1. B

    Samsung Q80T or Hisense U8Q for HDR viewing

    Hi, Looking at a 55" TV and want some decent HDR for streaming services and something that will give good detail in darker scenes. I've had a look around and it seems harder than I thought to keep a good budget for a HDR TV. The best ones I've seen are the Q80T and U8Q, for £799 and £699...
  2. C

    Viewing videos on TV Via an External Hard Drive

    Hi Everyone Can someone out there put me straight, I’ve got a Topfield PVR and because its full I’ve copied some of the video recordings from it onto another external hard drive namely a Seagate. I’ve done this via my desktop computer using a programme called Antares. Now what I’ve been doing...
  3. kevip6

    46” - 55” TV for viewing outdoors

    Hello, I’m looking for a TV for use under cover outdoors. Must have good viewing angles and be good in bright conditions with as little reflection as possible. Image quality is less important as it will only be connect to a Sky Q mini box and maybe some consoles but I’m not looking for awesome...
  4. L

    Using a projector for outside daytime viewing.

    Hi all. I'm hoping you can offer some advice. I've just ordered a Optoma HD28e which is 3800 lumens. I sold the idea to the OH using movie nights, however with the Euro's, Olympics and Ryder Cup on the horizon it would be pretty cool if I can get it working throughout the day. I have done lots...
  5. D

    The Circle Series 3 (Channel 4)

    Have people been watching the new series? I liked the clone twist between the two Tally’s. I think it would’ve been more interesting if Yolanda had stayed. I’ll be surprised if Gemma (James) successful in her/his “assassins” task, came on a bit too strong about the fake chat with Billy. next...
  6. O

    Question Sky+ Multiscreen Viewing Card Still Possible To Use Despite Being Years Old?

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advice on something that I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere. Basically, a number of years ago we were intending to get Sky+ Multiscreen installed where we live and something unfortunate occurred where we went through all of the necessary...
  7. Tyler Durden

    Question 11 Foot Viewing Distance, will I regret not going for bigger than 100"?

    The THX viewing angle recommendation is for a 36° angle which comes out at almost exactly 100" for an 11' viewing distance. But will I regret not going bigger?
  8. Bakey

    Wide Angle Viewing Question

    I’d like to upgrade from our 43” HD TV to 4K. Budget isn’t much (£500 max) and I’ve looked at the helpful TV guide on here and decided on another LG, however our wide angle viewing is at 35 degree so will I need an IPS panel (49” or 55”) or will a VA panel still be ok for this (50”). Potentially...
  9. I

    Question Which TV for bright room/wide viewing angles?

    Hi I need a new TV, size will be minimum 75 inches maybe even 85 if I go mad. It's in a room which can get quite bright. The most extreme viewing angle is about 40 degrees. (I'm assuming the viewing angle is from the centre of the screen?) Would appreciate some advice on which makes/model...
  10. J

    Downloading NOW TV for off line viewing.

    Can you download Films etc from NOW TV to be watched off line. I would want to download to a windows 10 laptop
  11. R

    Question Gaming recommended field of view

    Hi all, I have been looking around trying to find a recommended field of view for gaming but i cant find one. I currently have a 60 inch Pioneer in my man cave and want to upgrade to something bigger. Its either going to be a 75 inch or an 85 inch TV, i like the looks of the Samsung Q85...
  12. Matt

    Question Are the viewing angles on a 32" comparable to a 55"

    We've got a 32" Hisense in the kids room, I don't know if its IPS or VA. Is it possible to compare the viewing angles of this set to a 55 inch one? Ie, if I am happy with the viewing angle on this set, will it translate to the larger one? I'm trying to figure out if i need to go to OLED for the...
  13. Matt

    How do you work out your viewing angle?

    I know this is probably a dumb question but... I'm considering upgrading my aging Plasma for a 4K set but unsure whether to go OLED or LCD. I know that one of the big issues is the viewing angle. Our TV is in the corner of the room with two sofas facing it. What is the easiest way to calculate...
  14. RealityDysfunction

    Looking for HDR capable TV with wide viewing angles.

    As per title. Are there any TVs that combine decent HDR performance with wide viewing angles (almost 45 degrees). I'm thinking ideally in the 49 to 55 inch size and a price less than £800 (don't mind waiting to Black Friday for prices to come down. Options as I see it: OLED - would be ideal, but...
  15. Boostrail

    Samsung QE49Q85T Viewing angle

    I have discovered that the QE49Q85T has the anti reflection feature which the Q80T does not. Does it have the enhanced viewing angle also? This TV is expensive and unfortunately only sold by Currys/PCWorld but could come down in next few months. I had the opportunity to view Freeview HD on a...
  16. T

    Question Star Wars Episode 1 to 3: Which scenes to censor for kid friendly viewing?

    My 9 year old son is extremely keen on Star Wars, he's been reading many books, played many of the Lego Star Wars games and played with countless toys. After much pressure from him, I finally gave in to letting him watch the movies Episodes 4 to 6. He really enjoyed them and is now asking to...
  17. Slugsy01

    Is BFI really useful for Sky Sports viewing?

    Hi all I want a 77” set and to be quite honest, I want a Sony or Panasonic as I prefer their motion processing. That being said, Panasonic don’t do 77” sets so it’s back to a Sony. I can get the AG9 at a really good price but it’s a 2019 set and there is something irrational inside me about...
  18. Dziamm

    Question 50PUS8804/12 viewing angles

    Hello! I couldn't find any precise information about this and I come across this site so I decided to ask here. What are viewing angles of the 50pus8804/12 model? Some sites say it's 178/178 but I'm not sure about this since it's VA panel. Due to circumstances can't really go to store to see for...
  19. T

    Question Screen size and viewing distance

    What size screen do you have (ignoring IMAX, ideally when projecting scope, height or width)? What is your viewing distance? If you could change your screen size and viewing distance (within reason), what would you go for?
  20. bungieben

    CCTV camera viewing calculator

    Put in your postcode, add your camera models and have a play. Amazing !
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