some 90s Some sleeved , various conditions Just short of 1900 Looking for £400 Pick up preferred due to size and weight
  19. A

    Vinyl playback through an AVR ... any good?

    I just wanted to say that Vinyl playback through my old Yamaha RX_A860 AVR sounds pretty good. The main things that made the difference were: Replacing my cartridge on my turntable with a decent one (A RigB modified Audio-Technica VM540ML) Adding an external phono amp (Rega Fono MM) Buying...
  20. mehstg1319

    Upgrade from Ortofon 2m to Audio Technica VM540ML

    Hi all After a little bit of advice. I acquired a Project Debut Carbon Evo turntable a while back that came with an Ortofon 2m Red cartridge. Whilst I have been relatively happy with it, it's always had an annoying sibilance that I've never got to the bottom of and assumed it was just a quirk...
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