1. tom 2000

    Video and Audio Skip on UHD Playback

    During playback the audio cuts, a fraction of a second later the video pauses for about a second then ships and judders and audi resumes with perhaps a second or two of action lost. This happens on Football, a lot. Sometimes its a fault on recording and sometimes it is not repeatable on...
  2. K

    Question EDM Music Video

    Hey guys can anyone help me with the name of this song/music video? It's Edm music video about a couple who go to raves together and the scenes go back and forth with them a different locations one being in the street, the other at a rave and the last at a wedding. They both get married in the...
  3. R

    Question Color banding test video, what your results ?

    Hello All, Here a quick two color banding test videos, would be interesting seeing who has banding issue and which model you have. Here is one more test: Would love seeing your comments with your results and model details, would help the community.
  4. JabbaNut

    Netflix Released a Teaser Video for Stranger Things Season 4

  5. redshift50

    For Sale MSI Radeon Armor RX570 8Gb Video Card

    MSI Radeon RX570 8Gb PCI-e Video Card Armor Overclocked Edition, GDDR5,HDR and VR Ready, 256 bit Memory Bus, DisplayPort x3, 1 HDMI/DL-DVI-D One 8-pin power connector. With Manual,Driver Disk,etc, Boxed in excellent condition,only use for a short time, Warranty till Sept 2020.
  6. Z

    A series about AV integrators. Who would watch it?

    I came across a new series about av integrators. The idea seems to be pretty cool but I am curious to see if anyone else would watch this? What are your thoughts? Link here.
  7. M

    Dummy Question - What am I not doing to capture video?

    OK, new to this so here goes! I've an old Panasonic camcorder (NV-GS230GC) and some mini DV tapes that we recorded years ago. I want to transfer the recordings to my PC and then edit them so we can play them back to a TV screen. Simple!! What I have done so far: Installed a StarTech 1394...
  8. graymattor

    Question Best method of playing video files from HDD to TV

    Hi, First of all i just want to say i am very new to all this sort of thing! recently I purchased a 4k TV (Samsung Q85R) and also an AVR Denon X3600H, plus speakers for 5.1, to upgrade to Atomos in the future, what an absolute adventure i appear to still be on!! At the moment I stream...
  9. Johnorama

    For Sale Samsung UHD Video Pack CY-SUC05SH1/XU

    Hard drive full of 4k content I got for an old Samsung tv which I’ve since sold. I think it’s this one https://www.samsung.com/uk/tv-accessories/uhd-video-pack/ Would like £22 delivered
  10. S

    LG TV UK630PTE - recorded video to pc ?

    Hi ! Are there any video converter or ways to watch videos that are recorded from my LG smart tv on my computer or other android smart devices?
  11. 3

    Bargain Amazon Prime Video Rentals @ £1.99

    Just saw the likes of Good Boys and Spiderman: Far From Home being priced at £1.99 for a HD rental. I think there's a bunch more of movies that are priced at £1.99 for a HD rental so if you've been wanting to see a movie but missed it in cinemas take a look and check if it's been put on sale...
  12. A

    Question What would you recommend for up to date and good quality video conferencing solution for meeting room?

    Hi, We are looking for solution for meeting room for video conferencing. We have Skype for Business and use a Windows 10 PC in our meeting room. Here are our requirements for the video conferencing solution: - Up to date, i.e. released 2019 - 2020 (2020 preferred if very good) - Good quality...
  13. JabbaNut

    BT Sport enhanced video player for UFC events

    " BT Sport has announced the integration of the BT Sport enhanced video player for UFC events. Viewers can now watch full event replays immediately after the live broadcast. Offering instant, spoiler-free replays and an interactive timeline to enjoy the fights as they happen, the enhanced...
  14. A

    Vertical video help

    Hi, I'm looking to project a vertical video (made in 1920 height x 1080 width) as an artwork. As I'm relatively new to projectors, I have gathered that not all projector can be rotated vertically and mounted because of the cooling system, etc. Was wondering what's the best way to do it. Could...
  15. JabbaNut

    S905X3 tv box review with actual video of dolby vision and audio in the last third of video.

  16. lancar57

    How the get 4K resolution on LG video wall with HD monitors

    Avyone knows how to change the settings of LG HD (1920x1080p) professional screens in a video wall matrix, in order to get 4K resolution (3840x2160p). The PC's video adapter has 4K support, but doesn't identify the vide wall as a 4K display. The HDMI is connected to the top left monitor (#1) and...
  17. Leo31291

    The General Motoring Video Thread

    If it has a motor and wheels it goes in here. To kick things off. One of my favourite channels, Car Throttle. What £200 can get you
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