1. A

    What paint to use on vinyl wallpaper?

    Any advice on what paint to use to paint on vinyl wallpaper. Looking to paint 1 wall which has vinyl wallpaper, the others walls all have lining paper and are already painted.
  2. S

    For Sale Bury Tomorrow, The Union Of Crowns Vinyl, New

    Brand new still sealed , Limited Edition Splattered vinyl, ( Gold and Black ? ) small dink on bottom corner at front
  3. MartinH32

    Vinyl vs Digital

    I've got a reasonably high end home theatre system. I listen to music with Tannoy Revolution speakers, a Yamaha RX-A3070 and for digital a Cambridge CXN v2. This week I took delivery of a Pro-ject x2. To be honest I was expecting more from the sound. I expected a little more warmth, it being...
  4. I

    16 rpm-The forgotten vinyl speed! Can anyone remember the long forgotten 16 rpm vinyl speed on your old record players/gramophones maybe and ever wondered what that 16 rpm vinyl record speed was for and what records where played at that speed. Maybe you knew or didn’t as that was...
  5. morenish

    CD v Vinyl

    Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have recently been drawn back into the world of Hi Fi and am willing to invest/upgrade my turntable or CD player, possibly both. I have a large vinyl collection, but an even larger CD one and have listened to both. I found the reproduction of...
  6. R

    Overly warm vinyl playback

    Since commission my vinyl and turntable in my office, i've noticed the playback is on the too warm side of warm. Think blanket on speakers kind of warm. My set up is this: Pro-Ject Debut Audiophile TT with acrylic platter and AT 96EN cart Schitt Mani phono stage Quad Vena II integrated amp Neat...
  7. popesweetjesus

    Spincare Vinyl Cleaner cleaining

    Hi I've not used my Spincare cleaner for a while so it needs cleaning before I clean my vinyl. Can it be put in a dishwasher or is it better to scrub it in the sink?
  8. D

    Static in one speaker when played loud

    Hello all. I've been experiencing static noise when playing vinyl lately in a way it hasn't happened before. It gets worse when played loud and it might only be from one speaker, although I'm not sure that's the case. The thing is, it doesn't happen with every record. As far as I can work...
  9. Helix Hifi

    Best Floyd vinyl, cd pressings? Your favorite Floyd album

    As the title says. Which are the best ones. I am considering getting TT. But this new digital TT pressings are annoying.
  10. mckee74

    Shelves for displaying Vinyl?

    Maybe a silly question, but does anyone know where I can floating shelves to display vinyl? Things like the attached image? I know the phrase, "Google is your friend" springs to mind but seems everywhere I find either won't post to the UK, or only hold one record whereas I'm looking for one...
  11. nabeshima

    Vinyl subscription service

    Hello all, I am looking for a decent vinyl subscription service to grow my recordings collection and discover some new music. I'd like something that has good quality and promoting new artists outside the mainstream. Digging online I found a few services who deliver to the UK and I was thinking...
  12. FootHealer

    Repairing damage to the vinyl wrap of a speaker

    Hi all, I recently bought some "vintage" 1989 Rogers LS 4a Speakers. They were in good cosmetic condition and good working order before the seller shipped them...then MyHermes got their hands on them, broke both tweeters and gave one of the cabinets a good thrashing. I have repaired the...
  13. Ugg10

    A treat for vinyl lovers

    Saw this an thought some of you might like to treat yourselves - 15 Queen studio albums remastered on 180g coloured vinyl in a presentation box with book. Yours for £499. That’s £30 per album plus £50 for the book I guess...
  14. Ascotbilly

    “Original “ Vinyl Sales

    @silversurfer24v Recently posted the photo below which got me thinking about vinyl in stores the first time round. I madly swapped buying vinyl around 87/88 in favour of cassettes...don't ask ! LP's then cost around £4.99 from memory. I'm trying to recall when the large shops eg HMV, Virgin...
  15. Cromulent

    Hi-Fi Stereo for use with CDs, Vinyl and Spotify?

    I've wondered if it was worth getting a Hi-Fi stereo with a CD player and vinyl player and plugging my computer audio output into the AUX port. How much would I be looking to spend to get a system like that? I think I'd want a subwoofer to go along with it as well. Music is probably one of the...
  16. famasfilms

    Vinyl question

    I got my first turntable yesterday along with Chic's greatest hits with the leftover cash converters credit. And today I went into town to pick up some more records I was wondering, with so many old records being remastered, do you lose any of that "retro" vinyl feel by getting a remastered...
  17. C

    Taking my first steps...

    I've decided it's time for me to dip my toes into the world of putting together a sound system of sorts and would really appreciate some help/guidance. I've been looking around the forums but thought it best to ask What I have: Rega Planar 3 A pair of acoustic solutions av-120 speakers What...
  18. sykotik

    Sealing Vinyl ( can it be done ?)

    Just recovered my worktops in the kitchen with DC fix vinyl , but i have caught the vinyl and put a little rip in it. is there a way to seal/ cover the vinyl to protect it from scratches ?
  19. J

    Ripping Vinyl - PC or laptop ?

    Hi All A few years ago I sold my remaining vinyl albums (I know, sacrilege) as I had everything I want on either CD or MP3/Flac I kept a bunch of singles, both 7" and 12" which are sitting in boxes in a wardrobe taking up room. I'd like to try ripping these to free up this space. I'm not an...
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