1. atkins14

    Vintage Luxman PD282 Turntable and Shure ME97HE - Stylus Advice?

    So I am completely new to turntables, but thought I would put use my dad's Luxman PD282 turntable that he bought new in 1978/79 which has been sitting in the attic for nearly 30 years... It currently has a Shure ME97HE Cartridge, unfortunatley the stylus is broken and quite corroded. Looking to...
  2. RAINS

    Skateboard decals - renovation

    I am currently renovating my original 1978 Sims Superply skateboard from new when i was 5 having spent 12 months sourcing NOS from the states. The one thing i cant find is an original decal so wondered if anyone had any ideas how i could produce one from the remnant i have on the board. Maybe a...
  3. Anything1234

    Vintage Radio Repair

    I have a scruffy old Ferranti U1015 MW/LW Radio. It doesn't work anymore after one of the old wax capacitors exploded. I need to replace 6 old capacitors... sounds simple right? maybe not and here is why. I am not a vintage radio expert although I have plenty of experience in repairing other...
  4. coruja

    Upgrading from a Rega RB300 tonearm on a vintage Roksan TT

    I am using a system for the last 10 years or so that I had built up with the generous help and advice of the wonderful people on this forum. I have a vintage Roksan Xerxes TT with a Rega RB300 tonearm and Nagaoka MP200 cartridge. This is connecting to a Graham Slee phono preamp and then on to...
  5. bezzi

    £4K new speakers or vintage wilsons

    What would you prefer? A Wilson watt/puppy or Sophia or a modern speaker at around the price the Wilson’s sell used?
  6. K

    Can you help? What are these vintage 15ohm speakersspeakers

    Hi Can anyone identify these speakers? They are British made, have a 12 inch oval cone and a 3 (possibly 3 and a half) Inch mid/treble cone and are 15 ohms. Approx size is 58cm H X 21cm D X 31cm W. They have a wooden grille which is not removable, looks like possibly Oak veneer on chipboard...
  7. Helix Hifi

    Vintage vs modern stereo equipment.

    Why were big speakers so popular in the 70’s? By that I mean the big low Tannoy speakers, and similar. They look awesome, but I’m just wondering how the treble response are on these speakers. Won’t the treble be too low since it is not in ear height? And why did they go out of fashion? Similar...
  8. Menoetius

    Vintage Pioneer PL-300 Turntable

    Hi, I've not played my vinyl for a few years and would like to get them spinning again. I have a late 70's pioneer PL-300 direct drive turntable. It needs a cartridge. Is it worth sticking on a Nagaoka MP-110 or an Ortofon Blue or similar? Or is this Pioneer not worth chucking any money at and...
  9. ashouse

    Vintage sony

    Good evening. I have come across a vintage Sony stereo. I have a Tc-204sd Str-7035. Ps-2350. Ss- 3050. X2 all of which are in excellent condition and in original box’s What would you suggest I put it up for please? I have looked on eBay but does original box’s and packaging make any...
  10. T

    Kenwood KA 5002 help!

    I’ve had a 70s integrated solid state amp - a Kenwood KA-5002 for a while now, and it’s started playibf awful noise in the left channel. I tried to bring it to a repair shop, but they just cleaned the pots and told me it was fine. It seems like the noise is intermittent, and when the unit is...
  11. H

    ifi vintage

    I just purchased the IFI Zen blue with the intent to connect it to my vintage Yamaha receiver (via RCA jacks) and then play albums over 2 JBL (CHARGE 4) wireless speakers. I am not able to connect to these speakers. Any advise (step by step :) to how to best achieve this or if it cannot be...
  12. A

    Vintage Speaker Advice

    Hi, I've got a pair of Wharfedale Laser 80 speakers which are well over 35 years old that I bought on eBay about 4 years ago for £20. They're fantastic when they're cranked up with a great solid base but I have a few questions which I can't seem to get any definitive advice on: 1. The cone on...
  13. W

    Vintage based stereo system

    Good afternoon! my first post here, so if I broke any rule, pelase don’t hesitate to tell me. I’m wondering to set up a second hifi system at home, now that I usually work at home and the home office place is set up. Room is small, 3,5 meters long and 2,5 meters wide. Speakers will be in the...
  14. Peteralev

    Question Vintage hifi service London

    I have a cassette player and an amplifier from 70s, if you have any good hifi repair store to suggest in London please let me know. I came across to one which is called Armstrong Audio but I wanted to see if there is any other good in London.
  15. Joe Pineapples

    Trying to trace a vintage Star Trek annual

    I don't know if this is the best place to ask, but trying to trace a particular Start Trek annual (TOS). Not to buy, but to know which one I was given as a present as a kid (sentimental reasons). I don't remember the front cover, but I do remember one of the stories involving a giant Genie in...
  16. my_little_kitty

    Help where to go with vintage kit?

    Morning all you knowledgeable folk. So I find myself with a small room, perfect for a home cinema, so I am keen to set one up. I've got a pair of old 1980s Mission Speakers which I am quite attached to. And I have some form of vintage Hitachi amp. The sound together is lovely, warm and round...
  17. Darg

    Question Vintage 1983 Sony audio system

    I re-discovered this when clearing out some things that had been in storage for the last 10 years. It belonged to my grandfather and made its way down to me at some point but was left behind when moving to the UK from Ireland. I finally had a chance to bring it back this Christmas and have been...
  18. Spuddy5423

    Vintage wharfdale info

    Hi all I’ve come across a wharfedale gp50 s amplifier and would love some info on it Age , useage and worth Can’t find any references online and I’m baffled Please help
  19. G

    Question Vintage system ,what would you upgrade first ?

    Current system is Armstrong 626- Sansui SR222 Mk2-Ortofon VMS 30 Mk2-Maurdent Short MS 55 Ti (second room with Maurdent Short Pagent 2 ) Technics SL-PG390 CD player. Current stand in for the Armstrong while it gets a re cap is Cambridge Topaz SR V2 Bought for £110 new from Cambridge...
  20. C

    Vintage CD player

    I own a top of the line made in Germany/Swiss Revox B126 CD player which is 35 years old that still plays good. Hav'nt used it that much over the years. Paid arround $1300 US in 1985. Since it is now a vintage item could i sell it for higher price or is it just worth $200 like any old CD players ?
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