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  1. O

    Advices for new 5.2.2 setup (avr + spearkers)

    Hi guys, I really need some smart advice because out there is a jungle. I have 4-5 months to choose an AVR, some speakers and plan how to connect all together to be efficient and girlfriend-approvable (this mean the least possibile cables visible). So I'm in a renewal process to split a house...
  2. S

    Samsung Q80R - Odd color shifting in certain video games

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and have scoured the interwebs high and low for information/answers regarding an somewhat irritating issue im having with certain games on my samsung Q80R QLED. So the issue I am have can only be described as some sort of color shift when panning the camera. Dark...
  3. A

    Question Motion Smoothing impact on video games

    I have read that motion smoothing on TVs can cause artifacting and/or ghosting effects when the movement on the screen is rapid. I can see some artefacts when rotating the camera quickly while playing video games so I was wondering whether this can happen because of the TVs motion smoothing.
  4. NHHgamersurvey20

    What do you think of monetization practices of video games (master thesis survey)

    Hello, We are two graduate students (and gamers) at The Norwegian School of Economics and we are researching gamers' views on monetization practices of virtual goods in online video games. The survey questions are about what you think of virtual goods sold in games for real money as well as how...
  5. L

    Auro3d voice of god on video games and Youtube videos

    I am looking to upgrade from 4200 to 4700 Denon avr. but I will like to know if Auro3d voice of god works on video games or any video you watch. Right now playing PS4 Ghost Of Tsushima and the sound on Auro3d is really good wonder if voice of god will work?
  6. SilverGamer

    Wireless Headphones for Tv & Video Games

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a Wireless set of headphones that would be very well suited for watching TV, playing games via the PS4 Pro (think God of War) & PC Gaming. I‘m not wanting something massively bass heavy, but must be able to convey the full depth of a good film / video game. Thanks for...
  7. D

    ####### Coronavirus: Video games add 'stay at home' Covid-19 adverts #######

    I am posting this hoping it gets the most atention of game players. Stay Home : Stay Safe : Protect Those At The Front Line : Protect The NHS
  8. D

    Coronavirus: Video games add 'stay at home' Covid-19 adverts
  9. Andy Bassett

    The PS2 has turned 20...

    … so with all the nostalgia that a significant anniversary brings with it, what was your favourite PS2 game from back in the day? Kicking things off, we had a fondness for EA Games' The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, which made Christmas 2003 memorable.
  10. TaurusDevil

    Royal Mail Video Games Stamps Royal Mail have bought out a set with stamps with video games on them.🙂 The set includes, Sensible World Of Soccer, and Worms, there's 5 altogether.
  11. S

    Question What HDMI cable to use to play video games ?

    I have recently bought a TV of RCA 55" model. I started to play my PlayStation 3 games on HDMI connection. It's my 2nd month playing & watching Roku on TV as well. However while starting playing my regular video game, I noticed on half way of center of screen a horizontal crack on the division...
  12. NoTimeToFail

    Dark Souls 1's Music is Godlike - Literally

    I think by now most people who've played them have learned to appreciate the Dark Souls games for a plethora of reasons, but while a majority of those people have been attracted to their sheer difficulty and lore more than anything, I've been geeking out about their music. When I say Dark Souls...
  13. Andrew Rodger

    Running 60Hz on CRT UK TV's

    Hi there, I have just bought a Japanese Super Famicom video games console popular in the 1990s. It is an NTSC console designed for 60Hz frequency. At first I will use a modern HD TV with it, but soon I would like to use an old CRT TV as it is more suitable for the low resolution output - less...
  14. ShiftyAura

    Sexism Towards Females

    Hey there! I'm just wondering if anyone here has experienced blatant sexism when gaming, especially if you are female. I am asking this because my major school project is about sexism within video games specifically aimed towards females. Parts of this include stereotypes towards female gamers...
  15. T

    RAWG: The IMDb of video games

    Saw this earlier, a new site but already 55,000 games detailed, pretty cool: RAWG - Video Game Discovery Service Powered by You!
  16. PAR

    Answered 65"+ TV for Hockey and Video Games

    Looking to replace my 2012 Samsung plasma (that just broke in a recent move) with an equivalent TV with regards to motion quality. Watching live hockey without motion blur or ghosting is my #1 priority (hence why I had a plasma). It will also be used for Video Games and family movies...
  17. TylerDurden

    Anyone regret letting their kids get into video games at an early age ?

    I've been a gamer for 35 / 40 years, my daughter is 5 and has for a while played the odd game on her android tablet, recently though she's been playing a little on my xbox one. Shes played Viva Piñata, Disney Infinity (the current favourite) and Joyride (a mario kart type racing game). She...
  18. rehmanmohamed

    The AVF PSN Trophy Leaderboard

    This is the AVF PSN trophy leaderboard. The leaderboard is sorted by level, and then by number of trophies in case of a tie on the percentage level. All trophy data is sourced from PSN Profiles. The eligibility for inclusion in the leaderboard is a minimum of 100 posts and 2 months AVF...
  19. S

    Woohoo! You can buy your tentacle hentai video games (or whatever) direct from Amazon Japan now!

    Awesome! Test with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune (初回特典「マリーの小悪魔水着」ダウンロードシリアル同梱): ゲーム
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